Monday, June 1, 2009

Too Hot to Garden - in Ireland?? Lake Trip 1.6.09

It was 27degrees in our front garden today and not a breath of wind. Phew. I decided it was far too hot to garden. The good thing about our cottage, the old part, is that it's lovely and cool, so I came inside, washed the kitchen/diner floor and made some ATCs..would you like to see them? Ok:

Funky Fish, 1 of 5

Going to Stampmaiden

Funky Fish 2 of 5

Going to soulbrush

Funky Fish 3 of 5

Funky Fish 4 of 5

Don't lose Your head

Going to soulbrush

Labels - Going to Stampmaiden

New Shoes? - Going to Stampmaiden

The Cutest Cat and she still needs a home!!

If you would like to swap for any of these, do let me know in the comments.

I'm working on some others and of course I'm trying to get ahead with the ABC - ATCs Around the World. We are on week 3 and the letter 'C'.

The following link shows a slide show of the ATCs completed so far by this little group of ten:

Poor Buster has hardly left the garden all day. He's been flopped out, panting and trying to keep cool. Therefore, no exercise either! I suggested we went for a walk to the lake as it had cooled by the evening. So off we went. Now I haven't posted any lake pictures for ages and just as I wrenched my camera from Jim's hands, the battery ran out! AAAH! I was just about to do a panorama too. Ah well, most of these were taken by Jim and he went a bit 'arty'. I hope you enjoy them:

Some views of Flagmount through the trees in Dillon's Wood by Lough Graney

The lake looked like the sea with these gentle waves

Buster had a marvellous time and drank a reasonable quantity of the lake

It was dark in the wood as you can see (or not)!! Buster and me.

Just the wood. The autumn leaves are still on the ground here. What a beautiful selection of greens.

This is the view to 'our' end of the lake. We're situated on the right, off the picture

My very favourite group of bull rushes. No 'bulls' yet though. The seed bits! I love them.

This red boat (red on the outside) was whole and under the water when we first came here. Now it's gradually breaking up into little bits

A super silhouette of Buster out in the water with Flagmount behind in the sunshine. (I took this one).

This was the first photo of my panorama, then the battery ran out! Another day perhaps. It was probably a bit dark anyway.

We enjoyed our walk through the wood and up the path to the car. Buster had a whale of a time and it obviously cooled him down. He went off to visit Millie down the road shortly after our return home!

My friend Nikki contacted me on msn this evening. She pointed out that the butterfly I had put on my blog from 2 posts ago was not a tortoiseshell but a Painted Lady. Of course it is. Silly me. Apparently there is a surfeit of them from Morocco. We did seem to have a lot, I must say.

A Painted Lady Butterfly on an ornamental thistle

Nikki and I 'chatted' away for ages about the old times in the bank where we worked in Bakewell and what fun we had. Nikki told me that my blog is her bedtime reading, so I thought I'd better end our conversation or she'd have nothing to read tonight! You could at least leave me a comment Nikki!

I must say I enjoyed having a day off from the garden today. I gather this hot weather isn't going to last much longer so it may be better for working outside tomorrow. Only 3 more sleeps until I see Kitty for the first time. And the lovely Jack of course.

Until next time..


Twisted willow said...

What do you mean ... 'arty'. It's called interesting composition - not that the lake really needs any help. It's lovely at all times of the year. Glad we found out about the Painted Lady butterflies. It amazes me that such delicate things can fly all the way from North Africa to get to us.

BT said...

Indeed it is amazing and most of them seemed in such wonderful condition, no bites out of their wings.

Stampmaiden said...

BT, as usual I'm left with such an inner peace after looking at your photos. "Your" lake is amazing and Buster sure enjoys it! It's been cool over here. No sun in sight. Looked like rain this morning. We call it "June Gloom" in California.
I was looking at one of the Butterfly books in the library to familiarize myself with the Tortoise Butterfly who is found in Europe and Africa (I think) but it seems now I have to read up on Painted Lady. LOL! Learn something new each day - that's my motto/life!
Nice visiting with you again.
P.S. missed the kitties today:(

Stampmaiden said...

OOO, can I trade a couple ATCs with you? I like them all but I'm especially drawn to "Labels" and "New Shoes." Thanks!

Feedsack Fantasy said...

Ohhh! You cannot fill the pages with enough of these kinds of pics. I, again say, we had such a grand time over there ... it takes me back. TTFN ~ Marydon

BT said...

I'm so glad my blog leaves you with an inner peace Linda. 'June Gloom', I like that!! Sorry about the butterfly! Of course you can have the 2 ATCs you mentioned. I owe you four by my reckoning, so I'll send one of the fish and another if that's ok (I'll make a surprise one). So you don't need to trade back.

Glad you enjoyed Marydon!

Mildred said...

We had a very hot day today also. In fact, I drove to the local ice cream shop and bought Harriet a doggie yogurt!!!!!
Wish Buster was here to enjoy one with her.
I know you can't wait to meet Kitty. Please share lots of pictures of your meeting.

Mildred said...

P.S. I am going to try and make you an ATC - we'll see if I can do it or not!

ADrian said...

Sounds hot for Ireland! We had three days in a row over 43C in January and it was a shocker.

