Monday, June 29, 2009

28/29th June 09, Rain, Sun and Buster

Sunday, June 28th


Yesterday it rained overnight quite a lot. So much so that our water butt (old dustbin) was full again. It collects water off the roof:

Doesn't it look black? Buster drinks from the top of it when it's hot.

Of course the plants and weeds just love this weather, some rain, some sun and everything is growing like mad.

Strawberry Jam

Jim and I made some strawberry jam yesterday too, using our strawberries. I think they were a bit over-ripe and we had to boil it for ages. Sadly we then burnt it and the strawberries have risen to the top of the jars. Still, it seems to taste lovely so who cares? lol.

Bi-coloured strawberry jam - with a slight toffee undertone

Alchemilla Mollis

I can't resist taking photos of the 'hammamellis mollis' as my youngest son used to call it, when it has rained. It looks so pretty:

Here is one of the flower stalks too. They make lots and lots of babies

Daddy's Chimes

I brought my father's chimes over from the UK on the last trip. They used to have them hanging in the hall at Lancing, Sussex and they always remind me of both my Father and Mother. On one occasion when I was there with my children Kay and Jason (they were pretty young), we had a bit of a sing song around the piano. Both K and I had done 'Daniel and the Lions' at School and Daddy played it on the piano (after a fashion) and Kay and I sang through it. Feeling left out, Jason went and rang on the chimes! I have a tape recording of it somewhere. It was pretty bad, but we did have fun.

I think my parents bought these in Germany

I spent much of yesterday cleaning up again. I washed the kitchen/diner floor, dusted and polished everywhere. I can't imagine why as it's all coated with muck again today.

Monday, 29th June


This is the doorway to the sun room from the snug and the builders have been working on this and the doorway to my room today. Hooray!

This is the top step into my room. The outer door frame is up too.

It's been really hot today again but less humid. I weeded the gladioli bed which is a real pain as they're crammed close together and it's hard to get at the weeds. Still, I just about managed it. I was surrounded by horse flies and one of them got me on the arm. I put some stuff on it straight away and thankfully it isn't too swollen. Later this afternoon a little breeze appeared and they seemed to disappear. I then weeded another bed on the arboretum and pulled up tons of weeds from the road that goes up to the meadow. Busy busy. I did have time for a Buster cuddle though. He hates the heat.

and Me

Home Alone

Jim is off to the UK in the morning until Thursday night. Hopefully there might be some new Poppy photos! He is taking my hearing aid in for repair as it has given up. I had an old one and that has given up too, so now I'm using a temporary one given to me in hospital after my operation on my left ear didn't work. It's really uncomfortable and because is doesn't have a proper ear piece, it whistles and pops out of my ear occasionally. When Jim isn't here I won't wear it all the time as it also makes my ear sore. I get very down when I can't hear properly.

That's it for today. Short and sweet (especially the jam).


Anonymous said...

That jam is a beautiful color.

I'm glad that you got your clothes on today before Jim took your photo!!! LOL

That Buster is a baby isn't he? He looks like he adores you!

I wish we had some of your rain. Our ground is cracking from the heat and lack of rain. I tried weeding today but boy the ground is hard.

Hope Jim has a safe trip and I'm glad you can leave the hearing aid out so your ear won't get so sore. My brother wears hearing aids except on weekends (to take a break).

Give your pets a hug from me.

BT said...

Oh how funny, Mildred, I was just at yours! I don't always wander about naked you know! Too much wobbles. Buster is indeed a baby. He is alseep on his chair next to me now. I wish I could send you some rain. We often have too much. When it is dry our land cracks too as it is clay based, and I know how hard it is to weed then.

I will give them a hug for you. xxx

Ces said...

Lovely post BT. The jam and you and Buster!

I cannot get over how you always have major projects going on all the time!

You guys are so industrious.

blushing rose said...

Awww you & Buster look so happy & comfy. The jam looks yummy! TTFN ~Marydon

BT said...

Thanks Ces, we have to keep busy, don't we? Jim's just gone to the UK and it's 5am. Aaah! Far too early.

Thanks blushing rose. He's just gone back to bed - too much excitement too early in the day!

Jason said...

Good jam, I like me jam with a good head on it. ;-)

Ear disaster, it must be very frustrating. Hope you get new ears soon.

Looks like we are going to have a great pear, blackberry, apple, damson and victoria plum harvest this year and I'm going to do some jamming.


KathyB. said...

I see you AND I are making strawberry jam. Isn't it yummy?

