Sunday, May 17, 2009

UK Trip, 13th - 16th May, 2009, Jack is 4

Now how do I stop this post being 5 miles long? Oh well, as it's my 'diary', you'll just have to pick and choose the bits you want. Sam, her Mum Rene and Jack picked me up from the airport on Wednesday 13th, we made a quick trip to MacDonalds for a takeaway, Halfords to pick up Jack's birthday bike and it was off home. Jack was thrilled to see me as usual. We chatted all the way home. We all had an early night in preparation for the day ahead.

Jack's 4th Birthday, Thursday May 14th, 2009

We were all up with the lark for the bike unveiling. Jack rushed into the front room, ripped off the 2 bows from the bike and got on immediately. He was over the moon with it. Later he said to Jason, 'I'm very proud of my birthday presents'. Bless.

Jack finds his new bike. It's a Thomas the Tank Engine Bike

He's soon riding it

Soon Nanny Maureen and Great Granddad Ivor arrived with another present:

It's a scooter, which Jack has wanted for some while

Jason opened his cards and soon the present receiving was over. I bought him 4 books, which he just loves. It's good to be able to read some 'proper' stories to him now.

Colchester Zoo

Jason, Sam, Ivor, Maureen, Rene, Jack and I all headed off to the zoo in 2 cars. It was a cloudy but not cold day, just right really. I took loads of animal photos of course!

This chap kept saying 'hello', a good welcome

There were loads of tiny monkeys with cheeky faces, they look so cute:

One way to eat your dinner

What a strange face

Birthday picnic

Jason, Sam, Jack, Maureen, Ivor, Rene

The cake's good

White Tiger

A colobus monkey, and below

Amazing hair style

The lion was quite magnificent. I took loads of photos of him but I'll try and choose a couple

He knows he's the king

In the children's section, this turkey was wandering about. They are SO ugly:

See that 'thing' sticking up?

and flopping down! Do click on any photos to enlarge them

I'm not sure what they were watching but Jack was enjoying it! Lovely

Jack fed Tania the elephant, and so did I. It was like posting food into a letter box:


We also fed the giraffes:

What a fantastic face

Which way to go?

Walking back to the car I was struck by these reflections

And this weird bird

We were all thoroughly exhausted by the end of the day and were pleased to get home. Jack was very good and loved his zoo trip.

Friday, 15th May

Jack was at school in the morning and we picked him up at 1pm. Sam had to take her car to the garage as a bearing had gone and I went to a super material shop in Bury St Edmunds to get some edging for Kitty's quilt. I bought one or two other things too...... I met up with Sam and Jack at a play centre, then it was off to Asda and home. I planted some annuals in Sam's garden but put my back out. It's even worse today. All in all a gentle day ready for:

Jack's Birthday Party, Saturday 16th May 2009

This was a party with some of Jack's friends from nursery. We had 9 all together and they played in the indoor play centre for over an hour then it was upstairs for the birthday food. There was loads of it and us adults had plenty too. The children were so good and nobody cried or moaned. It was a super party and Jack received quite a haul of presents, which we opened when we got back home. Party photos:

Jack in the white t-shirt back left

The only girl.

Jack with his best friend Ben

Jack waiting to blow out the candles on his cake (right)!

Stories before bedtime

Other Photos

This lady is a TV presenter called Michaela Strachan. She was filming (or being filmed) while we were at the zoo. We were watching the monkeys and saw the cameramen in the compound. Sam said 'I bet that's Michaela Strachan', at which point Michaela turned to Sam and smiled at her. Sam was SO embarrassed!! I took this lovely reflective photo of her and today found this on the internet: (Jack's ear is in the middle of the shot)!!


On Thursday 14th May, Michaela Strachan took a short break from filming her new show for Channel 5 to visit Orangutan Forest and meet Rajang; Colchester Zoo's 40 year old orangutan!

Michaela was filming for "Animal Families", a channel five programme. The series is an educational children's wildlife series. The series is planned to air on five/fiver in the autumn of 2009 during the morning 'milkshake' slot'.

So that's why she was there!

Jason helping Jack ride his new bike

Jason, Sam (and Kitty) watching Jack on his scooter

Bury St Edmunds Railway Station and below. A fine building I thought

I think that's more than enough. It was a great trip, apart from my back! Jason ran me to the airport last night and Jim picked me up as usual. It's always good to be home but it's pouring with rain today. Lovely Irish weather.


Minka said...

I bet Jack will remember his fourth birthday for a long time! And I'm sure some of these impressions will stay forever!

BT said...

Thank you Minka. I hope so. I can't remember much before I was five, which is quite sad really.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your trip and Jack's birthday with us. He is such a happy looking child. I can remember the first bike I received! I know it meant a lot to share in the birthday festivities. The photos from the zoo are wonderful and I love the architecture that you shared as well. So sorry about your back - I hope you will feel better soon. We are having rain today also!

Minka said...

I do remember a few things, even a few details, but more than anything I remember the feelings and impressions. But then, I didn't have a Thomas the Tank Engine Bike... :)

Jason said...

Oh dear, sorry the back is worse. Great blog, very well paraphrased.

Some superb pics. Glad I got you with the elephant. The lion ones are excellent. What a great creature. Lovely shot of Michaela.

