Saturday, July 11, 2009

Rain Rain Rain... 10 - 11th July 2009

Rain and stuff

Phew, we've had our share of rain the past 2 days. Yesterday we had the odd break, but today it's been persistent and heavy. I did venture into the garden yesterday teatime and did far more than I intended. It was raining but I was fed up staying indoors. Heavy work and I didn't really notice the time go, but did come in for the final episode of Torchwood. I thought it was excellent and I'm glad I watched it. That finished at 10pm and I watched some of the news then thought perhaps I was a bit hungry. No sign of Jim. He'd forgotten all about dinner! He has been sent a mobile by his son and spent hours trying to sort it out on the Internet. Buster ate his old one you may remember. I cooked us both a fried egg sandwich! It was too late for much else and was fine for me!


The builders finished off the plastering in the sun room and moved on to the guest bedroom, where they had to do some knocking of dusty stuff off the walls. Another layer settles on everything. I found my 'Altan' CD and played it for Martin. He wants to borrow it so he can listen to the gorgeous flute solo played on it. It's my favourite track - I hope he learns to play it then he can do so at our 'extension warming' do! I gave Joe some blackcurrants yesterday and his wife was thrilled to bits.


What can I say, it's rained and rained. We started off making some more blackcurrant jelly then Jim tried to stop the door into the snug sticking. Then we made blackcurrant jam, lots of it! It's now all in jars but the labels I had wouldn't stick. I'll try again tomorrow.

Buster and a Walk to Dillons' Wood and Lough Graney

Buster was going stir crazy, having been in all day. He starts doing stupid things so I decided I'd take him down to the wood/lake for a walk. I drove there as it was so wet. The wind was howling by then and I seriously worried that something would fall onto my head. I couldn't imagine anyone else walking through the wood today, so I'd have been crashed out on the floor for a long time. The lake was like a choppy sea with waves and surf crashing to the shores. Buster didn't seem to mind and still went off and explored the rocks as usual. It's funny he won't go out on his own in the rain but if you take him, he's happy to go. I took my camera in a plastic bag and took some rather gloomy photos:

Lots of sticks and branches were lying on the ground. Here is a piece of one covered in lichen:

Everything is glistening wet

Waves and a misty view

I love Buster's tail, it's like a flag! The purple loose strife and meadow sweet were being battered by the wind.
I was trying to show how much the leaves were blowing! Buster is investigating the bilberries! It was too wet to pick them today.
Look at the waves against the rocks, just like the seaside. The other side of the lake is all misty with the rain, it was really thick drizzle at this point.
An Irish view in July!!

Even my favourite bull rushes look miserable - look at those waves!
This beautifully shaped piece of wood has been in the same position by the lake since we have been coming here. It looks like a sculpture.
Battered rocks and misty distant view
Buster seemed unfazed by the chaos around him.
When he came back to me his ears nearly took him into orbit!
It's really 'Lough Graney' today. What a Grainy view! Buster on the rocks.

This is my very favourite. 'What's over there?'


Jim had braved going to pick some fresh carrots and potatoes while I was out. We had them with some minty lamb burgers and asparagus. Delicious. Followed by a Magnum. He certainly made up for yesterday!

I watched 'Casualty' tonight then sorted out some of my craft drawers. I found some tiny pictures so decided to have a go at making some 'inchies'. I love them! They are like ATCs only even smaller, 1" square! It's surprising what you can get on them though. I'll take some photos tomorrow. Soulbrush sent me two a while ago.

I hope the sun is shining for your weekend. Tomorrow is Adrahan show, which we went to last year and really enjoyed. If the weather is at all reasonable, we'll pop over.

Sandy has just come in and has obviously hurt his front paw as he is limping. He doesn't seem too fussed about it but we'll keep an eye on it.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

We had a tiny bit of rain today. More thunder and wind than rain really. Buster is a handsome dog. Luna would like him because he is so brave. She is afraid of the thunder and high winds.

Mildred said...

Even poor Buster looks blue today with your rainy, gray weather. I hope Sandy's paw will be ok. Sounds like you had a very delicious supper; you will probably sleep very soundly tonight. The addition is coming along quite nicely now - can't wait to see the finished project.

BT said...

Hiya Lisa. Buster thinks he's handsome!! What kind of a dog is Luna?

Buster was a bit shivery when we got back! I towel dried him. Supper was lovely. It'll be a while after the builders have left before we finish Mildred as we'll be doing the tiling, decorating, etc. Will be fun though.

blushing rose said...

I'll bet he was chilled. Looks like a summer day at the ocean in Washington State ... so similar in climates ... enjoy your pics so much. TTFN ~Marydon

Jason said...

Hi there, was the Wickhambrook show yesterday and had a shower. I managed to mow the lawn and paint a fence, nice day really. Looks very overcast today.

Jack said he loved the pictures. He did actually look at them and take some notice!

Look a bit grey there, lol. Hope its ok for the show today.


Leatherdykeuk said...

It looks fabulous! Great writing weather!

Heather said...

It's been (being) a wet weekend for us too. You and Buster are certainly outdoors types! I could almost feel that wind and love the pic of Buster's ears flapping in it. In spite of the weather the beauty of your surroundings wasn't diminished. Looking forward to seeing your inchies and I hope the weather pulls it's socks up for the Adrahan show.

soulbrush said...

yes we are having it too, but so needed, to cool us down and give the gardens some water, and a break from all that dryness. anyway, i won't ever moan about the weather again, as i hated that heat.... yay! inchies, so glad you are getting into them...if you wanna swap some, let me know tee heeeeeeee.

Valerie said...

Very sorry but I think I pushed our rain over to you. I loved your pictures, especially the one of buster's tail!

Bea said...

OK, I enlarged the picture of the wet leaves on the trail path and WOWOWSER THAT would make such a great textured fabric, fiber, needwork, etc. piece!!
We used to live by Lake Monona in Madison and when the weather got rainy the water would look a lot like your lake. Funny how a calm beautiful body of water can look so forceful.
Buster is so funny. I love seeing pictures of him. I love the one with his ear flying out. You know that would be a neat one to blow up in black and white and frame. It's just sooooooooooooo BUSTER!!

Heckety said...

Yup- fabulous year for the time of weather- yuk. I even tidied the kitchen yesterday I was so fed up. When I'm ansty I move the furniture all about, drives people crazy!

Heckety said...

How's Connor? Kitty's quilt looks great!

The Weaver of Grass said...

Buster obviously had an exciting walk in spite of the weather - I love his tail too - and that sticking out ear!

BT said...

AAAAAH, I just replied to everyone's comments, pressed 'go' and it all disappeared. Sorry, can't face doing it all again but thanks everyone for your lovely words, I so enjoy reading them.