Wednesday, July 15, 2009

News of Sandy, My Altered Art, Tuesday 14th July 2009


Here's a happy photo to start with. Sandy has come back from the vets and has had his paw sluiced out, is full of strong antibiotics and painkillers and is running about like a mad thing! You can see the bite on his paw and it still looks raw but hopefully the anti bios will work to heal it completely. The only worry is if the infection has entered the joint, but the vet hoped it hadn't. He had to make another hole in Sandy's foot and whooshed water through to clean it all up. He's supposed to stay in tonight but is full of energy. Happy Jim and me. Wallet's a bit thinner though!

Sandy was posing to show you his poor foot - he knows how to go for the sympathy vote.


The builders have been working hard today and Martin had a good discussion with Jim about what, when, etc! He seems to have things reasonably organised. The plumber turned up this afternoon and then presented us with a long list of things he wants us to get! AAAH! So now Jim has to tour builders merchants to source the materials. Not quite what we expected but that's what they do here apparently. Seamus, the plumber, has a very strong Irish accent and speaks very fast too, so I find him very difficult to understand. Still, he's a good reputation and it'll be great to get that stage done soon.

Bundle of Bundles, the Disintegration Project

I had a reminder from Seth Apter, the originator of the above project, that the second stage is due on 1st August. For those of you who don't know about it, 100+ of us made up a bundle of anything you liked. Mine contained papers, photos, an ATC and other bits and bobs. We then had to expose this to the elements for a few months, then on 1st May we took it down and opened it up to see how the items had disintegrated - or not. Then came part 2. We now have to make something entirely new, using some or all of the contents. This is the start of my part 2:

You can see that Buster is bored by the whole thing. He did actually try and chew up some of the sticks. Maybe he was trying to tell me something.

Jim clearly thinks the whole thing is hilarious! After a bit of work, it changed to this:

That's the bottom half of course.

Buster had moved position, but was still less than enthusiastic!
Ah well, I shall press on regardless. It rained while my structure was still outside, so Jim carried it into the barn. Bless.


I took advantage of a pleasant spell to go and pick some more blackcurrants. I had promised Martin the builder some for tomorrow. I picked a large bowl full and I've hardly touched the surface. I also picked some of our apricot coloured raspberries for our pudding and Jim managed to find some more strawberries and some red raspberries from the allotment. Delicious with cream. We also have 2 white currant bushes that are completely laden with fruit.

When the rain became too heavy I came in again and it was just time to watch Holby City. We had a lovely meal of home grown peas (which I'd popped) and broad beans with a pasta bake and a few of Jim's left over potatoes. Jim was really tired and has retired to bed.

We also gave Buster a quick bath as he stank when he came back after an evening romp, probably with some other dogs. He hates it!

Martin The Farmer

A bit out of sequence but at 2am yesterday morning there was a knock on our door and Martin the farmer was standing in our porch, grinning away. He was clearly the worse for drink! I opened the door and Jim mentioned to him that it was 2 o'clock in the morning - he seemed surprised. He then rather sheepishly asked whether Jim had a Guinness he could have! I said no; I can't give an alcoholic drink under any circumstances. We had a bit of a joke then he asked if I had a candle. I gave him 2! Jim thought it was probably so he could look round our barns to see whether we had any booze about. Poor Martin. I do feel sorry for him but we don't really want him calling at that hour.

His wife has thrown him out (can't blame her) so he is living in his parents' old derelict house. He has water but no electricity. He told us last night that he has been given a mobile home, so that might be better for him. You do see life here.

That's about it for now. I'm pretty tired myself so am off to bed.


Anonymous said...

I hope Sandy will improve now quickly and not have any lasting effects in the joint. He sure is a pretty thing. Hope things go well with the plumber too. Take care.

Arija said...

Glad to see Sandy purringly mended though still with a Sunday paw.
In the country you have to be prepared for chocolate all-sorts as your neighbours, makes life all the nore interesting, just not at two in the morning and the combination of drink, candle and barn is not one which would make my sleep an easy one.
Your sculptural efforts would make a great stand for sweet peas, just think of it flowering all over!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

It is good that Sandy was properly medicated. I hope he feels better soon.

One hates to have a knock on the door at that hour. It can't be good news. I hope you have a more restful night.

ooglebloops said...

