Friday, July 3, 2009

Thursday 2nd July, More Rain, Getting Plastered.

We must have had some serious rain overnight as everything was sodden this morning. The water butt was full again (the builders use it to mix with) and the grass has grown an inch over night I swear! Today it's been mostly dry but dull, with the odd light shower. My 'rounder rounder' washing line has collapsed. It was a bit dodgy this morning but I hung out my washing but when I collected it in tonight the line sort of flopped over to one side and landed on the ground! The problem is that my creel has been taken down from the kitchen when the builders did the ceiling so I have nowhere to hang my clothes if the weather's not fine. Or if my rotary dryer breaks!

I had another lovely surprise from the postman this morning. My friend Nikki sent me a holder for my ATCs as a 'belated 60th birthday present'. How thoughtful of her. I have already put my alphabet ATCs (artist trading cards) in it and as there are 30 pockets, will fill it up as I receive the other letter. I'm sure I'll be able to find something to go in the 4 spare pockets. Here it is:

This is the top section containing the letters A to F from other members of the ABC/ATC group. It'll look fabulous all full up.

This is the whole thing, it'll look great on the wall of my new studio.

I put my two 'inchies' from Soulbrush in the bottom pocket. Aren't they cute?

This is the excellent card that accompanied the holder. Nikki said it was inspired by Buster relaxing on the bench outside. It does look a bit like him.

I spent today cleaning up again around Joe and Martin. They finished the final coat of plaster in my room today. It looks like a proper room now and has developed an echo too. I asked Joe whether I could move in yet.....

I had 2 very ripe bananas so made some banana bread to use them up. It's probably the best one I've made. Our calor gas oven is a bit temperamental but it worked ok this time. Jim was impressed.

I did get out into the garden and finished weeding the fruit plot as a surprise for Jim tomorrow. He came home about midnight and was pretty shattered. It's been a busy few days for him. I also picked a large bowl of strawberries and a few raspberries too. I didn't go inside until 10.30 and it was still light, but the bugs were biting a bit. I ate the raspberries with cream on - delicious. Then realised I hadn't had any dinner. As it was late I then had a ham and cheese sandwich. Followed by a piece (or two) of banana bread.

It was the ladies semi finals at Wimbledon this afternoon and the first match, won by Serena Williams, was excellent and exciting, going all the way to 3 sets. The second, with Venus Williams, was very poor as she wiped the floor with her opponent. So, it's Williams v Williams in the final again. They really are amazing. An all American final on the 4th of July. How appropriate.

Tomorrow it's the mens' semis and we'll be cheering on our Mr Andy Murray.

I did manage a few garden photos today, not many as it was a bit dull:

the buds on this clematis Rouge Cardinal have now come out. It's such a striking colour.

These beautiful pink flowers are from an ornamental strawberry, given to me by an old school friend of mine who lives quite near Jason in Suffolk.

the first sweet pea is just about to flower. There are loads to come. I love them.

I was just about to photograph the antirrhinum when I noticed this cute little green bug on it. He even turned around so I could get a better shot.

The cistus just goes on and on flowering

This little chap is a miniature hebe. It's so cute.

Jim grew these cosmos from seed. They are lovely and tall and so colourful.

This shrub looked dead a month ago, now it's covered in these delicate pink flowers.

Finally the hanging basket, made up of 'left overs' by Jim, is beginning to look better. I love the different colours of lobelia flowers.

Jim's off to bed and I'm not going to be far behind. I'm hoping the builders will finish the doorway into the snug tomorrow as that should be the last of the bad dust. We shall see.


marianne said...

Ahhh I love the ATC holder!
Where did she get that?
I want one too, it would fit the complete ABC!
Lovely garden shots!
I did some gardening yesterday morning, my terrace looks fine again.
Today I must tidy the inside. we will have friends and family over this weekend and I still tidy up for those silly.
No rain here yet, just heat!
Go Andy!

Have a nice day!

Stampmaiden said...

