Thursday, July 16, 2009

Whizz Round the Garden Wednesday, 15th July 2009

I thought I'd do a garden post today. It was a lovely, sunny one too. Jim went to Limerick to buy the tiles for our bathroom, so he was out for most of the afternoon. I weeded and pottered, staked up fallen plants and got brutal with some ivy growing up an elder tree. Before I started working, I whizzed around the garden with my trusty camera. Few words, just lots of photos 'all for your delight' as one of the rude mechanicals says in A Midsummer Night's Dream. Do click on any of the photos to enlarge them, especially the smaller ones.

A pale apricot coloured day lily

Roses amongst the magnolia bush

A rich coloured day lily

Hover fly on a wild strawberry flower

dazzling marigold


A pretty yellow and white butterfly on wild flower

The same butterfly hops to another flower

Then it tries the daisy

These exotic looking flowers come out for one day only. They are a bulb of some sort.

A close up

A super spiky dahlia

pink dahlias peeping out from behind the gladioli leaves

2 creamy osteospernum

white sweet peas. They smell heavenly

purple sweet peas

red, white and blue sweet peas!

The montbretia are just coming into flower

yellow dahlia

One of my shoes walked off the shed roof and onto the bench!

3 photos of hydrangea flowers, all on the same bush

viola on the Fairy Hill
Dianthus on the fairy hill

On the wild flower garden
Gorgeous bright gazania - above and below
On the rose bed
I can't wait for this bud to unfurl
The first bloom on this pinky white rose.
This lovely white dahlia is in the extended arboretum bed. It's really filling up now
Another dahlia in the same bed
French Marigolds are dotted around the same bed
This is my favourite so far of the dahlia, such a pretty delicate pink
A mauve scabious with a French Marigold in close up.
This gorgeous viola was among the 'mixed perennials' that Jim grew.
A pretty fuchsia which is growing in the acer bed.

I also took a photo of the bed nearest the house, then found the same bed, taken in May!

It's pretty full now, but in May....

What a difference! How time flies.

I do hope you've enjoyed a look at 'what's in bloom' at The Deenery today. The summer seems to be rushing by.

Happy Thursday everyone.


Bea said...

ABSOLUTELY STUNNING PHOTOS! I would be hard pressed to even pick a favorite. When you click on a picture and see the flower enlarged in all it's glory, every single one of them is beautiful.
I remember the smell of sweet peas from my grandmother's garden. Just lovely. Thanks again for sharing these wonderful photos. :)Bea

BT said...

I'm so pleased that you enjoyed them Bea. Sweet peas are a delight. I'm going to cut some today and bring them inside. I've been waiting until I had enough. xx

Leatherdykeuk said...

What a stunning flower bed.

BT said...

Thanks Rachel.

Jason said...

What a lot of lovely flowers!


BT said...

Thanks Jason, short and sweet!!

The Weaver of Grass said...

Happy Thursday to you too, BT. I love the pale subtlety of those pansies amongst all the other blowsy flowers. You certainly have got a colourful garden, wish I could see it for real.

soulbrush said...

i always feel so happy when i see your array of beauties. there's an award for you on my blog today.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Simply gorgeous blooms. Isn't summer grand?? I absolutely love those purple sweet peas.

Heather said...

Your garden must be a picture Gina. I think those peach flowers from a bulb might be Trilium. The colours of the hydrangeas are just gorgeous and I love all the violas. What a change in just two months in the bed nearest the house. All your hard work has certainly paid off.

BT said...

Oh Weaver, you must come and visit one day, when our never ending extension is finished! It's easy to hop on a plane to Shannon where we can pick you up.

So glad I cheer you up soul, not that you need it!! Oooh, an award. For me??? Whoopeee!

Summer is lovely indeed Lisa. I have picked some sweet peas to put on the table today. They smell divine.

Trilium, clever Heather. I did know once, but had forgotten. I must write it in my little book. Thank you. The garden does look lovely except for the sweet williams which are going over. Have to leave them to seed though.

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Hey Gina, Thanks for the comments on my blog. I was hopeing to get the Lucifer Crocosmias but none to buy around here. I do see it around here doing pretty good. Thanks for the name Montbretia. Its on the tag but buried in the plant itself. I did know it spread which is why I wanted it. I need something to spread in the area around the double ruffled Shasta Daisies that will be dying out soon. I hope those Montbretias bloom well. You always have such fun flowers on your posts. Funny how you have the same flowers I posted. Soon I will be posting about a trip to the Animal Safari not far from us we went on yesterday. I felt like we went on an African Safari. :)

BT said...

Hi Cris, your best bet is to knock on the doors of those with the lucifer and ask for a few bulbs after they've flowered!! I'm sure they'd oblige, I would. Did you notice the photo of the montbretia on this post? Bet you didn't!! They do bloom well and last quite a while too, plus they're a very pretty orange. Good luck with them.

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

HI.. Yes I did notice them on your blog, which is why I commented here. I did go up and ask the woman what the name of the plant was so Fair and I could go look for them. She did say they were spreading. Thanks for the idea to ask for the bulbs or cormes or what ever they are called.. :)