Monday, May 11, 2009

2 Lovely Days in The Garden. Sat, 10th May, 2009

Jim Back, Car Unpack

Hello everyone. Well, we've actually had 2 decent gardening days. It's been wonderful and today in the sunshine it felt like Summer. Bliss. After Jim's trip the first thing we had to do was unpack the car and find 'homes' for all the 'stuff' he brought. The unpacking didn't go too badly. We put all the boxes in the kitchen/diner. He had brought his lovely old desk and that just about goes in our 'snug' for now. (Tiny living room). I guess he'll have it in his office later on. Jim also bought me the world! I have , for a while, wanted a world map so that I can see when things are on the news, where exactly they are. And now I can see where all you lovely bloggers live too. It's brilliant and will go on my new room wall. He also bought me 2 new pairs of gardening gloves. One is zebra striped! Sorry Rachel. Sadly no chocolate!

Having unpacked the car, we did much wandering around the place admiring things! We managed to waste quite a bit of time doing this. We went into the extension from the outside and hung out of our bedroom window. It's simply such a wonderful view. I'm a bit disappointed with the size of the guest room's window but it's in now and Jim thinks it's too late to change it. Ah well, I suppose people aren't there that long and it'll still be a lovely room, next to the bathroom and the views through the little window are still super.


Eventually we did manage to get some gardening done! Jim pricked out and planted his growing seedlings. I attacked the bank the other side of the fairy hill, where the stream runs down. It had become very brambly again and the sticky bob was taking over too. Sadly after a while I was being bitten to death so gave up and went inside, as did Jim. I worked on Kitty's wall hanging, sewing on a couple of embellishments and it's looking good.

Today it's been even better. I carried on with the bank I was clearing and finished it. It looks so much better. I have to stand in the stream to reach much of it and Jim crept up with the camera!!

Here I am in my best clothes, standing in the stream weeding!!

I thought I'd pose and give you a slightly better angle! I hope you notice my non matching rubber gloves! Both of those have holes in now...

Jim set to and mowed the lawns. In the sunshine, the front garden looks wonderful:

View of the 4 lawns up to the parking area and our car, (Jim thought I'd said 'The forlorns', miserable people..... Ha ha).

The view from the top barn across the lawn towards the fairy hill and the hills of County Clare beyond. I love this one. By the way, Jim had the camera for most of the time today, so he gets the credit for the photos.

Boots, Bottles and Shoes

Having finished the river bank, I did some ivy pulling above it. That's an area we've not really tackled. As I dug, I unearthed all sorts of rubbish. This was obviously an area once used as the family's tip! We have collected several unbroken bottles, one for hair dye and one for hair restorer. I will photograph the finds at a later date. We have already unearthed lots of leather shoes in previous 'digs' here and as I dug today, I unearthed dozens of boots and shoes. Maybe the owner at that time was a shoe maker or repairer? Lots of them are work boots with big nails in the sole. Quite amazing how many there are. There was lots of broken pottery and the spout of a teapot. A brown earthenware one. So I wasted much time until the midges descended scrabbling about in the dirt, with Buster's help occasionally. He thought it was great fun and started to eat one or two of the old shoes! Dirt was flying all over when he started digging.

I once did a 'dig' in my garden in Thetford, Norfolk and uncovered the complete skeleton of a piglet. My brother came and collected it and has it to this day, as he is an archaeologist.

Tea Break

We had a break for afternoon tea and Buster joined us. He does love to share a cup of tea:

Can I have some? Jim drinking his tea, Buster watching closely.

Buster gets the last drops. What a spoilt dog!

Back to it and the time seemed to fly by. How wonderful to feel the sun on your back. The swallows chattered away on the telephone line, while whimbrels and curlews flew overhead, making their characteristic melodic cries. In the hedge, an angry robin kept up a vocal attack on Sandy, who was sleeping peacefully below him in the compost heap! Later on he caught and killed another shrew, which Jim and I buried!

Garden Photos

Jim took a few photos of the garden, so here they are:


False Oxlips and a close up below

A stunning photo of the ferns. Some of them are completely out and others not even at this stage

Such beautiful symmetry from this dandelion clock

Some of the sweet peas about to be planted in a half barrel

Sweet Peas planted with natural willow canes for support. They will hide the mucky barn wall!

