Sunday, May 31, 2009

Glorious Garden Day, 31st May 2009

What a wonderful day - in fact, another wonderful day. The sun has shone all day, the sky is a beautiful blue and it's been hot. A bit too hot in fact! Yesterday there was a breeze but today it's been missing. Ah well, we pottered about slowly! We are trying to clear the allotment bed which will be the home for our poly-tunnel. It's full of dock and buttercups and it's jolly hard work. We have taken it slowly and completed about a quarter! Yesterday I took lots of photos but didn't post them all, so I'll pop the flower photos on today. The flowers are bursting forth as we watch them.

The first rose in our 'snake shaped bed' in flower. An old fashioned rose I think.

The Rootery is a carpet of speedwell, buttercups and grasses of all descriptions

In one section is this lovely yellow pimpernel

A closer shot of the speedwell. It's so delicate and pretty

The laburnum tree is the best it's been. It's a real cascade of gold.

This primula is still flowering. What a rich colour.

This is the first bloom on our climbing rose.

The lupins are a picture

This delicate cistus is covered in blooms
We have many of these fuchsia bushes and they are all covered with little ballerina like flowers.

A delicate pink potentilla - and one of the flowers below

I love the contrasts in this section of the garden. That acer was tiny when we brought it here.

This is a 'before' photo of one of the living willow fences. We 'stripped the willow' yesterday. Must take an 'after'!

Our spotted orchid in the meadow is just beginning to flower. I love it.

This is another spotted orchid nearby and it only has one flower so far.

The Deenery from the meadow crossroads. The orchid is just down on the right. I'm not sure whether you can see it or not.

The entrance to 'Dead Tree Walk' through to bluebell walk

Looking back from the end of bluebell walk. Most of the bells have gone now.

Jim just outside Bluebell walk among willows and blackthorn.

The first water iris at the bottom of the arboretum

A pretty bi-colour lupin
This yellow and white iris came out today. Isn't it stunning?

Our front garden today!
Sandy and BlackJack retired to Buster's chair to cool down.

That's it for now. I hope you've enjoyed the quick floral garden tour.


Stampmaiden said...

BT, I don't know where to begin. Everything is stunning for one. I just love all your blooms. My favorite has to be the white and yellow iris. So unusual and gorgeous. And you have orchids growing from the ground?! Absolutely unheard of in Los Angeles! That tree with the cascading yellow flowers is absolutely beautiful. And it would take YOU, dear BT, to find a ballerina hiding in a fushia. LOL!!
I can't remember what else I saw but it was all so beautiful. Thanks for inviting me over to your place. ;)

Anonymous said...

Hello, I love the cascading blooms of the laburnum and the yellow and white iris especially. It's always fun to take a tour with you around your lovely surroundings. My favorite photo of course are the kitties. They are so precious and it amazes me that they will stay close to one another. My cats avoid one another!!! I hope this is the start of a great week for you and Jim.

Bea said...

Absolutely GORGEOUS flower pictures. You guys must be so proud of all the hard work you have done to your property. It's paid off, it's just a jewel.
What a sweet picture of your kitties. I don't think I could get one of mine except when Louie is trying to "hug" Cleopatra. lol

Feedsack Fantasy said...

Pretty kitties ... they are such fascinating animals.

Love your florals ... I particularly am fond of the primroses, but your garden is beautiful. Pop over & view Tatiana & my fuschia.

It is obvious you like to garden, as do I. Great job! TY for sharing.

TTFN ~ Marydon

SueG said...

Absolutely beautiful pix, as always. Thanks!

KathyB. said...

Things are really blooming there around your home. The rhododendrons and lupines are beautiful, well, all the blooms are.Looks like a day you truly enjoyed , as would I!

Sam said...

Beautiful pictures, looks glorious XX

Leatherdykeuk said...

You're significantly ahead of us in the flowering season.

Carol and Chris said...

*sigh* I have garden envy!! That laburnum tree is just stunning!!

C x

BT said...

Thank you so much Linda for your lovely comments. We are very lucky to have orchids growing on our land. A little later in the summer we get quite a few popping up, though they're just individual flowers.

Thank you Mildred. The cats have been together since they were kittens. They do fight a bit though! But they also get up close quite a lot!

Thank you Bea. The flowers are appearing daily at the moment and it's another gorgeous day today.

Thank you Marydon, I will pop over shortly.

Thanks Sue.

It is all looking very summery KathyB. Very hot today with not a breath of wind. Phew!

It is, Sam. Hope you're all doing well!

That's odd, isn't it Rachel? You are maybe a bit further North than we are.

Ha ha Carol! The laburnum is certainly the best ever this year. Thanks for dropping in.

jinksy said...

What wonderous flowers - a feast of beauty!

Heather said...

Lovely, lovely photos of your wonderful garden BT. The wild flowers are as beautiful as the cultivated ones and you must both be so pleased with the results of all that hard work.

BT said...

Glad you enjoyed it Jinksy.

Heather, phew it's hot today. Too hot to garden I'm afraid. Glad you enjoyed the photos. We do feel we are getting there slowly, although there are still a lot of 'wild' bits to sort!

Bea said...

I was clicking on the Laburnum tree and caught a look at the size of those ferns. BEAUTIFUL!!!!! :)Bea

Jason said...

All looks lovely. We have speedwell I think and I was wondering what that was.

See you soon x

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Its all so beautiful. and looks like LOTS of work. Kind of reminds me of Anne of Green Gables out there in how you name your walking areas. :)

BT said...

Hi Bea, that's why I particularly liked that shot, because it showed the ferns.

Hi Jason, I will have to see your speedwell. Be there soon.

Ha ha, that made me laugh, Cris. Today's is up now and no gardening was done!