Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Walk to Lough Graney and Dillons' Wood 30.6.09

It's rained most of today. I had an odd start to the day as I couldn't find the temporary hearing aid I've been using. The builders had moved things about a bit but we couldn't find it. I then thought it must have dropped on the floor by our bed. No. So then I had a really mad spring clean of our bedroom, including ripping off the skirting board and hoovering behind it. Now I could see a hearing aid just down behind where the skirting board had been, but it was a different one! I used to have a national health one for my right ear and had lost it. Ta da! There it was. I fired it up and after a bit of a clean, it worked. Hooray. Sadly, by tonight, it started making an awful noise so I had to give up on it. I'll try it again tomorrow. I still didn't find the other one. Maybe Buster ate it!

Buster stayed in most of the day while I cleaned the bedroom. It looks much better now I have to say. The builders have made another inch of dust. Everything's gritty again. Please finish bashing walls soon.

The postman came today and delivered 2 parcels. One was some papers and card circles I had ordered:

And the other parcel was a framed photo of Jason, Sam, Jack, Kitty and me, one Jim took. The postmen had obviously been playing rugby with it as the glass was smashed to smithereens. It was in tiny pieces and some of them had marked the photo, but with a bit of a touch up, it's fine. Bless her, there was also a lovely card which once again thanked me for my efforts when I stayed with them.

I just managed to photograph the photograph during a break in the rain. Look at that cute card!

As Buster had stayed in most of the day and the dust was choking, I decided to take him for a walk to Dillons' Wood by Lough Graney. As I haven't a car, I walked there and back too. Buster was so good and hardly strayed from me at all. He kept stopping to check that I was there behind him. We had a good romp through the wood though it was very muddy and the horse flies were everywhere. I managed to get away with only one bite and it hasn't swollen at all.

Buster in the wood (it was very dark), making sure I was following him

last year someone erected some bat boxes and they are still there. I wonder whether it's occupied?

The ferns are lush and green, as is the moss

The bilberries in the wood are the best I have seen. You have to pick an awful lot to make a pie!

This green Caterpillar wandered across our path

The shamrock is growing fast

As soon as we reached the lake, Buster wanted a drink

The sky over Flagmount was threatening. My bull rushes in the foreground.

The flowers around the lake were plentiful, here is some purple loosestrife

The lake was choppy, like the sea and the mist came across and dampened us

round the corner is a fabulous outcrop of rocks. Buster loves to explore them

Look at that dirty sky. Buster didn't mind. There were terns diving into the lake for fish. I tried to photograph them but with little success

Buster on the rocks

Buster deftly trots over the stepping stones

He tested the depth of the water before he waded across to the farthest rock

I found more lovely flowers

The grasses are really growing now. Buster hides among them

These lovely stepped rocks are usually under water

A tiny blue flower, rather like a miniature iris. They are all over the place, but only this one was out

We were able to walk round to the next bay. My feet got very wet though.

As we headed back inland, this wonderful shape caught my eye. In fact it's a dead Christmas Tree.

Another gorgeous, delicate pink wild flower

Here, a fabulous long grass was dripping with the mist and rain

I love this wonky gate and letter box.

The sun shone at last on the field in the foreground

One of the islands in the Lough. Somewhere in the near fields is a paupers' babies graveyard. It is marked on some maps but there doesn't seem to be any kind of marking on the land.

A super pair of old gates and a 'beware of the bull' sign. I don't think these would keep anything out

Book ends!

A lovely, pastoral scene

A lot of the blackberry flowers along this lane are pink

And the sweet smelling honeysuckle is huge

Luckily we were almost home. There is a tiny bit of blue in the middle though! My mother used to say 'there's enough blue to make a sailor a pair of trousers'. How odd.

Another battered gate, but no bull this time

A stunning red dock leaf. It's not autumn already is it?

Back in the garden and this fremontedendron has come out today

I thought these dahlia looked like a mirror image of each other

Finally, the roses in the Magnolia bed are coming out. They are so pretty. Please click on any photo to enlarge it.

Jim's Day in the UK

Jim rang me tonight and explained his rather torguous journey to his meeting, near Regents Park, London. He flew into Standsted, fine. Caught his bus to take him to central London - not so fine. The bus driver was an American on his first day and got completely lost!! Can you believe it. Jim had to direct him half the time and at one point the driver asked a dustcart driver where he was and they followed the dustcart back to the M10 road. Jim is usually an hour early for his meetings, has a coffee in Regents Park and takes his time. Today he was 10 minutes late thanks to the driver. Someone needs to get him a Sat Nav!

He went out for a drink with his son Russell this evening and they are just buying their first house - contracts to be signed on Thursday. That's excellent news.

I hope it's a better day weatherwise tomorrow so I can get some work done outside.


Mildred said...

