Friday, May 1, 2009

30th April 2009 All Alone Am I....

Jim left at 4am to drive to Rosslaire and catch the ferry to the UK. He'll be there just over a week, so I'm all alone, with only 3 Magnums and I bar of chocolate to last the week. That's not going to work, is it?

It's been a beautiful sunny day but I've been rather tired, having stayed up until 4am to see Jim off, then I didn't go to bed until 5am! Still, this afternoon I did get some gardening done. I was sticky bob and ivy clearing from this patch:
You can't really see the ivy but it's a thick mat on the top of the bank, with sticky bob interwoven between. I did manage to finish it but it was too dark to photograph.

I tried to take a Rachel type panorama but it didn't quite work. I'll have another go tomorrow and see if I can do better.

It's my sister's birthday on May 7th so I made her a card, an ATC and sent her some stamps, as she has always been a collector. She lives in Australia, in a little place called Bungendore, outside Canberra. I also sent a serviette which has her name on it. My Great Uncle D'Arcy bought my parents a set which has a table cloth with the letter 'B' on it (for Barker) and then a serviette in 5 different colours with each of our names on one of them. I ended up with them all, but thought Trudi might like hers now. I am going to send my brother his too. I will then have 'Kitty, Reg and Gina'. Here is the present before wrapping:

There is a bit of glare from the flash. The card I made has material in the centre with flowers embroidered on it. It says 'Happy Birthday' underneath but you can't really read it. The ATC is on the right. You'll have to click on the photo to see the ATC properly. I think she'll be pleased.


I do get worried about Buster. Today he went off on his own at 1pm and didn't return until 10.45 tonight. Goodness alone knows where he goes. Sometimes he plays with Millie down the road but I walked down several times and he wasn't there. He's exhausted now of course. I suppose if he were causing any problems we'd get to hear about it. Look at this picture of innocence:


It's only 4 weeks until my elder son and daughter in laws' 2nd baby is born. We know it's a girl and will be called Kitty, after my mother. Kitty Green, it's a great name I think. The time seems to have flown by, but probably not for Sam! She says she's huge and ready to deliver now. I am going over for Jack's 4th birthday which is on 14th May. I can't wait, it seems ages since I saw him.

Sad News
I knew that a friend of mine in the UK had cancer, but apparently it has spread from his bowel to his lungs and liver. He is having some aggressive chemo and is so positive it makes you ashamed to moan about anything. When I played Cathy in a play of Wuthering Heights, Phil played my son (after Cathy's death). He has turned into an amazing talent and I think his greatest role was playing Jesus in Jesus Christ Superstar. I can't tell you how sad I feel for him and how unfair and undiscriminating cancer seems to be. It has played on my mind today. If you believe in a God, please say a little prayer for Phil Birkett (aka Bucket or Pip).

Bucket, as he is now

Bucket playing the role of Jesus in 2004

That's all for tonight. I'm off to bed soon. I'll have another go at that panorama tomorrow.


Bea said...

Sorry to hear about your friend. Cancer has touched so many of our lives. :)Bea

marianne said...

I'm so sorry for your friend! Cancer can be a tough enemy to concur .
When my felix had been a girl she would have been Kitty as well! I love that name!
Itś the circle of life it sad but also so nice when a new baby is born.
I wish you strenght and joy........
hug >M<

aims said...

Yep - hate that disease. I'll put him on my list Gina.

I haven't got a clue what sticky bob is....can you enlighten?

SueG said...

Cancer seems like such an epidemic now. One of my closest friends is on his 2nd bone marrow transplant for leukemia. It's so horrible and I wish your friend all the best!

Heather said...

Hope Jim is suitably impressed by all your efforts on his return. I'm sure your sister will love her birthday goodies. Buster sounds like one of our dogs - he was always off courting! I have just lost a friend to cancer - the end came fast for her and she was always so positive. It is very humbling and you feel so helpless. Some people are so brave.

Leatherdykeuk said...

I love alone time :)

Sorry about your friend.

Son1 said...

Sad about your friend, horrible.

Love the stamps, I like the royal ones, the Queen one is great.

Sent out for Chocolate!

Sam is taking up the house! lol Look forward to seeing you this month. x

EB said...

Another good "mixed bag" post. Try not to worry about Buster, if you are reasonably away from traffic. Even if the worst happened and he didn't come back, or had an accident, I think if you can give a dog freedom like that with a reasonable chance of safety, it's a wonderful thing to do. They seem to be pretty good at finding their way back.

Will be thinking of your friend.

