Friday, May 1, 2009

Doorus Panorama, Gardening, Photos 1st may 2009

The Deenery, County Clare, Ireland

Woo hoo, the 1st May. That always seems like a milestone in the year. I wish we still had village fayres with maypoles and dancing children and old fashioned stalls. Ah well, I can dream.


As you can see, I had another go at a 'joiner' or panorama or our humble abode. It's not too bad but rather small! Click on it and you can get a better view. Still you do get a better idea of the layout of the cottage and its immediate surroundings. To the right is the vegetable garden, to the left is the Orchard and straight on is the arboretum and the meadow. There, now you know where it all is when I'm droning on about it.


It was sunny on and off today but there was a strong wind. It whistled up in the trees and things kept clanging and banging around the place, although nothing seems damaged, fortunately. I did some rather strange digging today! At the top of the vegetable plot is a sort of 'mini orchard' where we've planted a few fruit trees. Then there's a humpy bumpy area and behind that an on and off stream, depending on the weather. Then it's the boundary bank. I investigated all those humps and bumps and it appears to be mostly full of stones. I got a bit carried away with my excavations:Do you think the tree will fall down?? I've stopped now, I was going to reduce the height of the humps and make them into a gentle slope. Hmmm, it's not going to happen, is it?

This is the bank I cleared yesterday, just to the side of the 'war zone' I've just created! It looks a lot better I think.


I did just capture a few flowers while the sun shone. I had to wait for them to stop waving about in the wind! OK, there might just be a few tulips.......

Perennial alyssum, what a startling yellow it is

The first white cornflower. I know you want some, Rachel, Jim is going to grow you a piece - we'll get it to you somehow! I'll save some seeds just in case.

A pretty orange geum. The plant isn't terribly big yet but is improving each year.

This came out so well. The leaves kept blowing upwards with the wind but the underneath is so much more vivid in colour than the tops. The flowers are just coming up on those long stalks.

This lime green acer is now at its best


In the strong sunlight, the black tulip looks far more purple in colour. One petal dropping.

These tulips, originally cream, have lasted so well. I love the raspberry ripple effect they have

OK, that's the last of the tulips..

Jim's harrowing Trip to the UK

Jim rang this evening, just as I'd come in from having a (not very successful) bonfire, about 10pm. The exhaust on our Fiat Doblo was hanging on by a thread by the time he reached Worthing, so today he took it to one of those exhaust and tyre places. He had to drive pretty slowly to get back home and you can imagine the noise it was making! The trouble with our old Doblo is that they can never get the parts. Today was no exception. Bless him, the chap at the garage welded it up for Jim! 'How long will it last?', says Jim, 'anything from one day to 5 years' replies the chap! Now Jim has to travel all the way up to Yorkshire on Monday to visit his sister, niece and her 4 sons. Let's hope the '5 years' estimate was the right one.

Today, Ali visited Jim, with Poppy of course. Lots of photos were taken, so when he returns, I will be posting those. She is 5 months old now. Unbelievable.

The Moon

Buster needed to go out just now. It's quite cold and there's a lovely bright moon and a few twinkling stars. I thought I'd have a go at taking a photo of it. Success? Judge for yourselves:

The first shot has 2 moons! I presume the flash went off, though I set it not to. Weird.

The second shot after a 'quick fix' by the computer!! It appears the moon has a lawn as green as ours. Or maybe it really is made of green cheese!

Well, this looks a bit more like it, but not very bright. I really must look at my instruction leaflet!

Nothing else of note to report. Off to do some sewing now for a wall hanging I'm making.


DK Leather said...

lovely - though poor Jim & Doblo!

My favourite today is the white cornflower, although your 'joiner photograph' is a smashing job! :-)

BT said...

What, you don't like my green moon?? LOL. The white cornflower is rather lovely, isn't it? i've not seen one before. Glad you like the joiner. It was fun!

Bea said...

LOLOL NO NO don't give in to the dark sida and read directions. The moons are far more artistic the way you are taking them now. Strange but artistic. lololsnort

BT said...

Ha ha Bea, you are probably right. I think I've lost them anyway!! LOL. I just wondered why my computer decided to turn it green! Maybe it's getting an artistic bent?

Anonymous said...

I am thrilled that you visited my blog and left a comment so that I could find your lovely blog. What a beautiful place you have - WOW - 5 acres! Your flowers are so pretty. The acer is my favorite. I hope Jim and the car make it just fine on their trip. I absolutely LOVE your blog and I will visit again soon. Enjoy your weekend.

Ces said...

Oooh BT! Will you please adopt me so I can live there! That is soooo romantic. I love it. Love it. Love it!

BT said...

Mildred, I am so glad you enjoyed my blog and hope you'll return. I will be back to yours too.

Ces, of course I will! But you'd hate all the rain we have and everyday wear is wellington boots. That ok for you?

Joanne said...

Hi Thanks for commenting on my blog Joanne's Cottage Garden.
What an enormous plot you have looks lovely but oh so much work so I will enjoy following your exploits and be back to see more.