You always amaze me with your extraordinary photography and your days are filled with such beauty and joy! You really should win the prize for best blog! I have never seen anything so beautiful as your pastoral scenes. So sweet to see Buster looking back for you. I love the photo of you with Jason's lovely family. Hope the dust settles soon and you finally get to enjoy the extension.

blushing rose said...

I am sorry we had to cut short our walk today, BT, but it was exquisite the path you led. You & Buster are wonderful guides. TY. TTFN ~ Marydon

DK Leather said...

~big smiles~
Lovely post, filled with all sorts of interesting stuff!

Btw grannie used to say it this way, I'll never forget running out to see in the mornings in Lancing, to tell me whether it was a good day for being by the sea.

"if there is enough blue sky in the morning to make a sailor suit, then it'll be fine for tea!"

What a lovely memory, one of my favourites - they've all heard me recite it here too! LOL

DK Leather said...

PS sorry to hear the palaver about the hearing aid :/ that must be misery making; hope it turns up *very* soon xxx

Carol said...

Beautiful pictures as always!!

And isn't it lovely to get nice things through the post rather than just bills :-)

C x

Leatherdykeuk said...

Good to see the wood and the lough again :)

Heather said...

Wonderful photos Gina - you live in a magical place. I love the mossy treetrunk and roots, and that dock leaf. Glad your lovely family photo wasn't too badly damaged and hope Jim has not been badly thought of for being late for his meeting. I expect they know him well enough. You would have thought a new busdriver would have had better training.

Jason said...

Annoying re the picture, sam thought it was wrapped well with the bubble wrap etc. Hope its not to damaged, it looks ok.

Bummer re your hearing aid, fashion a trumpet from some hose and a jug. ;-) Hope its sorted soon.

Lovely pictures of the hills and lake etc. Amazing stuff re the paupers graveyard.

Anyway, off out to work. xx

BT said...

Oh thank you Mildred. The builders are busy getting ready to plaster my room today. Hoorah! Lucky me.

Marydon, so glad you enjoyed our walk. It was a bit dull, but lovely none the less.

DK, we have different memories then!! Maybe Daddy used to say it the other way, that's the one I always remember. LOL. Glad you enjoyed the post. Oh, I found my spare hearing aid in my dressing gown pocket can you believe. So I swapped the earpiece from the one I found in the bedroom with the 'works' of the other and now I have a perfect aid again, so all is sorted. Phew! ~smiles~

Thanks Carol, I love our postman now.

Thanks Rachel and I did the gates for you!

We do indeed, Heather. I'm glad you liked the moss and dock leaf. I did too. Jim was fine, they forgave him when he told them the tale!! Hard to believe, isn't it? A bus driver who doesn't know the way.

Hello son. Glad you liked the photos. We shall go to the 'beach' part of the lake when you next come - no mud!! If it's fine, Jack will be able to paddle as you can walk out miles at that end.

The paupers' graveyard was for babies apparently. Ones who hadn't been christened maybe. This was during the great potato famine of course. I must ask Kevin (who knows everything) about it. Hearing aid sorted, see reply to DK.

Heckety said...

Lovely photos- proves yet again we are living in the right country!!Glad about your hearing aid, hopefully the fruntration levels are sinking now?
I have just found several lovely comments from you on my blog, you are so kind! I started to answer them separately then thought I’d just do one to you. I read your post about your Dad on Father’s Day and I was so sad for you I couldn’t think what to say. I’d already been thinking about my own parents, and you inspired me to write the post last night. I know I’m lucky, I wish I could share my Dad with you, but I’m also working on a piece for the Timeless Treasures blog, not yet finished.
And I'm working on the camera!!

ChrisH said...

Lovely family photo of you all. I think the rain's on its way to us now - it's been hotter than I've known it here. You sound happy.

BT said...

Hi Heckety, I think you're right apart from all the rain we get 'from the west'!! It's always sad to lose a parent, worse when both have gone. You feel quite alone. Glad you're working on the camera.

Hi ChrisH. Hot in Wales??? lol. It's been cool today with rain most of the day. Ah well. I did manage a bit of weeding.

Bea said...

It would be hard to pick just one favorite photo but I have to say I love, love, love that moss by the tree. Absolutely gorgeous. Of course, all the rest of the pictures are just wonderful. Thank you again and Buster, too, for tromping all around in the damp to fill our need to see your part of the world. :)Bea

BT said...

Hello Bea, it was our pleasure to walk for you!! lol. I love the moss in the wood. There are loads of different sorts too. And I love the water, and the bull rushes and the trees....

Stampmaiden said...

What a trip this has been. It was so much fun visiting with you again, BT! Even if the sky was dark and dingy, it was worth "walking" through the woods, and along the lake with you and dear Buster. What a sweetie pie. Oh and great family photo too!
See you soon!

Heckety said...

Tinnitis is very unamusing, I hope you didn't think I was belittling you, I certainly didn't intend to. So I guess you aren't going to become a hobbit if you are straightening the door frames.. I wonder is that practical? or unadventerous?.....???