Tuesday, July 14, 2009

More Rain, Poor Sandy... 13th July 2009

Sandy Update

Poor Sandy's paw was even bigger today. We rang the vet again and he said to bring him in tomorrow morning at 10am as he'd have to anaesthetise him to look at it properly. It's clearly infected and you can see 2 holes in the top of his paw now where he's licked it such a lot - presumably from a bite. Why the vet I saw on Sunday didn't give him antibiotics I don't know. Any UK vet would have done. I hate to see him hobbling around. Mind you, he's still eating (except it's no food after 8 tonight) and purring like mad! We did give him some more pain killer this evening. Animals are wonderful until they 'go wrong' as Jim calls it.

Weather and Rainbow

It's rained all day again and quite heavily at times. Jim's sweetcorn was flattened and he's had to stake it all up and the peas are a bit of a mess, so he's a bit depressed by it all. Also the onions are all 'dashed'. This damage is all from the wind as well as the rain. The sun did come out eventually about 5pm, then it rained again about an hour later! The sky went that marvellous dark colour one side and sunny the other, so of course there was a rainbow:

It was a complete arch, not terribly bright but you can see it here over The Deenery

I then walked out through our gate and the rainbow hit the ground near Flagmount, across the lake. This is probably the best individual photo of it:

Then I took a few more and they didn't make a panorama, so I played with them for fun:


I've been making 'Inchies' the past few days. These are a bit like Artist Trading Cards as far as I can tell, only tiny 1" square!! I don't know whether I've done them right or what the rules are, but here are the 32 I've done so far:

Here they all are together. Some are rather Christmassy - early for December! I love miniature things so these really appeal to me. I'd like to put them on an A3 board and hang them on the wall but I think I'm supposed to swap them!! I must say it's a pain having to cut them up.

Amazing Video

Sam, my daughter in law, videoed their son Jack at a school 'music' time. You can tell which one he is. The manic one bobbing up and down with great enthusiasm and doing all the actions wrong!! I can't stop laughing at him!


I hope it works. It's actually on Facebook. Aha, it takes you to the page where it is and you have to click on it to play. Only 43 seconds, but worth every second!

Happy Tuesday everyone.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Poor Sandy. I hope the vet gets her on the road to recovery. Pain pills don't heal you for goodness sake.

I enjoyed the rainbow photos. I hope the garden recovers. It is disappointing to lose part of your garden to the weather.

Anonymous said...

I was so hopeful that Sandy would be better today. Please let us know what the Vet tells you tomorrow. I don't think I've ever seen a rainbow photograph so pretty as the one over your home. You should frame that to hang in your sunroom. Thank you for sharing pics of your home and yard and the adorable inches. I enjoyed them all very much.

Arija said...

It sounded to me like snakebite with Sandy's paw. I don't know if you have venomous snakes where you are, all our's are deadly and it is usually a rush job to get the animal to the vet for anti-venine.
Two small puncture marks could also be a spider. I do hope all goes well.
So sorry to hear of the damage to the vegetable garden. One puts so much effort into it and just when everything looks splendid, the weather takes a hand in it as well.
Having lost all my berry bushes and plants in the culmination of our six year drought last summer where we almost ran out of drinking water and did not have anything tor the garden except saved sink water, I know what that feels like. We did not even get autumn rains and only now are getting a soaking thank God.

At least you got that splendid rainbow!

Bea said...

I can hear Sandy purring poor dear. I'm so glad this vet is doing something for him. I hope it solves the problem.
I watched Jack on Facebook. What a hoot. He was obviously having fun. What a great smile he has.
I love to see rainbows. Now, tell me, if you saw a rainbow there did you check for that pot of gold? :)Bea

Stampmaiden said...

BT, Sandy is going to be fine once he gets the proper care. I'll be sending cyber get well vibes to him. Hope they work. LOL!
Love the rainbow! Bea beat me to the question about the pot of gold! Well, did you find it? LOL!

Leatherdykeuk said...