An orange tip butterfly on the honesty

If you click on this side view you can see its proboscis

Bundle Day

I am taking part in 'The Disintegration Project', organised by Seth Apter, see "Bundle of Bundles":

We had to make a bundle of anything really and hang or place it somewhere where it would be open to the elements. Mine has hung from a tree on the allotment and today I took it down:

My parcel on 17th March, just made and hung in the tree

Here I am, reaching to cut down my bundle

Here I am displaying my parcel. The bee has faded a little but the papers are very tatty.

I will take it apart tomorrow and photograph the contents.


A couple of photos of Poppy as someone had requested them!

Jim's daughter Jenny took this one

Big Eyed Poppy!

Ali (Mum) and Poppy, May 1st, 2009

I had to put this one on as it made me laugh so much!

I think that is more than enough. Sorry it's so long but there seemed to be a lot to say today. I will just mention that my son Jason has started his own blog, it's mostly about him being a Dad to Jack, my lovely grandson and has some super photos on his first 2 posts. He has called it Father Jason which I think makes him sound like a priest!! Hey ho!
This is it!

I hope all those for whom it was mother's day had a good on at the weekend.

Let the sun shine on.....


Anonymous said...

What a great post - I was soaking up every detail! Glad Jim made it home safely and that the weather permitted you both to get out in the garden. I have been looking on google to see where you two are; now with your new map, you can look up Georgia! You should snap a photo from your new bedroom window to share with us. Your lawn pictures are so lush and pretty. Love the flower close-ups too and the hills of County Clare in the distance. I laughed when I saw Buster begging for tea and then getting a few drops from the bottom of the cup. That is what Harriet does during my morning coffee! I am curious, have you heard of making a wish when blowing on the dandelion? We did that as kids! I love the orange tip butterfly, of course and thanks for sharing the darling photos of Poppy! She is so very sweet. Hope you have a great week.

BT said...

Hello Mildred, I was just reading your blog! Jim said 'have you seen Mildred's comment about the dandelion?' Jim has a blog and he has done a post on dandelions, the link is:

He hasn't done many posts yet and is new to blogging but I think you'll like what he has done so far.

I used to tell the time by a dandelion clock! Each blow was an hour, I didn't know about making wishes. They are so perfect, aren' they? I'm glad you've enjoyed today's post, it was rather long! Whenever we take photos, we always take too many. I have to try and be selective with them.
Buster does love tea, but milk doesn't do him any good, still we figure a little won't hurt. He's fast asleep now as it's 3.15am! We should be too. Take care Mildred,

Twisted willow said...

I apologise, Mildred, for not being as regular a blogger as Gina, but there are a couple of posts about the lowly dandelion. I love the stories about plants and all the associations they have - particularly with our childhood. The orange tip is so beautiful isn't it. It's one of our first butterflies and our indicator that winter is over, so it's a real favourite of ours. If you have Google Earth, put 52 59.09N 8 40.63W in the 'Fly to' box and you will see our heart-shaped piece of land with the house and barns towards the top. Our orchard is an oblong piece of land sticking out to the right of the top of the heart.

BT said...

Hello Twisty, you just chat away to my bloggy friends!! Any comment on my blog then? LOL.

Bea said...

Thoroughly enjoyed reading your post today. What a great smile on your face! The grass looks beautiful cut. The butterfly picture was amazing. Poppy is adorable. Jim is adorable, no wait Buster is adorable, Jim's a cutiepootie. I'll be reading his blog in a bit. Now, that he's back home he can write a bit more often, hey, Jim?

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

My goodness that was long. :)) Very interesting tho. Where is Jim bringing things from for this house? We spent the weekend doing gardening also. We had nice warm lovely weather so got our veggies planted. Pole String beans and Tomatos and Basil so far.
Thanks for visiting my blogs. I had missed you. I will be posting some ATC's I whipped out this weekend. I plan to do some more. But wanted to get something done to post. So giving you a heads up. If you dont see something there you like, I will be making more.

Björnik said...

another lovely view of your garden. and that last picture of Poppy is very cute and funny.:)

marianne said...

Looks like you had a wonderful weekend!!!!
Lovely weather and gardening!
Your garden looks so beautiful! What a labour......
Poppy is cute! Her eyes are like little stars.

hug >M<

Leatherdykeuk said...

What a super post. The whole place looks fabulous.

soulbrush said...

what a joyful post. love that your gloves have holes in them too. your jim looks like my hubby, grey beard and all. and that poppy, what a sweetie pumpkin and those butterflies and and and...what a great post. happy rainy here this week....of course.

Bella Sinclair said...

