Wednesday, July 6, 2011

2 Month Catch Up. Crafting Photos.

Gosh, 2 months and I haven't done a blog post. What a failure. The trouble is that it's light until about 10.30pm so I'm often in the garden until then which doesn't leave much time for much else.


I have also started attending various workshops in Tuamgraney. We met for a few weeks each Thursday to do knitting. I learnt how to cable and made a 'Dressage Vest', which I am very pleased with I must say. Here is a photo of me knitting it:

And wearing it:

Then at the same place I did a 'nuno felting' course. Nuno felting is felting wool onto another material. It was great fun and my final project was supposed to be a wall hanging but it hasn't made it to the wall yet!

This is the wall hanging before I had worked on it and shrunk the wool a lot. It then pulls in and the material goes crinkly! Here we all are at the end of the course with our efforts:

It's a wonderful atmosphere at the workshops and I'd recommend them to anyone in the vicinity. Next we are doing a few weeks of crochet. This will be a great adventure for me as I've never done any. I can't wait. Here is a link to their blog: There are a few more photos of the nuno felting on there. I have since made a blue wall hanging and various other pieces for fun.

I have made a wall hanging out of my stash of material which is for the sun room:

I also made a felt scarf but it's too itchy so it's become a wall hanging in the bathroom!

I quite like it in there! It has some sequins and stars sewn on here and there.

A felt experiment with a chiffon scarf:

Finally, a small mat made from wool and felted, then I backed it with chiffon and net and added buttons too.

My step Granddaughter Liane had her baby Coco on June 9th and she asked for a 'Jessica' doll from me, which I duly made, this time with dark hair:

Here is Coco with Jessica:

They were about the same size and as you can see, Coco has almost as much dark hair as Jessica! She's growing fast, as they do of course.

I have also been making beads and a pair of curtains for the patio doors in the sun room. Phew, no wonder I haven't had much blogging time and I still haven't got onto the garden work we've done. I think that'll have to wait for another day - or week - or month!