BT, I love the ATC holder as well! I've never seen one like that before. I gotta tell you, those inchies are super cute and it wasn't me who made them. Maybe it was Soul? She's the other one who likes to make them.
Loved the Cosmo's hot pink color. Lobelia, love it!
Oh and that card with the Zen Dog! It IS Buster! LOL!!! How sweet.

Jason said...

Very handy ATC holder, clever Nikki.

Glad the building is progressing. Plastering is a real milestone.

Its not 90 degrees today, hot and humid but overcast. I've loved the weather, but nice to have a respite today. It is supposed to be turning now for a bit.


Heather said...

That holder is a great way to display ATCs. Lovely garden photos as usual - especially the clematis one and Jim's 'leftovers' basket is looking good. It's much cooler today so I'm looking forward to working on the garden and getting a good night's sleep tonight.

Leatherdykeuk said...


Carol said...

That ATC holder is such a fantastic gift idea!! You have some very lovely friends :-)

I watched the Wimbledon yesterday too....was amazed at the Serena Williams match!! Elena Dementieva certainly gave her a run for her money!! It was disappointing that the Venus vs Dinara match wasn't better...Venus well and truly wiped the floor with her which doesn't really make for exciting watching!!

Enjoy the tennis today

C x

BT said...

Isn't it wonderful Marianne, Nikki got it on ebay. She said it's supposed to be for the cards that children collect such as football cards, then they swap them! Go search, I'm going to. Glad your terrace is good now, it's lovely when you achieve something like that! Hope your weekend goes well.

Linda, I think it was Soul who made the inchies on reflection. They're cute, aren't they? Buster's all hyper today as Jim's back.

Hi Jason, it's 18degrees C here at the moment. Just right. Jim said his day in London was a nightmare, it was over 80. Hideous.

I'm glad it's cooler for you Heather. We haven't had that blistering heat that you've had in the UK, thank goodness. I don't like it myself either. I do manage to sleep though.

The Weaver of Grass said...

First of all give that Jim of yours a big hug and kiss from me for providing me with the history of my Alexandre Girault rose - now when the next person asks I can tell them where the name comes from and sound so erudite! Thanks Jim.
We are getting your rain today - very wet here, everything sodden - poor AG is looking rather sad - all twenty feet of him.
My sweet peas are just coming into bloom too - this year they seem a particularly nice mix of colours.
Would love a slice of your banana bread (with thick Irish butter please).
We are inundated with strawberries so have just made a batch of strawberry ice cream (wow - what a lot of calories it will have in it!)

Heckety said...

Love Zen Dog, and the garden photos! If Andy Murray's matches cross any meal-times my Dad won't eat as he's so tense!I think that shrub with the slightly pink small flowers is a wegeila (sp?)?

BT said...

I have thanked Jim for you Weaver, he loves the challenge. He says he has 'A' level google! Plus he has inside knowledge too, which helps I think. It poured last night and today we've had some cracking thunder, but no rain. Hooray! This afternoon was gorgeous, lots of sun but a lovely breeze, not too hot. Perfect. AG?? Sorry.
We have 2 red sweet peas out now but they're very small. The banana bread is no more! What piggies we are. Oooh, how do you make strawberry ice cream? Can you send me a recipe??

Heckety. Zen Dog is great, isn't he? Jim thinks it's a deutzia, that shrub. I'm going to have a google! Sadly, as I'm sure you know, Andy lost, but Roddick was better on the day and Andy's only young. I get very tense too and shout at the tv!!

BT said...

Heckarty, we found it, it's a Deutzia Scabra Plena. If you google that, you can see it's the one!!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

You should be receiving the "G" I sent you any time. I really like the ATC holder. Your clematis is gorgeous as are all the flowers pictured. Have a great weekend. I will be cheering for Andy too. I hope he wins.

BT said...

Hi Lisa, good to see you. I'm glad you liked the post, sadly Andy didn't win. Ah well, he's only 22 so plenty of time yet. I'm so looking forward to receiving my 'G', then I can add that to my holder too.

marianne said...

I tried............but unfortunately couldn't find it.
Can you ask her how she found it?

Have a nice day!