Sunday, May 6, 2012

The View below is taken from our meadow.  The cottage is hidden in the trees!

Please click on this to get the full effect.

Big News

At the end of the month, Jim and I are moving back to the UK.  Possibly for a while, possibly for good, we'll see how it all works out.  We are renting out our lovely cottage and have found the perfect family to look after it for us.  They have horses, 2 huge dogs and lots of other assorted animals.  Also 2 lovely children, a boy and girl, and they all fell in love with our cottage the first time they visited.

When we moved here, neither my big son nor Jim's children had any offspring.  Jim now has 3 small Grandchildren and my big son has added 2 Grandchildren to my collection!  We are keen to be good grandparents and the travelling back and forth has become a bit of a chore, reason one for our decision.  Also the house we have in the UK needs some updating, reason two.

Of course at this time of year, our garden is at its best and we have sat outside and felt sad at leaving, but we are also both excited about the new challenges ahead.  So at the moment it's packing, sorting, throwing out, etc.  We have also been working hard at transforming the last room here into a super bedroom or two.  The previously cold, damp room with a ladder to the upper level has now been dry lined, has a wooden floor and a super staircase, made by Jim of course.  I have filled, sanded and painted.  Here are some photos of the end result.


I have also taken some photos of the garden.  It looks so lush and green in its best spring attire.

This shows the arch and cherry tree and on the right is
the living willow fence and the road up to the meadow.

Doorus bird station and small rockery

A bee on one of the azalea

The rhododendron is coming into full flower

This morning these buds had frost on them


The cottage from the back at sunrise

I am painting the cottage red and white

I love this view of the steps up to the
 parking area

Sandy came to see what I was up to!

The Large Rockery

The frost had just melted on this aquilegia

 Lough Graney at sunrise today

We have had some beautiful weather lately, while the UK has been awash.  Perhaps Ireland is trying to tell us something!  It's gorgeous this morning too.

I am off to Suffolk for Jack's 7th birthday on 14th May.  I'm really looking forward to seeing him and Kitty - it seems far too long since my last visit.

I hope all is well with my blogging friends and I apologise for my infrequent visits.  Maybe I'll have a bit more time with our little garden in Worthing.

Blogger has all changed and it's driving me potty.  I hope you can view it all properly.