Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Off to the UK. Jack's 4th Birthday. Be good While I'm Away!

Oooh, I'm a poet! Tomorrow afternoon I'm catching the plane at Shannon to go to the UK. It's my youngest grandson Jack's 4th birthday on the 14th so I have to go! We're going to the zoo on Thursday (birthday) and he's having a party with friends at a play centre called Boomerangs on Saturday, then I come home Saturday evening and collapse!!

It's been glorious again today, just a slight breeze to keep us cool. Jim and I started by planting the potatoes. Jim dug holes and one long ditch and I fetched our home made compost to fill them with, then we planted them. Only the runner beans to go now.

Jim resting on his rake. Shorts too!

After our potato planting, Jim did some weeding on the vegetable plot and I carried on where I'd left off yesterday only I resisted the urge to dig up any more pottery/glass and cleared ivy, brambles and black thorn. At the bottom of the fairy hill is a small stream running parallel with the sleeping shed. All around it on both sides has become very overgrown and it's another area we haven't tackled before. The stream runs off under a huge ash tree trunk which looks like another grotto, then it joins the stream where I made the dams before! I spent a couple of hours working to clear this area. I even unveiled a wall we didn't know was there:

It was falling dark by the time I'd finished

The wall is on the right and the ferns were all covered with ivy and brambles. They look much better now.

Dead Ash Grotto! The arch above is an old fallen ash tree.

It comes out here, on the other side!

Ferns on the grotto bank

You couldn't see through here before. It looks high up but the stream is on the level of course! No water in it today though.

Ali sent Jim this fabulous photo of Poppy in her bouncy. She loves it. Obviously she was bouncing like mad as her face is a bit out of focus!

Isn't that wonderful?

I don't have anything else to report other than I'll be back on Saturday evening and will catch up with everyone then.


Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Oh have fun. I sent off your ATCs this morning. You will no doubt be back before they get there. Enjoy.

Anonymous said...

Hope you have a fun trip. Your garden and ferns are looking wonderful. And, oh that Poppy looks so happy!

Carol and Chris said...

That is a gorgeous photo of poppy...she looks like she is having a whale of a time :-)

Enjoy your trip

C x

Leatherdykeuk said...

Have a good trip :)

Heather said...

Your ferny grotto looks magical and I think Poppy has the makings of a champion Irish dancer! Have a great time with your family and see you soon. Safe journeys.

Bea said...

Have a great trip. I'm sure you'll take lots of pictures for us.
How far does that wall run?
I wonder what why it was there. LOVE the ferns you unearthed.
I was eyeing some of the Seed Saver's potatoes, at the garden center yesterday. There was a beautiful purple potato that looked so interesting.
I may have to go back and pick some up.
Poppy is a darling.

EB said...

Have a great trip, hope you don't get too tired! Your garden is looking well.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Enjoy that fourth birthday - it won't come round again!
Your garden looks so much further on than ours here in Yorkshire, where the peas are only juts peeping through.

Stampmaiden said...

What a great grotto that is. Love it! Your ATCs will finally be mailed off tomorrow. Sorry it's taken so long.
Enjoy your getaway!

Friko said...

Love your fernery; I am a fern (and hosta) maniac and have lots of both. A couple of years ago many of my ferns simply gave up and shrivelled. Any ideas, why? It was the year after the very hot summer, could that have been a reason?
Been to any good operas lately?

soulbrush said...

hope youre having loadsa fun. got your atc cards from the uk...thanks perfect superb as always some pics of the boifday boy!

BT said...

Thanks for all your comments. Sorry for cheating and lumping you all in one!! Heather, she does look as though she's Irish dancing doesn't she?

Bea, the wall doesn't go on much further, it then turns into the usual mud/stone/rubbish bank combination.

Friko, as the ferns love, dark, dank and damp conditions, I can only imagine it got far too dry and hot for them. They don't have that problem here!! Not been to any concerts/plays or operas for a while. Must look out for some.

soulbrush, have now received both of you ATCs, thanks so much again. xxxx

Anonymous said...