Poor kitty. Hope the vet is better with her today.

I love the rainbow joiner.

Carol said...

Awww, poor Sandy!! I'm sure once he get's his antibiotics he'll be back to his old self in no time :-)

Beautiful pictures of the rainbow!!

Never heard of Inchies but I love the idea....I might have a go at making some small paintings or drawings and give them as gifts this year (I'll be an impoverished student so I think I'm allowed :-D)

C x

KathyB. said...

Poor Sandy, and poor Jim's garden! May tomorrow have them BOTH on the mend!

DK Leather said...

Beautiful rainbow joiner momma :-)

Poor sandy & poor veggies!

...and now I know where I get my love of miniature teeny things & detail!

blushing rose said...

Get better soon Sandy.

That rainbow is reassurance that all will be well at the end of a day, & bring you blessings.

TTFN ~Marydon

BT said...

Thank you everyone for your kind thoughts about Sandy. I dropped him off at the vets this morning and pick him up around 5pm. He'll have had the wound (a cat bite) washed out thoroughly and will be on strong antibiotics for a while. Update on the blog tonight.

I'm glad you liked the rainbow Lisa. It's not often we see a 'whole' one.

I might do that with the rainbow photo Mildred. Glad you liked the inchies too.

Arija, there aren't any snakes in Ireland, thank goodness. We are pretty sure it's a tom cat who comes around to visit the neighbours' cats when they are on heat. Ours have been castrated but will still defend their territory. The veg plot is much better today and the sweet corn seem to have recovered since Jim staked them up. It must have been so awful for you with that long drought.

Bea, I'm so glad you watched Jack. He is a very happy, smiling boy alltogether and has his mum and dads' sense of humour. It still makes me laugh when I think of him bobbing up and down so fast!! I did look, but sadly, someone else must have got there before me and taken the gold. Just my luck!

It was a lovely rainbow, Linda. We do get quite a few here with our sunny/rainy/sunny weather!

Glad you liked the joiner Rachel, I liked my mixed up one!

Oh Carol, of course you're allowed to do little paintings for presents. If only I could! Last year I made little lavender pillows with our lavender and Jim made clocks using our wood! Everyone loves them.

Thanks Kathy B.

Thanks DK re Sandy and veges, both hopefully on the mend. I know you like all things littly too! Another inherited trait.

Awww, thank you Marydon, I hope so.

Heather said...

Hope poor Sandy is now getting treatment for his paw. The photos of the rainbow are beautiful and I love your inchies. Our weather has been wet and windy too - those gusts do so much damage.

Jason said...

Bummer re the allotment, hope all is ok after all that work.

Hope Sandy is ok.


The Weaver of Grass said...

The whole of your post today BT has left me in cheerful mood - hope the paw is soon better - antibiotics can work wonders.

Heckety said...

Hope Sandy's paw is improving. Comisserations on the veg- my onions, raspberries and broad beans are flattened and I'm fed up about it.
The rainbow photos are lovely- I think I'll try taking some here as we get a lot of rainbows and that curiour dark sky and sunshine which is so beautiful.

BT said...

Hello Heather. Glad yo like my inchies, I'm not sure if they're 'right'. This weather is wild, isn't it?

Jason, allotment much improved and peas not too bad really. Sandy on the mend too, phew!

Weaver, I'm glad I made you cheerful!

Heckety, we must have had the same weather. Bit depressing, isn't it? I'm glad you understand about that curious dark/light sky! You go take photos too!

Ces said...

What! Why yes! I rememeber reading about that there are no sankes in Ireland thanks to St. Patrick. I love Ireland then. Poor poor Sandy I hope she gets relief soon.

Ces said...

I mean snakes.

BT said...

I rather liked sankes Ces! Sandy update on today's blog (14th). xx

soulbrush said...

hey i hadn't seen these, they are brill!!...wanna swap some??? you are right, atcs are only for awapping, but diana does sell them in her etsy shop. maughty girl.