Monday, May 25, 2009

More Poppy, 24th May 2009

Jim's downloaded his new photos from his trip to the UK, more lovely Poppy photos. She really is growing:

'It's my rabbit'

Smiling Poppy


Grandpa and Poppy

Mummy's been bouncing me up and down!

It's so much fun, says Poppy! Doting Mum Ali.

She is so cute! Then I would think so, wouldn't I?

Last night, the two cats (who sleep in in Jim's 'office') were having a fight. Jim shouted at them to stop, but Sandy kept his 'arms' round BlackJack and they looked rather sweet:

'Who Me? I wasn't doing anything.'

'Look, I'm fast asleep'

A picture of innocence indeed!

It's been a bit of a hard day in the garden. Jim's mowed for Ireland, the arboretum, the front lawns and the orchard. Just the meadow paths and the allotment paths to do!

I cut the grass around the edges of the acer bed on the arboretum and did about three quarters of the snake shaped rose bed. It does look so much better. I had to give up in the end as the midges came down in clouds! My bonfire from yesterday has been smoking all day today! So I kept popping a bit on just to keep it lit, and I soon drove those midges away tonight with lots of flames! We had a vast pile of rubbish in a big 'pit' (it was going to be a reed bed) so I thought I'd better try and get rid of some.

We had dinner in the garden with a citrus candle to keep away the unwelcome guests. Home made coleslaw, young salad leaves grown by Jim, radishes (also Jim's ) and little pasta parcels in carbonara sauce. All utterly delicious. Then I went back to the bonfire and came in at 11.30. I was so worn out I had a soak in the bath.

I didn't take any photos today as I hadn't finished my 'edging'. Hopefully tomorrow. It promises to be another warm though cloudy day, which is perfect for gardening.

Just to even things up a bit, this is a photo of my daughter's youngest, Lina, who has recently had her very long hair cut:

Before the hair cut! I love this photo of her.

The first cut!

Doesn't it look lovely?

Night all.


Lynn said...

Well I have just spent an enourmous amount of time getting to know you, your family, grandkids,neices, etc...dogs cats butterflies, garden and DH who looks a bit like Pete Seeger the American folksong artist of the 1970's - the present.
Lovely lovely all of it. See you again soon on the ABC site! ;~)

Anonymous said...

Oh what a day you have had mowing grass! The new photos of Poppy are so very cute. The laugh she has on her face when bouncing with Mum is so sweet.
And those cats.....Ditto is the "bad" one of my two. He looks so innocent but he's always up to something!
And lovely Lina. She looks so very glamorous with her new hair style. Just a lovely young lady.
Hope you have a good day in the garden tomorrow.

BT said...

Hello Lynn, good to meet you! I've just been looking at Pete Seager! Now Jim's playing the president's inauguration where he appeared with Bruce 'The Boss'. Great. Glad you've enjoyed it all.

Hello Mildred. Poppy is looking great, isn't she? Cats are so funny! I haven't posted many photos of Lina, so I thought it was time I did! I hope the weather's good tomorrow too.

Pagan Sphinx said...

Your granddaughter does, indeed look lovely.Your grandchildren are beautiful. The joy on the baby's face as grandfather holds her and plays with her; the look on HIS face. That's true love. :-)

This is such a nice post. Thank you sharing so much of your family and your world. I very much enjoyed visiting here tonight.

By the way, my daughter graduated college today and the address was given by the President Mary McAleese of Ireland. A very impressive speaker.

Thank you for coming by for the Friday Nudes.


Bea said...

Oh Poppy is a heart stealer, she is. What a beautiful smile.
Does Jim use a lawn tractor or does he walk it?
For Mother's Day one year I got a new padded seat for my lawn tractor. My boys think of everything. lolololsnort :)Bea

Stampmaiden said...

OHMYGOD BT! Are you sure Jim's in the UK? I swear I just ran into him yesterday at the supermarket! A giant roll of sausage missed him by a centimeter! It made us both laugh and I immediately said to myself, "That's BT's man!" LOL!!
But you know, maybe it WAS Pete Seeger! Naw, not in Los Angeles. LOL! Your Lina is a living doll.
Guess what else? Your little Sandy is the spitting image of my little "50!" Same same all over except mine's a boy. Is Sandy a girl?
Always interesting visiting you!

BT said...

Hello Pagan Sphinx, good to see you. I'm so glad you enjoyed my post. Congratulations to your daughter and how interesting that the speaker was Mary McAleese.

Hi Bea, Poppy is a star, isn't she? Jim has a lawn tractor but it's in the barn and we can't get it out because of the builder's pipes at the moment! So he is having to use his walking one! It is powered, so he doesn't have to push it and it does make a better job of it. How posh to have a padded seat!!

Linda, how funny! Well, I wasn't with him but he tells me he was in the UK!! I think the Poppy pictures prove it! Fancy being attacked by a large sausage!!
Sandy is a boy, as is BlackJack. Well, they're both 'ex' boys!! Daft as brushes, the pair of them! I'm glad you enjoyed the post. Keep visiting!

Sam said...

Lovely photos of Poppy, I can's believe how big she is getting now. They grow far too fast don't they? Your dinner sounded very yummy too, hurry up and get that building work finished so we can pop over. Look forward to seeing you next week XX

DK Leather said...

smashing to see pics of your 'other' grandchildren on your blog too! Must send you some new ones, Lina looks so different :-)

Smashing poppy pics too! xxx