As for an ATC, I hate it when I see an acronym that I have absolutely no idea what it means; Air Transport Commission? Australia Tibet Council? Allied Toner Cartridges? no, I don't think so ... but thanks to the wonders of the internet now I know.

BT said...

Mildred, it never ceases to amaze me what you can buy in America. Doggie yogurts!!! How bizarre. I'm sure Buster would love one. Don't worry Mildred, there will be far too many photos!!

Adrian, lesson learned! Artist Trading Cards, as you now know! See, Mildred is going to try and make me one! It's a great way to get to know people around the world and I'm in a group of 10 and we are working our way through the alphabet. It's such fun. So lovely to hear from you. 43? That must have been hell on earth. It was 27 today and that was too hot for me. Up in Jim's little office it's over 30 and he's cooking!

Bea said...

A lake? You have a lake too? You live in paradise, right? Ok, I'm packing my bags! :)Bea

gardenerprogress/Catherine said...

Your trading cards are very pretty. I'm not artistic at all.
The lake is very pretty and does look like a refreshing place to visit on a hot day. It's been very warm here too for this time of year.

Anonymous said...

It was lovely catching up with "BT" again. I wonder if she realises it is now near on 30 years we have been friends for!!
Some people come into your lives for a short while, some are there for ever because they are very special people!!
The blog, my bedtime reading, is a wonderful way of me keeping up to date with the every day goings on. Gardening has always been a big part of her life, as you can see, she is very good at it!
Keep blogging!! Although, I had to go to bed early last night, so I am on here now instead of getting ready for work!! Such a distraction:) I love the photos and can't wait to get over to visit.

KathyB. said...

I do like the 'New Shoes' best! And your neck of the woods is so beautiful. It is hot here too, unseasonably hot!

Buster looks like he enjoys his life, and so do you.

Heather said...

Glad you are getting a share of summer weather Gina. Great ATCs and lovely lake photos. Busty will enjoy cooling off there. I used to 'water' our dog with the watering can in very hot weather. I haven't see any Painted Ladies yet but maybe they haven't reached us and like Ireland too much to leave.

Carol and Chris said...

The weather has been stunning recently...although in typical British style it's going to get cold again just in time for the weekend!!

I love love love New Shoes!!! Gorgeous!!

C x

Leatherdykeuk said...

Oh! I'd love to be at the lake right now!

BT said...

I'll watch out for you Bea!! The lake isn't ours of course, it's a 15 minute walk away, but we do have views over it from various parts of our land! Does that count?

Catherine, thanks for visiting. The lake is really beautiful and has some super rocks to clamber over that jut out into it.

Nikki, how lovely to receive a comment from you, and such a lovely one too. 30 years? Good grief, how old we must be. You are probably one of my longest known true friends. Isn't it time we had a row?? lol. Glad you enjoyed this morning's blog and I hope you got to work on time.

Kathy,it's funny because I've put the 'new shoes' on before and nobody commented! I then jazzed up the trousers! It worked. Buster does have a good life, as do we, but we're all wishing it wasn't quite so hot!

I like the idea of you 'watering' your dog. I'm not sure Buster likes his new name of Busty!!! Glad you like the ATCs.

Another vote for new shoes and I spent so long doing my fish!! Ha ha. It's going to get colder here too!

I was tempted to wade in last night, Rachel! It looked so welcoming. I bet it was cold though.

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Lovely ATCs. I loved the 'Dont lose your head' one. Thats what I felt like today out doing erands wondering where was my head sometimes. geesh.
27 degrees? That would be below freezing here. I came from Southern California and know about that June Gloom which lasts lots longer then June sometimes, in fact we can get it here too. :))

Jason said...

It been beautiful huh. I love this weather, super hot. Adrian's weather sounds a bit keen though huh.

Lovely idea to walk round the lake evening time, very nice.

Registering Kitty tomorrow. No time for blogging at the mo, struggling to keep up with me Scabble, all good so far. Jack and I will see you thursday. xx

soulbrush said...

funky fish no 2 and 'don't lose your head' for me if no one wants them...and i will post my new ones tomorrow....27 degrees here too, ridiculous...too hot for me too.

BT said...

Glad you like the ATCs Cris. I liked the 'don't lose your head' one too, it makes me laugh! soulbrush has claimed it! It was even hotter today. I can't cope!

Hiya Jason, I can imagine you're a bit short of time!! You won't have to drop me off at the airport though. Jim will be in the UK as they're knocking through into the old part of the cottage, so he's coming to pick me up on the Friday! All change.

hello soulbrush, oh I'm glad someone likes my fish, I was feeling sad about them!! I know you're not used to me drawing anything! Both saved for you Soul. I'm happy you like them. It was hotter today. Phew.

Renee said...

Your photos are always great BT.

Cheers to Jack and Kitty and Josephine.

Love Renee xoxoxo

Have fun with Kitty in a few days.

Ces said...

Hello BT! I love the photos especially of you and Buster in the woods!

My my, you have been busy making those ATCs. So many initials: BT's ATCs!!!

BT said...

Thank you Renee. Hi Ces, I'm glad you liked the photos of us in the woods! BTs/ABC/ATCs - how about that then?? It gets longer and longer!