Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Postal Surprises, 27th July 09

From Stampmaiden

The postman brought me two letters yesterday. The first I opened was from Linda (aka Stampmaiden). Linda is a super artist and does amazing ATCs. She is part of the group of 10 to which I belong, going through the alphabet with ATCs and sending them to each other. This is the ATC from Linda

I for India.

Isn't it beautiful? I don't know how she does it. Linda also sent me some blank inchies and some she has done herself. They are lovely and have made me think a bit more about those I have done. I really need to add some words onto some of them. Both were in little bundles tied with pretty 'ribbon'.
It's always exciting getting a parcel from Linda. She also enclosed some sheets of alphabet stickers. I know I can use those.
From Teri

Teri is also in our little group and she sent me the letter 'J' for juggler. As it was a little late, I also received a bonus atc of a tulip, all beautifully painted by Teri.
Aren't they lovely? My collection of the alphabet ATCs has reached K but I still have my 'H' to come from Laure, who is a bit behind. I know she has done it as it's on our site and it's beautiful.

There has been talk of getting the whole 10 sets published in one of the craft magazines when we've finished. What fun that would be.


Oh it's mostly rained today! I did manage to get out after dinner and do a bit more to the M1. The last part is really bad and is taking a lot of doing. I came in at 10.15pm and then went out again and had a bonfire! So I'm a bit late this evening.

Top Barn

While it was raining I finished cleaning the top barn. There was one cow byre left to sweep out, then much scraping off the walls of 20 year old cow poo! I get all the good jobs. I then thought I might paint the worst wall white. I hunted for some paint but all I could find was some very watery stuff. I did use it and it gave a first coat rather like whitewash or distemper if anyone remembers that. It dried in no time. I then hunted for a top colour and found a rather fetching dusky pink!! The wall now looks splendid. I'll have to photograph it tomorrow as it was too dark today. Much better than cow pat brown (I'm being polite).

Pump and Water

We have decided to go ahead with the submersible pump in our well. This will also achieve the re-location of the top tank, an outside tap and electricity to the top barn all in one go. I rang Sean and let him know and he said he'd be here tomorrow or Thursday! So the horrid little pump house in the middle of our parking area will go and we shall have light in the barn! Woo hoo. We hope the pump will work much better than the old one and it will also be quiet. The old one sounds like a factory working away. I'm so pleased. The water is no longer brown. We have been very careful with it the past few days to try and build up some reserves and it seems to have paid off.

Tomorrow's Blog

The Weaver of Grass has issued us with a challenge to write about someone or something that has inspired us. I have agreed to take part in this. Weaver will have a list of all the others taking part so if you'd like some interesting reading, pop over to her site and all the links will be there. I bet there'll be some great writing. I expect mine will be one of the shorter ones as I'm not a 'writer' as such. I just burble away and type as I think. Weaver's blog address is here:

The post will be called 'Inspiration Wednesday'.

Just a short blog tonight. I hope everyone's had a good Tuesday.


Carol said...

Can't wait to see a photo of your pink wall!!

C x

Jason said...

Ohh I'm interested to see the writings.

Great you have the pump. I remember debating this when we came over, sounds a splendid idea.


soulbrush said...

yes we are in a very very talented group (you being at the top girl). love the fact that you are doing those inchies....yay!!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

All of the ladies that are participating in the ABCs are certainly inspirational to me. Such a diverse group and many talents. All so generously shared too. Like I said...inspirational.

BT said...

Soon, Carol!

Well, we haven't got it in yet, the pump man is here now. Not good so far. Will blog in a few days!

Oh soul, bless you but I don't think so!!

I agree Lisa, so much talent.

Bea said...

Ooooooh a pink wall. Very nice but I need a picture.
Doing something about the water situation is good. Brown water, ugh.
It was sooooooooo nice to see your art work. Thank you for sharing that. The M1 cracks me up. :)Bea

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing all the pretty artwork. That would be lovely to be published in a magazine.