All in all, a very sucessful birthday visit. Lovely to see you. Look forward to seeing you in a couple of weeks.

soulbrush said...

what a wonderful three days and what a lucky chap and what sweet photos, aaaaw 4 years old, that's the age i teach every week at school, they are little darlinks. so glad you had fun. your cards arrived, awesome , will be blogged later...hugs.

aims said...

What a great post! You did so much too!

I can commisserate with your back. Am feeling it right here too!

Twisted willow said...

Cor ..... wish I could have been there. Those animals look wonderful - especially the lion. And what a lucky girl at the party - all those lovely boys and no competition. Looks like Jack had a great birthday.

EB said...

What fantastic pictures - the animal ones in particular, they're so well framed, you could win prized with several of those!

Arija said...

Wow, what a full programme you had.
Loved the bike and the animals and most of all, Jack's beaming face.

Heather said...

Lovely family post. Jack is going to break some hearts when he is older. Hope your back is better - you'd better put yourself on light duties only for a few days.

jinksy said...

What a smashing set of photos you have here -animals and kids- can't choose which I like best! x

The Weaver of Grass said...

Have your feet touched the ground yet? What a hectic few days - but how lovely to see such a happy little boy!

Maureen said...

BT it was lovely to share all of that with you. Jack is a lucky boy, all those lovely presents and a visit to the zoo and best of all a family who obviously adore him.

BT said...

Mildred, thanks for your comments, glad you enjoyed the photos. I'm afraid my back is worse today. I'm walking with a stoop, which is not good! Light duties it is, Heather!!

Glad you thought I managed to get it all in OK Jason. It was a great few days, action packed and full of fun!

Glad you liked the ATCs soulbrush and my blog entry. 4 year olds are fabulous and Jack has such a great sense of humour too.

Thanks aims.

Thanks for your comments about my photos EB. I took a lot more!!

Ha ha, Jack beams a lot Arija! Glad you enjoyed.

Oh thanks Jinksy.

Hiya Weaver, you must feel a bit the same after your trip!!

Hello Maureen, good to see you back again. Jack is indeed a lucky boy but he's easy to love too! And a sister due on 27th May. Phew!

DK Leather said...

what a fabulous post, and WOW those pictures! Loved the Colobus monkey, he's brilliant :-)

Beautiful shots of Jack, so lovely to see, really made me smile lots x

I remember once Dad found it amazing that I have no recollection of anything pre Magdalen St, so same as you, nada pre 5. Odd isn't it?!

Love and miss you. Hope you fit in a visit to the rest of us too, one of these days! :-) xxx

Bea said...

Outstanding pictures from the zoo.
I just want to snatch Jack up and kiss those rosy cheeks of his. What a little cutiepootie.
A bike! A blue Bike! I think most people remember their first bike.
Sorry, you back is out of whack.
What a wonderful trip you had. :)Bea

BT said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the piccies DK, the rest are on Facebook, 2 albums!! I couldn't put them all on here. Will try and get North some time!

Bea, Jack would kiss you too, he's so affectionate. A super bike it is. My first proper bike was blue too.

Renee said...

BT Jack is so adorable and I love how he is proud of his presents. So cute.

Love Renee xoxo

Stampmaiden said...

BT, what great photos! I find all animals have some kind of beauty, even the ugly ones. LOL! My favorite is the lion. What a beautiful and proud KING he is.
How wonderful that you were there to share in Jack's birthday happiness. What a lovely family you have.
Your ATCs have been mailed out. Expect them soon!

Jason said...

Just wanted to say thank you to all for the lovely comments about Jack. :-)

Bella Sinclair said...

OH WOW! Happy Birthday, Jack! Looks like such a wonderful and memorable day. Fun was had by all. Jack's face is so happy, he looks like he's about to burst! And all those animal photos are great, too!

And by the way, those are FANTASTIC antique bottles you found in your garden! Whoever buried them had no idea they'd become your treasures.

Leatherdykeuk said...

Glad it all went so well!

Carol and Chris said...

You have such a lovely family....thank you for sharing Jack's birthday with us!!

C x

david mcmahon said...

Sounds like a great trip.

G'day from Autralia!

BT said...

Thank you Renee.

Hiya Linda, it was a wonderful few days and I love Jack to bits, as you can tell! The lion was quite magnificent. I'm looking forward to my ATCs too.

Hello Bella, he was a happy boy indeed! He generally is though. I hope he'll be fine with the new arrival (little girl on 27th May). He's used to all the attention at home. I'm off to stay then too, to help out. My bottles are great aren't they? Someone's rubbish is....

Thanks Rachel, Carol and Chris.

Hello David, thanks for the visit. Do come again. My sister's in Bungendore, not too far from Canberra.

soulbrush said...

so glad you have joined in with the abc atcs....i get mine either from Hobby Craft here near where I live(you may have them there) or online at an 'art supplies' site...which i find on google...are you gonna try some inchies and swap with me??? come on i dare you! btw 'hows the back jack?' do you have probs with your back?? i had back surgery 6 years ago, so i know all about backache (another thing w ehave in common). ouch!

marianne said...

What a wonderrful picture story!
Amazing photo's, the animals! Your lovely grandson.
It shows you had a real great time!
Fun you are playing also!