Saturday, July 4, 2009

Super Skies, Poppy Visit, 3th July 2009


As Jim set off for the airport on Tuesday, he took this photo of the dawn over Lough Graney:

It's much better enlarged (click on it) to get the full effect.


He managed to see Poppy for a short while on Thursday at Ali and Joes' house. Below is a lovely photo of a flying Poppy:

Grandad throwing Poppy around

Isn't she just adorable? She's getting some pretty blond hair too.

Jim also visited Alexander Palace, affectionately known as Ally Pally! He took this rather good photo of the front with the old BBC mast:

I love all those arches. A friend of Jim's is now in charge here.

He also went on a mission to the National Archive at Kew to try and find out a bit about his Father. No luck on that score, but it's an impressive building:

I bet many people wished they could jump in this as it was sweltering in London.

Today in Ireland
Dark Skies

From a dismal start, the day improved vastly and this afternoon was just lovely. It was sunny most of the time with a light breeze. We did have a bit of a scare when the sky went black and thunder rumbled around the sky:

Dark sky at The Deenery

This was a different bit of darkish sky earlier on. We were lucky both times as it all came to nothing and passed over us. The view above is of our top barn.

Buster wasn't quite sure about the noise of the thunder so he hid under the table, not very successfully.

In the Garden

Jim did some mowing of the allotment area and the Fairy Hill. I tackled the side of our house. There are 3 long steps there and they were all covered in moss and weeds. It's very damp on that side, which is the wall of our bedroom at present, so I cleaned them up so they would dry. There are 3 contorted willow trees there enclosed on 3 sides by a living willow fence. The trees were taking most of the light from the bedroom so we decided to take them down. No sooner said than done, Jim wielded his chain saw and ~zip~ they were gone. I then trimmed down the living willow fence and did some weeding around it. It looks so much better, really light and bright. We have lots of other contorted willow trees and can soon grow more from cuttings. I'll take a photo soon as it was a bit dark by the time I'd finished out there.

I took another 'joiner' photo of the garden while the sky was still a bit threatening:

The building to the left is the cottage this time. Please click on it to enlarge, then you can see the flowers too.

A little butterfly landed near us when we were having a tea break and Jim photographed it.

We later identified it as a 'Ringlet'. How exciting, it's certainly a new one for me. The eyes on the wings are to fool birds so they can't see where the delicate body is. Clever.


Yesterday, Joe and Martin finished plastering 'my' room and it looks splendid, but it has a loud echo! Today they have been preparing to plaster the sun room and we also have one inside window sill. It looks smashing. They think the rest of the plastering and step making will take about another 2 weeks then it's time for the plumber. It'll be great to have a shower again. In the meantime we have to buy some tiles for the bathroom floor and walls and Jim will lay them, before the plumber comes. We did buy some tiles a while ago for the old bathroom, as we were going to put a shower over the bath (but didn't), they are blue and silver, but Jim thinks we may not have enough to do the new bathroom. In any event, that will be the colour scheme, with a white suite of course. Today I dyed 3 towels a dark blue so that's a start.


I was just about to come in and realised the gates were still open. As I closed them, I saw the beautiful sky over the field. I retrieved the camera from inside and Buster came with me - he doesn't like to miss anything. I think he thought, ah, camera, it must be walk time. Hard luck Buster:

He sat waiting patiently while I took photos

The first shot

This was just two photos joined together.

So, from sunrise to sunset. I hope you've enjoyed it. Tomorrow we're off to Galway to a car boot. There aren't many here in Ireland so we thought we'd have a break from the garden and house and have a day out.


Ces said...

Absolutely beautiful skies BT. I love skygazing!

BT, I created a new special award and you are one of its first recipients. Will you please do me the honor of accepting it? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the beautiful pictures of the sky and your colorful gardens. Little Poppy is growing so fast; such pretty blond hair! I hope you two have an enjoyable day out - Buster will surely miss you! Thanks also for the butterfly - you know how I love them.

Pam'sEnglishGarden said...

Thank you for sharing your day! Poppy is beautiful! I bet you can't wait for the building to be finished. I just returned to US after 2 weeks in England and you seem to have done a lot in that time.

soulbrush said...

poppy is a little dahlink. those eyes. whew...grandpa better have his shotgun ready when she's a teen. lovely pics, specially the flutterby.

Leatherdykeuk said...

Fabulous photos!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I thoroughly enjoyed the day with you. Your Poppy is gorgeous.

Jason said...

Lovely dawn and dust. Hope the Irish booty goes well. Sounds great.

I went out for a walk about 7am, been B&Q with the gang buying lots of DIY stuff, Have a 50th party which just heading off to followed by a 60th later (Amanda's mums). What a mad day! All well this end. xx

Carol said...

Those skies are just stunning!! I love sunsets and sunrises (although have to be honest and say that I don't actually see many sunrises!!)

C x

Bea said...

Beautiful sunset and sunrise photos. What an interesting butterfly. Poppy has gotten so big. She's adorable. :)bea

BT said...

Ces, the skies are gorgeous, aren't they? They never cease to amaze me. An award? For ME? Wow, I'm on my way!

BT said...

Mildred, we took Buster with us of course. He was the star of the car boot! Poppy is growing fast, though she is still small compared to children of her age. I knew you'd like the 'Ringlet' butterfly.

Hello Pam, we have indeed been busy and the building moves on apace. I hope you had a great time in England. I'll pop over to yours later.

Hiya Soul, Poppy is gorgeous isn't she, those eyes! lol re Grandad and his shotgun. Glad you like the flutterby!

Thanks Rachel and Lisa.

Thanks Jason, I hope the 50th was fun and the 60th. What a busy day!

Carol, you and me both, Jim took that sunrise and it's only because he had an early plane to catch!!

I know it's a cliche Bea, but they do grow so fast, don't they? I'm sure they didn't use to. I bet Kitty will have changed when I next see her.

DK Leather said...

lovely sunrise & sunset, smashing bookends to a yummy post; love the pics of Poppy and gosh, a butterfly I didn't know!! :-)