Welcome home, Jim! Glad he made it home safely. And bearing treasures! How wonderful. I just love your pictures of darling Poppy. And the one of Buster drinking the last of the tea made me laugh. Does he like it with milk and sugar? hehehe

Gorgeous ferns! And the 4 lawns that do not look forlorn are so well manicured. OH! And the photos of the extension -- how exciting!

Hope you had a marvelous Mother's Day!

KathyB. said...

I agree with Mildred, what a wonderful day..Jim gets home, unpacks, then it is out to the garden. My husband's name is Jim and when he returns home from his trips one of the first things we do is check out the gardens around our home!

You have a lot of ambitious projects going on..I am looking forward to your progress~

Jason said...

Hello mother, thanks for mentioning my blog. I think the "father Jason" is great, adds interest. I am hoping to get randon christians! lol

Lovely that you have somne great weather. You guests wont want to be sitting there looking out windows, they will want to do that with you both in the house. I'm sure the view is lovely also.

The cut lawans look great, order unmongst chaos. :-)


Mary @ Annie's Goat Hill said...

Hello there! Your blog is wonderful. I used to watch the Victory Garden on television. I was glued to the set during those shows. Your place reminds me of the gardens that I dreamed about! I would imagine a lot of your "free" time goes into keeping it up, and that has to be very therapeutic! You asked about ordering soap from me. If you want, send me an email and we will talk about it (how to ship, how to order)

I am adding you to my favorites today...I sure do not want to miss a day of your beautiful blog!

Anonymous said...

What a great post!! Your view is fabulous - your 4 lawns beautiful!!
And another member of Seth's project-very cool!! Poppy and Buster - both precious!!!

BT said...

I'm glad you had the stamina to read it Bea! Jim said he'll try and blog today (on speedwell). Your comments made us smile.

Hello Cris. We have a house in the UK on the south coast, so that's where the things are coming from! His daughter is going to live in it for a while from July so we are trying to clear it a bit for her, her husband and new baby due in August. Did you think he was a robber!?? LOL.

Thank you Bjornik. Poppy is sweet, isn't she? Such big eyes.

Hello Marianne, I'm so glad you enjoyed the little garden tour. Poppy is a sweetie.

Rachel, thank you so much. Slowly does it!

Heather said...

What a lovely post - wonderful photos and lucky you to have some decent gardening weather at last. We have more unsettled conditions to look forward to and although the sun is shining today, there is a cold breeze. Poppy looks like a little fairy person - so sweet. Your garden is looking beautiful - so much work for you both but a credit to you. Dandelions are a much maligned plant and people seem to freak out when they see the 'clocks' ready to send out their seeds. They are easy enough to dig up if they arrive unwanted. The flowers are cheerful, the leaves are edible and the clocks are beautiful - so there!! Love to Buster.

BT said...

soulbrush, you make me laugh with your comment! I shall have to watch for a photo of your hubby and compare! I'm glad you enjoyed the blog too.

Wonderful comments Bella, thank you. Buster loves milk, that's the attraction of tea. Jim takes sugar, I don't and he likes both!!

KathyB, thank you. We both just love the garden, as you can tell, especially at this time of year. It takes some managing though. We love wandering around admiring it!!

Thank you Jason. I think it's because our bedroom window is so huge! But you are right. We'll all want to get out there too! Loved your blog.

Hello Mary, thank you for adding me to your favourites. What pressure!! I love your place too, it's great and the animals. I will send an email about your lovely soap.

ooglebloops, what a crazy name!! Glad you enjoyed the post, it's such a lovely time of year for photos outside, I could take hundreds, literally! I am going to undo my parcel in a minute.

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Silly I didnt think he was a robber. LOL But you are always flying and I forgot you could drive there..I was picturing another place he might own. DUH.. grin

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Oh forgot.. Those two ATCs you picked out will be in the mail as soon as I get to the post office. Hopefully today but probably tomorrow as con is out mowing.

Ginny Gaskill said...

Your bundle looks like fun. Have fun creating the next part of the challenge.

~Valentina~ said...

GREAT POST :) Love the garden and all the pictures!!... I want a garden :)
OMG and Poppy is so cuteeee!
Have a great week.

BT said...

Hiya Cris, no rush with the ATCs. Yes, you can drive to the UK and take the car on the ferry but it takes us about a whole day! I much prefer to fly.

No rush for the ATCs. You will have to wait a few days...

Hi Ginny, that reminds me I still have to unwrap it!

Thanks for the visit Valentina and I'm glad you liked the photos. Poppy is a hit, isn't she? No garden for you?

Anonymous said...