I have a lot of Lady's Mantle around here too, it is blooming everywhere.

It must be distressing to not be able to hear well, I hope your hearing aid is repaired soon and the little break you have while Jim is gone is enough R & R for you.

Leatherdykeuk said...

Ooh! Jam. I haven't made jam for years. Go you!

Heather said...

Lovely homemade jam. Poor old Buster in this heat. My daughter watered her dog to cool her down and I used to do the same with ours. The building is coming on really well now - soon be done. Hope you get your hearing aid sorted out - it must be so frustrating for you.

Heather said...

Sorry, I forgot to reply to your comment on my blog. Anyone can 'play' the teapot/jugs blog game, and no, there are no marks on the bottom of my Japanese teapot. Well, I think it is Japanese - the design is anyway.

Carol said...

I've never tried making Jam but DJ posted a recipe that looked mouthwatering the other day (and we have strawberries in our garden) so I might just have a go!! (That is if Chris doesn't use them to make strawberry wine first!!)

C x

Ps. I am thrilled!! You are the first person EVER to say that my hair is tidy!!

BT said...

I look forward to eating some of your jam Jason. Even worse disaster today, I can't find my 'reserve' hearing aid! Maybe Buster's eaten it!

Hi KathyB, it's the season for jam! I love it. See above about my ear.

Home made jam - nothing like it Rachel. Go and 'pick your own' and make some.

Hi Heather. I tried watering Buster but he doesn't like it much! I just make sure he has lots of water to drink. It's cloudy today and a bit cooler. Thanks for replying about the jugs/teapot.

Carol, go on, have a go, it's dead easy really. If you don't burn it! DJK's recipes are great, aren't they? I'm making banana bread today. I have 2 seriously ripe bananas to us. Mmmmm.

Bea said...

Your jars of strawberries are beautiful. Last year I made some Plum jam. I cooked it and cooked and it just wouldn't get to jam stage. So I gave up and just put it in the jars. Ooooooooh so pretty on the windowsill and like cement when you opened the jars and tried to get anything out of them. lolol I feel your pain.
I'm sorry that you are having so much problems with your hearing aids. Big hug for you. :)Bea

Valerie said...

Hi BT, just popped on to say there's an award waiting for you on my Val's Ramblings blog

marianne said...

Looks so lovely over there....
you and Buster!
So sad about your hearing aid, seems like a pain in the neck. Can imagine you feel down when not hearing well. Some sounds are so nice to hear and you live surrounded by nature.
The jam looks gorgeous! I love toffee, so toffee flavoured jam sounds great! Yummy!
My grandmother had the same chime!
I have a lot of Alchemilla Mollis in the garden as well, love them!!!
Take care and enjoy the good weather!

BT said...

Ha ha Bea, that did make me laugh! No parcel arrived for you yet??? Grump. Our jam is lovely if a bit toffee flavoured! Today I have no hearing aid working. Just Buster to talk to as he doesn't mind if I can't hear him!!

Thank you Thank you Valerie, I've collected it already.

Marianne, fancy your Grandmother having the same chime! Amazing. And you have lots of Lady's Mantle too. We have such good taste! It is a pain without my aid. You don't realise how much you rely on it until it doesn't work. That's when I realise how deaf I am. Ah well, there's worse things in life.

Heckety said...

Two of my good friends in Kenya were quite deaf (by early 30s): one refused to get a hearing aid as she said it bothered all of us more than her...and the other used to remove her hearing aid to got some peace and quiet from her children!! She said it was a great afflicyion as she was an artist and could concentrate at any time no matter what chaos was going on around her!
Your photos are lovely, and interesting...but have you noticed the door hole hasn't got straight edges...will you beome a hobbit do you think?

BT said...

My mother was deaf, Heckerty and I have inherited her condition, otosclerosis. I must admit on occasions it has its uses. The worst thing I have is tinnitus. Continuous noised in my ear like a washing machine or toilet flushing. A right pain. I wish I could turn it off at times. Aha, the door edges are being straightened today. There was much banging and breaking of rock and piles of dusk. Cough, cough!!

DK Leather said...

ooh I LOVED those chimes too, and the gong, remember that under the stairs? :-)

Even now, when I hear the sound at the seaside of all those brightly coloured seashell type material mobiles jangling in the breeze, I think of their porch.

Oh and nom nom that jam looks yummy!

BT said...

I have the gong too, DK. Do I have to leave that in my will to you too? lol. It's packed away at the moment but will go on the wall somewhere when I find it again. So glad you have happy memories of Lancing and Mummy and Daddy.