Sunday, July 26, 2009

Lough Graney and Green Balls? 25-26th July 09

Buster's Ears
Jim's Photo shoot

Yesterday Jim took my camera off briefly and returned with the following photos. Only a few, but some good ones:
A Wall Brown, not the most inspiring of butterflies. Unlike this one below:
A Fritillary, isn't it lovely? On the buddleia of course.

The fuchsia bushes are still dripping with ballerina like flowers.
The trillium (maybe not the right name) still keep popping up in the gladioli bed and flowering. They are rather spectacular.

Green Balls?

I have been carrying on with 'The Wicker Man' as in my disintegration project re-working. Part of the original bundle was toilet paper wrapped around the outside. I was wondering what to do with this, then I decided I'd make it into balls to hang from the structure. I mashed the paper up with PVA glue and some green paint then fashioned them into rough round shapes:

They are taking ages to dry, probably because it's rained on and off most of today. I think they look a bit like Brussels sprouts, or aliens' brains!! I had a skein of cotton in the bundle and I will wrap that around each ball, then use it to hang them. Only 5 days to go before we post our new works.


As it's been so wet, I had time to make some inchies and some ATCs:

The music ones need some more embellishment. I haven't finished the ATCs yet. I'll post them when I have.

It's been really windy today. I hung my washing out anyway as I have nowhere to put it indoors. We did have the odd sunny spell, but lots of rain. Look at it blow:
One shirt and one tea towel dried. The rest is still out there!

A Walk to Kevin's Farm and Lough Graney

If you go out of our gate, down the drive and turn right, the road leads to Kevin's farm. He is the fount of all knowledge around here. I knew that Buster's girlfriend goes down to the lake through Kevin's property but had never been there that way myself. It didn't seem right marching through his yard and garden. I took Buster there yesterday and gave it a try. I couldn't see Kevin but was amazed to find a proper jetty out the back of his house and shallow sides, presumably where Millie paddles. I didn't take my camera, but today, in a break from the rain, I took Buster again and my camera.

Kevin's door was open so I asked if it was OK. He told me I could come any time I liked and didn't need to ask! I still felt better having done so. It was so windy I feared at one point I might get blown off the jetty! I did take one or two photos:
The road to Kevin's farm and Lough Graney. Buster on the right.
I love these delicate pink flowers. They start dark pink, then go paler and paler until they eventually turn white.This is one of Kevin's fields to the left of the track. The dark patch is a soft, fluffy grass. It's so delicate.
This is the end of Kevin's garden! Buster surveys the lough.
Buster, the jetty and Flagmount behind.
Look how choppy the water is.
Buster, the jetty, Lough Graney and Flagmount
A view to the left shore of the jetty. This weed has little pink flowers on it. There are some lilies too but there weren't any flowers out.

This is a panorama I did taken from the left hand side of the jetty right round to the right. I don't know why it came out so small. Please click on it to enlarge it to get the full benefit.
This is where Buster and his ears come in!! Now you can see how windy it was. I love it.
A fisherman on the lake
I joined 2 photos here, you can just see the fisherman on the right! I mentioned to Kevin that there were several boats on the lake and he said there was a fishing competition today. The little boy in the boat on the left looked miserable; maybe they hadn't caught anything.

Doesn't this piece of wood look like a heron? Look at all the flowers on the shoreline.
Buster couldn't resist a paddle.

Buster on the Rocks. This wall is the dividing line between Kevin's and next door.
Can you see the bright red of the dock? It was so striking. Buster's not impressed.
Walking back up the lane. A busy bee on a thistle.
Just as we passed the Comerfords' house, Millie, Buster's best friend, came out to see him.
I only had 2 shots left in my camera, so just caught them. After that Buster was licking Millie's face. They're so cute together.

I do hope you enjoyed our short walk. Buster loves it by the lake. It's only about 10 minutes quick walk from our door too. I wish we could see the lake from the house, but you can't have everything.

Jim has been working since his trip to the Kildare Show but has almost finished, so he has just said. Maybe we'll get some good gardening weather this week.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

These are all wonderful photos. I love seeing the country side around and near your home. Buster is a treasure. Those ears look like velvet. I bet they are soft.

