Sunday, July 19, 2009

What, No Water? Disaster Number Three.

First Sandy, then Buster - they say disasters come in threes. Today our water pump decided to pack in altogether. There is a bit of a funny side to it though. The pump is outside in a little 'house' and pumps the water up from our bore hole. The past 2 days it has been running almost continuously so Jim decided to remove the top valve and re-set it. Well, the valve shot about 20 feet into the air under a whale like jet of water!! Jim came back into the kitchen soaked through. We had to laugh! After some thought, we decided we'd better turn the pump off and let it rest as it had been going so long. When Jim switched it on again, it wouldn't go. Hey ho. We rang Mr Minogue, the pump man (Kylie's Dad), and he suggested there might be dirt in the pipes and to 'wiggle' them, which Jim did, to no avail. He said to ring back if that didn't work, which Jim did, also to no avail as there was no reply. He left a message but he hasn't been back to us. I guess we'll have to wait until Monday.

In the meantime we have a bucket of water filled from one of our outside tanks in the bathroom for 'loo' use. It has all sorts of little creatures swimming around in it. Most exciting.

We have a plastic dustbin which collects rainwater and we're saving that for washing veg. There is a tankful of water in the immersion so we're just being careful. We had to boil a kettle to wash up - we daren't use the dishwasher. It's like the dark ages here. It's time I was living in luxury at my age, I suggested to Jim. He feels all responsible poor man.

Oh, I forgot about last night's disaster. (That's four). Jim had spent five hours doing the work necessary after his Wednesday meeting in the UK. He then somehow lost the lot. I know, I couldn't believe it either. This was at about 2am and he then did most of it again, finishing it today.

It's also rained most of the day so I stayed in and did the ironing. Yes, I did. I can iron you know.

This evening I brought my 'wicker man' inside and worked on him. Oh it's so exciting, I'm loving how it's turning out. Actually my son Jason called it my Wicker Man. It's the disintegration project I'm doing and it has to be finished for August 1st, the big 'reveal' day. I promise lots of photos on that day.

Erm, I just wrote a final paragraph then spellchecked the post and that's gone now. We have gremlins. I shall head to bed with trepidation. Maybe the roof will have blown off by the morning!


Anonymous said...

I am almost afraid to check in with you tomorrow!!! Oh, what a headache to be without water. When our county water goes off and then does come back, it is full of red mud and usually sprays with great force out of the faucett spraying us and the room. I hope things improve for you all!

Arija said...

BT, not advisable to call up disasters like the roof caving in...You really have so much to be grateful for, Your pump is down but you still have plenty of water in tanks and it is RAINING. If you put all the buchets and bowls outside, you will catch the best drinking water on earth.
Gremlins in computers are a different matter, they can be so annoying and definitely need exorcising. I have an annoying one too,certain comments that are modified, just do not make the transition to the comments of the post and so often my automatic feed lets me down and I get a guilty consciene when I manually access a site and find I have not kept up.
Always look on the bright side, if you can't do the dishes, read a book what better excuse is there?

Bea said...

BOIL, BOIL does the rest of that go? .....trouble? lol Anyway, be safe, drink boiled......sigh.....your life is getting waaaaaaaaaay to exciting, girlfriend! :)Bea

Jason said...

Oh dear, sounds fun, like camping with a roof (you have a roof?);-)

Wash in the lake this morning, lol.


KathyB. said...

We have many of the same trials and tribulations you do, and sometimes I feel like I am getting too old for that kind of excitement...but not for long!

Since you can't do a lot of the cleaning requiring water, I agree with Aryja, read a book, or work on your art.

Leatherdykeuk said...

Trouble hppens in sevens, as they say. Hope you get your water back soon. Do you not have a back-up hand pump?

soulbrush said...

omg, hope these things all stop pretty soon, jim gets back, gremlins disappear, water comes back and life returns to 'normal'...yikes!

Heather said...

Hope things are being sorted out for you. It always makes me feel guilty when basic things go wrong and I realise how I take such a lot for granted. Water is about as basic as you can get. It is so infuriating to lose so much work when you've been at it for ages - poor Jim. Hope the new week will be a better one for you all.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

After all of these disasters you will appreciate the boring normal routine.

BT said...

Hello Mildred. Oh that red water sounds ghastly!! Ours used to be brown in the UK after a 'turn off'. I laughed at the tap spraying it everywhere though!

Hi Arija, we still have a roof today! Oddly enough, the pump switched itself on at night! We manage ok, a bowl of hot from the kettle and we washed everything up. It sounds as though you have awful computer problems too. They are so wonderful but such a pain at times!

You are so right Bea. I can do without all this fun!! XXX

Hi Jason. Roof still here this morning. Hoorah! We can boil rain water for washing so will avoid the lake wash I think! Bit cold for me.

KathyB, they can be such a nuisance these 'trials'! We survive and with good grace most of the time! I did lots to the art project last night.

No back up pump Rachel I'm afraid. It's a huge pump! Back on today, must have had a rest. lol.

lol, soul, you are so funny. We're fine, Jim's here, pump is pumping overtime again!

Heather, thank you for your kind thoughts.

We can't wait for 'normal' Lisa!! That will be bliss.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Hope the gremlins have taken off for pastures new by now. I must say that Jim sounds a fantastic guy - he seems to take everything in his stride. Hope the water is soon flowing freely again.

DK Leather said...

omgoodness, what a rotten run of luck! Hope it turns soon xxx

BT said...

Weaver, your comment made us both laugh as Jim is quite the opposite!! He's ok after a while, but when disaster first strikes it's all doom and gloom and pessimism!! lol.

Dk, I'm sure it'll all get sorted thanks!