Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Kitty's Quilt and Me, Cat Fight, 25th May 2009

It was wet and miserable again this morning, so I decided I'd better stay in and finish off Kitty's wall hanging. Sam goes into hospital for her cesarean on Wednesday! It took me much longer than I expected. Now I only have to sew on the ribbons to hang it from. I'll do that at Sam's to make sure they're the right length. So Jim and I went into the garden to take some photos of me and the quilted wall hanging. It had stopped raining by then and the sun was shining! My hair looks a bit bizarre, a bit like a hat! Ah well, some of these will make you laugh:

I'm there somewhere!

Shirley Temple!

'Hold it to the side' says Jim

'Now the other side' I like this one best! So silly...

Here's the quilted wall hanging itself. Do click on it to enlarge it. I'm not a seamstress so forgive the wiggly bits of sewing!

We did get into the garden when the sun shone. Jim did lots of pricking out of all his seedlings. He has so many to do:

He built this bit of staging today to give himself a work station for doing his seedlings and potting on.

Cheeky face! The hat is midge protection and the coat - well, it was a bit windy and cool as it was early evening

While we were out in the garden, the cats were messing about nearby, as usual. They started fighting and I captured these rather amusing shots of them:

First, they were eyeing each other up

Then Sandy pounced! Look at both their tales!

Then Sandy made a quick retreat. Look at BlackJack's face. He looks like a black panther!

Lastly, the iris I took yesterday is now fully out, and another one:

They are so pretty and there are more to come.

While Jim potted, I finished the snake rose bed, it is now all edged and tomorrow I'll put some compost along it to keep the weeds down and hopefully improve our clay soil. I also did the largest arboretum bed, edging it and weeding too. Only the small rhododendron bed left to do. I might take a photo of it then. We have been midged out this afternoon. I suppose it's the combination of the wet and then the warmth. I am already sporting about 10 bites! They do spoil our gardening at times. I stirred up the bonfire to try and send them away but that didn't really work either. How can such tiny things cause such chaos? I suppose fleas are the same in their way.

Oh, I almost forgot. The postman brought me a parcel today from Mary's Goat Farm! I saw that Mary make soap from the goat milk and it looked and sounded wonderful, so I ordered some. This is what I ordered:

4 oz lavender goat milk lotion
lavender goat milk soap
sandalwood blend goat milk soap
lily of the valley goat milk soap
patchouli blend goat milk soap
rose blend goat milk soap

It all turned up in the parcel and is just wonderful. The smells are fabulous and I can't wait to try the first one. I've already used the lotion - I love lavender so I knew I'd love it. This is Mary's website:

This is the blog: http://www.anniesgoathill.blogspot.com/

I'm so excited about the imminent birth of Kitty. Poor Sam has huge swollen feet so I'm sure she'll be glad to get rid of the heavy lump she's carrying! I wonder how Jack will be with her. I'm sure he'll be just fine and love her to bits, he's that sort of a lad.

That's it for today. A good day all in all.


Mary said...

You received that package fast!

I used lavender lotion myself tonight. Glad you like it too! I do not bother with the department store lotion any longer.

Thank you for the mention! I will look forward to hearing about the soap. :)

BT said...

I was amazed at how quickly it arrived mary. I'll let you know about the soap!

Twisted willow said...

I knew I'd seen that hair somewhere before - now I remember. It was an old Shirley Temple film ... or was a performance of Annie ... I can't remember which ;-)

BT said...

You cheeky devil!! They were both blonde, oh well, I was once.

Anonymous said...

Your quilt (wall hanging) is sweet as can be! I think your hair is very pretty and yes, you remind me of Shirley Temple!
Those pics of the cats fighting make me laugh. Kaboodle and Ditto act the same way. Ditto always wins here! You captured some great action shots of the two of them. HA
Can't wait to see all your garden beds.

Ces said...

I LOVE your hair BT! You are SO cute! I like that Jim took your picture and told you how to pose. How sweet!

Those violent cats! Hahaha!

It's great to see you!

Renee said...

BT or should I say Shirley:

I love the quilt and I increased it of course and it is amazing.

By the way you look like you are in your 40s you look absolutely stunning.

Happy Birthday Lady.


DJ Kirkby said...

The quilt is totally gorgeous and so is your hair! xo

Jason said...

The quilt is looks great, I'm sure she#ll love it and one day hopefully show her litle girl a rather old looking quilt from her gran.

Sam is very uncomfortable bless her, we stil managed a lovely day out yesterday for the bank hols. Went to Ickworth, lunch in the park, it was a scortcher!