BT said...

Hiya Lisa, my first visitor! His ears are really soft, I often stroke them!

blushing rose said...

Can never get enough pics BT, they are awesome & continue to bring me fond memories of our time there. The pooches are cute. Have a beautiful week & ty for sharing. TTFN ~Marydon

marianne said...

Ahh thanks for this walk.....
Wonderful pictures. Love that last one!

Carol said...

I adore your sheep ATC's...especially the black sheep...that made me smile :-)

You should print that photo of Buster with the ears and frame it!! It's such a wonderful shot!!

C x

Jason said...

What a nice walk. The lake looks great. Fishing in the boat on the lake sounds great!


Heather said...

Jim's photos are great - especially Buster's ears and the fritillary on the buddleia. Love your inchies and can't wait to see the aliens' brains in situ! You live in such beautiful surroundings and the photos are wonderful. The one of Buster greeting Millie is so sweet.

BT said...

Hi Marydon, I'm so glad I remind you of your time in Ireland. The weekend just whizzed by.

Thank you Marianne, it's cute, isn't it?

Carol, the sheep inchies say on the back 'I know that woollens need a 'Cool Wash', but this is ridiculous' (black sheep). 'Would it surprise you to know I'm really a wolf?' (mountains behind) and 'but the label says 'HAND WASH ONLY'.... lol. Would you like to do an inchies swap (these are 1" square).

BT said...

Hi Jason, glad you enjoyed, fishing in the lake does sound good but it was a bit cool for me yesterday!

Hi Heather, I'm so glad you enjoyed the photos, Buster and Millie are cute together. She's the boss though! The fritillary butterflies are gorgeous, and quite big too.

Stampmaiden said...

What a great visit. How old is Buster? He's such a sweetie and has a girlfriend too! Well, who could resist such a fine looking man. LOL!!! A smart one too, letting Millie think SHE'S the boss. Haha!!

Bea said...

I've tried to comment twice and have been kicked off twice. VERY FRUSTRATING!!
I love that trillium. What a gorgeous color. No wonder Buster goes off for hours at a time. He's playing with Millie off the dock! lol I would too. It looks so cool and inviting.
Of course, all the pictures are wonderful and I so enjoy seeing them. When it comes time to post I forget what I saw so forgive me if I don't comment on something. :)Bea

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Some great shots here. I love seeing Buster roaming around. Some pretty landscape photos with him in it. We are having a heat wave and no one is roaming around right now. Ugh. I am hoping the heat isng going to ruin my Roses which are finally blooming again. Sigh.

BT said...

Hello Linda. Buster is just over a year old. He found us on 18th June last year and we guess he was about 6 to 8 weeks old then. He is handsome, isn't he, even though the vet said he was a bit overweight!!

Oh Bea, it's maddening when that happens, isn't it? Don't worry about what you mention in your comments, I'm just the same and forget what I've read! Old age you know.... Glad you enjoyed the post. That trillium (we're not sure that's what it is really) is fabulous. They pop up between the gladioli, flower for a day then die. There is a plain yellow one as well, not as showy but a pretty colour.

soulbrush said...

i don't know how you can bear to be indoors with those wonderful views around you, wow what dose inchies!!!

Diana Evans said...

oh these are amazing photos!!! I just got back from a week away and thought I would pop by and say hello!!!!

BT said...

Hi Cris, I'd hate it too hot. I do hope your roses survive it's so annoying when the weather destroys our hard work.

That's all very well soulbrush, but half the time it's pouring with rain!! Glad you like my inchies.

Hi Diana, so good to see you. I hope you've had a good time away and I'm glad that you enjoyed my photos.

Anonymous said...

You have such beautiful surroundings and the photos are always such a joy to see. Buster is just the cutest dog and I love his EARS!!!

hilary dully said...

Heya Gina,

heard that Millie had become famous, as Buster's lover. The lot of women, eaah / welcome home, Hilary

BT said...

So how did you hear about it then Hils? This is such an old post.