Sunday, July 5, 2009

Blackcurrants Blackcurrants and Rain, 5th July 2009


We knew we had to pick blackcurrants today as a lot of them are very ripe and have pulled the branches of the bushes to the ground. So we picked a whole jam pan full then it started to rain. And rain. And rain.


Luckily it was the mens' final at Wimbledon between Andy Roddick and Roger Federer. I wanted Roger to win and beat Sampras's record of 14 Grand Slam titles and Jim wanted Andy to win. I won. Pity we didn't bet on it. It was a 5 setter, not the best final in the world and in the end it became a bit of a 'last man standing' as they were both so tired. Sampras had flown in from the USA to watch the match and saw his record tumble. Roddick looked shell shocked. Just as it was hotting up in the last game, we had a storm and lost the satellite signal. Can you believe it? Luckily it didn't stay off for long, so we only missed a couple of points.


I took this photo of Buster 'in' his bed (sort of). How can he sleep like that?

Look at all that dust. That's from the builders and I haven't washed the floor this weekend as it'll only be just as bad on Monday. I might give it a quick go tomorrow.

Jelly Making

Jim washed and cooked the blackcurrants then strained them through our muslin home made jelly bag ready to make the blackcurrant jelly tomorrow. We always let it drip overnight.

Lovely jelly, fantastic blackcurranty smells.

and Towels

I dyed my towels navy blue and they were on the table. BlackJack came in absolutely soaking, looking like a punk cat and sat next to them:

The towels are actually navy blue now but the flash wiped out the colour and I couldn't correct it on photoshop. Poor soggy BlackJack.


We had lasagna with home grown lettuce and rocket and other salad for dinner. Lovely. Followed by a muller yogurt. I've just eaten half a bar of chocolate. Bad girl.

If the weather's good tomorrow we'll be picking more blackcurrants as we've promised Joe the builder some on Monday and might make some to sell at the next car boot. We've both been computing tonight and it's been really quiet. I must make some more ATCs for the ABC group.

Paying it Forward

Oh, Bea received the parcel I sent her as the 'pay it forward' game she played with me. This is what I sent her:
This is the front. Can you see it says 'BEA' on the red bow at the bottom?
And this is the back. They never really photograph well, this is a 'purse' (in American) or a Clutch Bag in English!! It is all woven using re-cycled materials such as vegetable netting, leather from a belt, wool, found items, bubble wrap. Old t-shirts, all sorts really. Do click on them to enlarge. Bea likes it and I'm so pleased.

Enough for tonight, I'm tired and off to bed.


Anonymous said...

Oh I bet the house smells wonderful with the blackcurrants. We had rain today also, FINALLY! Glad you got to watch the tennis match and glad you won! That pic of Buster made me laugh - that would break my neck to sleep like that! And poor Black Jack all soggy; I'm surprised he did not get on your freshly dyed towels. Hope all goes well with the work on the extension. Have a good week.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Black currant jelly, yummmm.

Snowbrush said...

"How can he sleep like that?"

Clean conscience? Drinking problem?

DK Leather said...

ooh yummy, blackcurrant jelly! Love the raggy purse :-)

BT said...

Hiya Mildred, the blackcurrants do smell lovely. So glad you have had rain at last. It makes such a difference. Buster does choose some odd positions to sleep! BlackJack usually aims for the clean washing! Fingers crossed for a good week with the builders!

Indeed, Lisa.

Probably the latter, Snowbrush!!

Glad you liked the purse, K. It was dead 'raggy'!!

Stampmaiden said...

Ooo, I can only imagine the lovely smell of black currant jelly. Lucky woman. You gotta man making magic in the kitchen!

KathyB. said...

Black currant jelly does sound scrumptious! We don't grow currants, but we do grow a lot of strawberries, raspberries and the black berries grow wild all around us.

It's pretty satisfying to see rows of canned home made jams and jellies lined up on the counter, isn't it?

I LOVE the pic of Buster sleeping...I agree with you, how can he sleep like that? And I wish I could sleep that soundly.( I like Snowbrush's comment)

EB said...

I've seen both my parents' dogs and our Pippa sleeping like that! I think dogs' necks must be different from ours in some way. Maybe it's even nice for them to stretch them right out some times. But it can even be eery : Judy, one of my parents', lies with her head hanging over the side of a sofa, and you're swear she'd popped her clogs, she looks so limp. Then she'll look up suddenly, and seem slightly dizzy, understandably!