Over the top tomorrow!


Leatherdykeuk said...

Lovely, as ever.

BT said...

Thanks Mildred - I think!! Glad you enjoyed the cats, they are so funny sometimes.

Hiya Ces, good to see you! You make me laugh.

Oh Renee, you are so sweet! Thank you and I'm so glad you like the quilt as well as my 'new look'!

Oh thanks Denyse!

Poor Sam, bless. Only one more day thank goodness. I'm glad you approve the quilt. It rained here in the morning, sunny now though. Good time to go to Ickworth. Jack will remember it with joy.

Thank you Rachel.

jinksy said...

No wonder the midges love you , if you smeel like some of those lotion/soap ingredients...Brave of you to consider eating outside! x

The Weaver of Grass said...

Love that quilt. Do not apologise for the sewing - what matters is the design and the colour and they are lovely - and it is made with love and that is the most important thing of all.

Bea said...

Lots of babies being born right now. My Mary is waddling around complaining about everything. She can go anytime now, the doctor said. Friends just received news that their new granddaughter was born yesterday and one of my friends, neice is due on Thursday, a little boy.
LOVE THE WALL QUILT. You did a wonderful job.
Shirley didn't have as sweet a smile as you do.
So far no bugs here but the weather has turned cool again, that helps.

BT said...

That's probably true Jinksy! But having said that, they've always loved me, I must have tssty blood!

Weaver, you are so kind. I'm glad you like it. It's going to hang above Kitty's changing area so she can look at it whilst having her nappy changed! It's tomorrow! Whoopee.

BT said...

Bea my friend, you're too kind about my quilt, thank you. Lots of babies indeed!! Has Mary other children? I lose track.
Last night was awful for midges. Yuk, I hate them. It's really windy today so it might blow them away! You're lucky to have escaped so far.

KathyB. said...

Looks like you had a nice day in the garden, midges and all. Posing for the camera, your husband directing the poses..and potting plants!

Maybe some of the soaps you got from Mary will help repel the little m buggers that trouble you....

Isn't it grand to finish a special project like that cute quilt for a soon to be here grand child?

Heather said...

Best wishes to Sam and the baby. I'm sure Kitty's quilt will give her hours of pleasure looking at all the little decorative touches you have included. I hate it when cats fight - one of ours had really tatty ears from all the scraps he got into. We have a lovely iris just like yours, and I love lavender scented soap too. I shall check out the website you mention. I think your hair looks gorgeous.

DK Leather said...

delightful post! All excited myself about Kitty's imminent arrival ~grin~

LOVED the pictures of you, you look younger and smashing! That said, gosh you remind me of gran now (in the nicest way!) xxx

sam said...

the quilt looks wonderful thank you, I cant wait to see it. I am feeling very nervous about tomorrow but I am sure that once i get there I wil be fine. See you next week XXXX

Mad Aunt Bernard said...

What a wonderful blog - I've just found you via my mum (Heather)! Beautiful pictures of the garden, family and felines! I will pop in again....

BT said...

Hello KathyB. I've loved doing the quilt. It's been a challenge and fun too. It was a good day, as was today too.

I know, K, I remind me of my Mum too!! Glad you like the hair, I do too. It's easy and I don't have to put it up.

Heather thank you for your comments. I'm glad I cut my hair now! I love anything lavender too.

Hi Sam, I'm sure you'll be long in your bed by now. I'm excited about tomorrow and can't wait for a photo. Good luck, hope all goes well. Glad you like the wall hanging.

Mad Aunt Bernard, how great to see you. Heather's lovely (don't tell her though) and so talented. Do come again.

Bea said...

This is Mary's first and it's going to be a little girl. She's going to name her Riley.
My oldest son and wife have three children, Hayden is 9, Hunter is 7 and Sawyer will be 4.
The middle son and wife just bought a house and talk about turning the basement into a "playroom".
So, there is still hope. lol :)Bea

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Gina, Your ATC got to me today. A lovely surprise. I got one from Teri C also today.
I love your garden. so lovely. Thank you soooo much. I will be posting hopefully tomorrow. Been so busy outside lately to be on computer long, we need to get things done before it gets HOT out. :))

BT said...

Bea, you are an expert Gran by now then!! Me too. Just about to post about Kitty's arrival!

Hiya Cris, did you like the 'garden'?? lol, so glad it arrived safely. There's so much to do in the real garden at the moment isn't there? I hate it when it's too hot. Love