I have your Acer but it does not enjoy heat and sun especially in mid summer.

I remember those strange eirie nights and standing in the rain with dressing gown and umberella with our last dog especially as she would never go out on her own. I can also remember hearing strange sounds most imperticularly what I decided was slugs and snails chomping through my Hosta.

Son1 said...

Good joiner shot, unsure how thats done, but I very impressed.

PS. You appear to be digging random holes and taking pictures of the moon, hanging things in your trees. Its all a bit Blair


Leatherdykeuk said...

Love the joiner and Oh! to the white cornflower.

Heather said...

Your panoramic photo is great - you certainly have your work cut out keeping all that under control. You need a team of archaeologists in to dig that bank for you - who knows what might be lying underneath those bumps. Lovely pictures of all the flowers coming into bloom and your moon pics are great too - I am perhaps boring but I like the third one best. Hope Jim completes all his journeys without any more drama.

Ces said...

I love Wellington boots. Any excuse to wear them which we have none in this dry heat. Sometimes I wish for flood just so I can wear them, oh but that would be waders, not wellies.

I love your place BT. Rain is okay as long as you have coffee.

Idora Aciloeci said...

I knew it! I knew it! You love stationeries and papers and pens. Just look at your garden! The plethora of colors! Please stand with me BT. Be on my side. I am incognito in preparation for Renee's onslaught when she wakes up.

BT said...

But I knew it was you!! Is that your real name? It's beautiful. I'm hiding under the covers when Renee wakes. The air will be blue! Ha ha.

Renee said...

BT I love the panorama. I hope you keep doing this for us.

Your place is fantastic and I am over the moon for it.

I so love it.

Love Renee oxo

Idora Aciloeci said...

Yes, I have many names, they are all anagrams. Hahahah! We are a crazy bunch. We get younger with every laugh, that's probably why I stopped getting grey hairs. You just have to laugh!

Renee said...

No need to feel silly little goose.

BT you know how I do the dreams sponsored by a letter, well this time it is a T and I took some of your black tulip pictures a few days ago for it, but I hope it is okay I am going to use your picture of this black tulip from today's post. xoxoxo

Prospero said...

BT, thanks for finding me. We are a long distance apart. I'm in Bermuda and just started my blog. Everything I know about Ireland, I learned from the BBC series Ballykissangel. I'm looking forward to learning about how things really are in your parts. By the way, I love those tulips.

aims said...

Where on earth do you get all the energy?

I'm exhausted just reading this and you're off to sew yet?

I loved the joiner and all the pics. The different moon pics made me laugh Gina.

You're having a bit of fun with dear Jim away.

BT said...

Hello Joanne, thanks for visiting. I know that acers can be a bit fussy sometimes. We had a very small one and that has died this winter I'm afraid. We are a bit nuts about our dogs aren't we? I stand outside with Buster so he doesn't run off! He would given half the chance. I laughed at the sounds of slugs and snails chomping away! They're pretty voracious eaters here too!

Jason, you made me laugh out loud with your comment about my digging holes, etc!! Come on, this is me, what do you expect!!?

Rachel, glad you liked my joiner. I put the cornflower on my sidebar just for you!

BT said...

Heather, funny you should mention archeologists, my brother is one!! Not that I ever see him! I did think about digging further but I think the pile was made in the recent past, so nothing exciting in it! It's raining now, sadly, but has been lovely most of the day.

Ces, I have all sorts of fun Wellies, you'd like them. But my favourite pair, red and white, now have a hole in the left one. Yesterday I had a soggy left sock! Always have lots of coffee!

BT said...

Renee thank you so much. I took some more today for a 'joiner' so I shall have to see how it turned out. It's of a different area, I can't get it all in at once. DK will vouch for that!

Oh Ces, I have lots of grey hairs and I do laugh a lot. I use dye though!

Renee I would be utterly honoured for you to use one of my tulip photos. You have my permission to use any of my photos you like, any time. That's cos you're special, but don't tell anyone. It's our secret!!

Gosh Prospero, Bermuda! That's a first! I still feel like a beginner sometimes compared to the likes of Ces and Bella Sinclair. But I do enjoy it. I'm glad you like my tulips. Ireland is wet. That's the biggest thing about it. And therefore very green. And full of very odd people!!

BT said...

Oh hello lovely aims! Did you read about my name? did you? I'll test you later!
I am tired today although I have done quite a lot. No more hole digging though! I didn't do any sewing after all, I read instead. I will have to do some tonight. Glad you liked my silly moons. Indeed I am. While the cat's away and all that!

Bella Sinclair said...

I really love your panoramic picture! Gives me a good sense of your lovely gardens. All that green is so peaceful. I can almost hear the chirps of birds and crickets. The raspberry and cream tulips! Still so gorgeous! Your tulip season is lasting beautifully. Nice moon shots, too!

I am saying loud prayers for your friend Phil. xoxo