Carol said...

I adore that picture of Buster sleeping!! I have no idea how he can sleep like that either!!

Your a talented lady...that bag is fab!!

C x

Heather said...

Maybe Buster keeps his head cool by sleeping like that - anyway, he looks very relaxed so it must be comfortable. I bet your blackcurrant jelly is delicious. It's much cooler here today so I may get more of everything done this week. Your woven purse/bag looks very interesting - a great way of recycling and I love 'raggy' things. Cats don't seem to mind getting wet - ours goes out in the rain - though they are supposed to hate it.

Leatherdykeuk said...

Hurrah for Jam and rain!

soulbrush said...

yum yum sounds super, and buster looks quite comfy too...that bag is stupendous. (am running out of superlative adjectives to describe your work. looking forward to some rain here soon..whew.too hot for me.

Arija said...

I got sucked in to watching the tennis as well and am totally fatigued today since it finished after 3 in the morning!
Congratulation on your blackcurrant crop. I lost all my bushes in lasr years drought and do miss my blachcurrant jelly!

Valerie said...

Lovely post BT. I watched the last half of the tennis, nearly screaming for Roddick to win. He gave his all to the game and he was so close to winning.

Jason said...

I was on Roddicks side! Always the underdog. Was a good game from what i saw of it.

Mmm blackcurrants fab. We finally have some rain today, its loevly, smells fab.


Bea said...

I bet the jam jars looks beautiful sitting on the windowsill. Do take a picture of them for us.
Our black raspberries are almost ready,'s so hard to wait. I think we'll check them out again this afternoon and see if two days of sun has ripened them up.
Buster, Buster, Buster you are too funny! :)Bea

The Weaver of Grass said...

Oh yes BT - I recognise the signs - everything in the garden is coming ripe at once - I have made gooseberry jam, gooseberry curd, strawberry jam, strawberry ice cream, gooseberry crumble - need I go on. It is lovely growing things but I do wish they would space themselves out. Blackcurrants? They are next, along with raspberries.

aims said...

Love the bag Gina! Well done!

I go away for a bit of rafting work with my brother and look at all that's gone on!

Love the pic of you and DK! and of the one of you naked in front of the computer. Very brave of you I must add! I on the other hand....well...not shy at all - but not photogenic...hence the hat over at David McMahon's.

Love all the pics as usual. We have set a record low here with -2C overnight in July. Astonishing really. All our flowers have been wiped out in the west country. Sad.

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Love that photo of Buster. so cute.
Lots of work making jelly, but I bet it will be wonderful.

BT said...

Linda, he does make magic in the kitchen!! We had carbonara tonight. Lovely.

Hi KathyB, I love home made jam and jelly. I don't really like blackcurrant jam as it has too many 'bits' in it, so it has to be jelly for me! We get loads of blackberries too.

EB, Buster also hangs his head over a chair side or the settee! They are weird. The blood would all rush to my head!

Thanks re the bag Carol.

I think you're right, Heather, it does keep Buster cool that way. It's much cooler here this week too. Need some sun again now! Glad you like the bag. I'm glad Bea did too. I don't think our cats mind getting wet too much but Buster doesn't like it!!

Agreed Rachel!

Thank you Soulbrush, glad you like the bag. I love making them. Each one is very different. We need some of your sun now!

Arija, gosh, fancy watching the tennis until 3am!! It's the sort of thing I do. I'm sorry you lost all your blackcurrant bushes.

Hi Valerie, I wanted Federer to win so he could beat Sampras's record, but Roddick played his heart out, didn't he? I hope he manages another final.

Hello Jason, we have lots of rain!! Need some more sun now. It was a good match I thought.

Oh Bea, black raspberries they sound amazing, you must photograph them for us. I'll take a piccy of the jelly when it's done too.

Weaver, you have been so busy! All that stuff. I'd like to know how to make the strawberry ice cream. Sounds delicious.

aims my friend, how are you? Minus 2!! What are you doing living there? Brrrr... Thank you for the compliment re my bag, I'm glad you like it. And my photos! Ha ha, me naked, what a sight!

Hi Cris, not too much work to make the jelly, just picking the things is the longest job, but we quite enjoy it. Not today though, it's been pouring down.

yoon see said...

Thanks for dropping by BT, I love blackcurrents too, I super love Ribena......I have so much joy when reading you entry! Thanks!!!