Glad Sandy is ok, altho your wallet is lighter - what better reason for a light wallet than to help a furry friend!!! Martin the farmer, candles and your barn - not a happy combo!!!
I like your disintegration project- I still have not started mine - it's in sketch form - and way beyond my limited talents to create!! LOL We'll see how it goes.............

Bea said...

Wow, that's a big hole in Sandy's paw, poor thing. I really hope this clears up without any lasting problem.
Martin, Martin, Martin......We used to have drunks show up every once in a while on our front porch, when we lived in town. The bars were within walking distance. I would call them a cab while they complained about being kept out on the porch!

Leatherdykeuk said...

I'm glad Sandy's on the mend.

Jason said...

How much was it to have him put down? ;-)

Always reminds me of one of my fav Tommy Cooper jokes. Man takes his dog to the vets and hands it to the vet. The vet says, "I'm sorry I'm gonna have to put it down". The man says "why!", the vet says, "he's to heavy". ahahaha

Poor Martin, sounds like he needs the vets to.

I look forward to seeing the wicker man when you have completed it. Ahh what you get up to in them irish hills. lol


soulbrush said...

poor little sandy, holding thumbs for her. and buster looks like an old boy how old is he? busy busy busy, don't you ever stop? (except when you are making fabadabadoo atcs).

The Weaver of Grass said...

Your art for Seth looks mighty interesting BT. Glad the cat is on the mend. The scarecrow is now visible on Dominic Rivron's site if you want to see it. Good luck with the art work - I finished mine a few weeks ago but it is not very inspired. Hope most people participate on August 1st.

BT said...

Hello Mildred. Sandy is like his old self today thanks. Jim's gone off on a plumber's things hunt!

We are giving Sandy anitbios in his food Arija and he ate it no problem. Hoorah. We are using willow sticks for the sweet peas Arija, how did you know!!?

Slept well thanks Lisa, no 2am callers!!

oogleboops, your project sounds interesting. I don't sketch, just have a go and see what happens!!

Thanks Bea, it looks better today. Drunks are a bit of a pain but I have to try and remember it's an illness.

Thanks Rachel.

Jason, you are funny! I love that Tommy Cooper joke, he was a total star. Sandy much improved. Poor Martin. Not much anyone can do though. Shall we burn him when I've finished - the Wicker Man?? lol.

soulbrush, Sandy is a he (ex) and is much better. Buster is one. ONE!! lol. We got him in June last year as a tiny puppy! He's just lazy.

Weaver, I object. I saw your art from the disintegration project and it's marvellous. Jim thought so too. So there!! I'll probably not show any more of mine until August 1st. If it works, if not I'll have to think again!!

Heather said...

It's good to see that Sandy is on the mend. Our poor old mog has just had an ear infection. Glad things are progressing on the building front, and your sticks look very interesting. Looking forward to seeing what comes next. I envy you all that lovely soft fruit - we have very little space now but have just netted our blackberries as they are changing colour quickly and we want to get them before the birds do!

Heckety said...

Life in the West huh? wickermen, cats and drunkermen. Who ever thinks living in the country is boring should try it here sometime! In Kenya I once opened the door to a drunk askari pointing a bow and arrow at me telling me he was going to shoot me now. Bundle of laughs that was, here at least they mostly speak English!

EB said...

Another great post, I wish I read your blog more often. Hope Sandy's paw improves. Our dog would certainly have tried to run off with the bundle! Feel very sad for Martin and his family; very difficult.

Sam said...

Poor sandy, did the vet have any idea what had bitten him? love the wicker thingy very artistic. Jay has put Kitty's wall hanging up
and it looks great, cant wait for you to see it.

BT said...

Hello Heather, blackberries changing colour already? wow, ours are miles behind. I gave the builders blackcurrants and white currants today! Keep them sweet!

Oh Heckety, how terrifying that must have been! Glad he didn't fire! English? Maybe, but not as we know it!! lol.

Hello EB, don't worry, I can't visit anywhere near as often as I'd like, I have so many blogs to visit and not enough hours.... Come when you can, you're always welcome. Our dog would have taken the bundle too, so I hung it high on a branch!!

Hi Sam, it was a cat bite. The ones down the road are no doubt on heat again and a big ginger tom appeared and there was much yowling and fighting, we think that's when it happened. He's much much better now. Eating his anti-bios like a good boy!! Can't wait to see Kitty's quilt.

Trades said...

Hope the vet found out what the critter was which is biting lumps out.