DK Leather said...

heya momma. I've been keeping tabs on pip too, he certainly is being bright and brave.

That's two of your grandchildren named after your mum, since Lina's middle name is of course Kitty too! ~grin~

:-) love and miss you too, been far too long since we saw you xx

BT said...

Thanks Bea, it has indeed. It took my mother, mother-in-law, Granddad, Grannie and several good friends.

Marianne, my daughter's youngest has Kitty as her middle name. I think it's lovely too. Thanks for your good wishes.

Thanks aims, and you, too have good reason of course.
Aha, where've you been? Read the beginning of the previous post! The one with the fern photos. There's a photo of it. It's actually called cleavers.

BT said...

Sue G, hope all is well with you and your lovely book! Thanks for the good wishes. A friend's son has leukaemia and has just had his stem cells put in, then it's fingers crossed I think.

Heather, good to see you. I think Trudi will be quite pleased with her parcel. Buster is off again today! He isn't courting as such as he has had his bits cut off!! I'm sorry about your friend too. So sad.

Thanks, Rachel. Yes, I know you like alone time too!

The royal stamps are rather fine, aren't they Jason! Thanks for good wishes re Pip. Hope the wedding goes well! Poor Sam, I bet she's fed up!

EB, thank you for your Buster comment. I do worry he's being a nuisance though. He is a very lovable dog and everyone likes him, thankfully!

DK, I thought you might be watching Pip's Progress! His new cartoon is amazing. What a guy.
I was kinda hoping you'd be able to come here soon with Lina but the extension seems to have come to a standstill. Grump grump. Take care on that bike. xxxx

Casdok said...

Sorry to hear the sad news of your friend.

Hope all goes well for the new baby - how exciting!!

Enjoy your week alone! Think you need to get some more chocolate in!!

Monica the Garden Faerie said...

Sorry to hear about Pip... Is Magnum a candy bar?! Here in the US my first thought was of a gun, sadly!

Renee said...

I am sorry BT and I do believe in God and I will say a prayer.

Love Renee xoxo

BT said...

Casdok, thanks for your kind words. I could do a Tesco order, I gather they do deliver!! Now there's an idea!! 7 bars of chocolate please!

Monica, Magnum is an ice cream on a stick, covered in lovely chocolate. they do lots of different varieties, but that's the 'Classic'. It has gun-totin' power for me though!! I love them.

Bless you Renee, as if you haven't got enough on your plate. Love and hugs,

Sam said...

Knowing your chocolate consumption that is never going to work is it! I can send emergency rations if you dont have a car. So sad about your friend, cancer is a terrible disease isnt it, doesnt seem to care who it affects, i will keep everything crossed that your friend responds well to the treatment.
As for the baby, if she (and i for that matter) get any bigger i think she will be able to walk out. Very much in nesting mode at the moment so fingers crossed.
We are really looking forward to seeing you XX

Renee said...

I laughed at your 'a real BT nightmare' har har

Love Renee xoxo

katie jane said...

So sorry about your friend. I do hope he pulls through and gets well.
Your dog is so cute. I do wonder where he goes all day. As long as he keeps comming home, I guess that's the important thing.
Love your gift for your sister. So thoughtful. Golly, she's so far away.

BT said...

Sam, you are so right! No car, Jim went by ferry! Don't worry, it'll be good for me.... Booo hoooo!! Can't wait to see you - soon....

Well it was Renee!! Only I can have them like that!

Katie Jane (I am Godmother to a Katie Jane!). Thanks for the good wishes for Pip. I'm glad you like Trudi's gifts. She is a long way away but has been there for 40is years. I saw her last Feb/March and much boo-hooing went on when we left! I'm hoping she'll be able to make it over this year some time. Buster is a problem but I don't know what to do. We couldn't give him away as he'd be miserable in a small area, I know he would. We just keep our fingers crossed. He came back a couple of times today. I like it when he does that. I always make a big fuss of him and give him a couple of treats to try and encourage him. Sighs.

maureen said...

Bt, Hello there, I was very excited that you found my blog from blog-hopping, which I am always doing myself. I was excited because Co Clare is my favourite place in the world, (as well as Dublin) In fact we almost moved to Ennis a few years back. The reason we didn't is that my husband has Rheumatoid Arthritis and the weather in that part of Ireland wouldn't have suited him or his joints. We visit Ireland as often as possible though. I will be back later this evening to nosey through your blog, and to read this post, as I am off to the allotment now whilst the weather is grand. I just wanted to say hello !
ps. my maiden name was MAGEE, so no prizes for guessing my roots !