Friday, May 8, 2009

Friday may 8th Part 2. Windows and Doors in!

The windows and doors were duly delivered about 11am and they are all in except one:

The bathroom window

My double doors to the 'patio'!!

The sun lounge with it's big windows and patio doors.

The sun lounge looking out

From the side, showing the old house, the little green windows are out current bedroom and the sun lounge on the left. How exciting it all is.

My patio doors from the inside

At least I feel we're getting somewhere at last.

Jim came home at about 7ish. He had a very rough crossing over the Irish Sea. Everyone being sick! He was supposed to sleep but only managed about an hour! He's a tired boy tonight.

Buster was pleased to see him of course. I took this photo of Buster yesterday when he was just holding one of his little toys:

I went up to the barn to fetch some more peat blocks for the fire and it started to hail. It then absolutely threw it down, big lumps of ice everywhere. I was frozen! Luckily it didn't last long. I did manage a little bit of weeding and some tidying up today but that was about it. It rained on and off and the wind was quite cold and really noisy.

I just managed a quick shot of this azalea, which is almost fully out. It's very small but such a pretty blend of pinks.

A last photo of the black tulip, they've mostly had their petals blown away:

It's good to have Jim back home. I'm sure he'll have loads of photos of Poppy and his adventures for tomorrow.

Have a good weekend everyone.


Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Ah I bet it is nice to have your windows all put in. Well but one.. It should be in soon. Looks like you can go full speed ahead to finish it now.
How do you get any work done in the garden if it rains all the time?
Glad Jim is home no worse for wear. :)

Snowbrush said...

So far so good. Nice photos.

Anonymous said...

I love the views the windows will afford you. So glad progress is being made. This is my first peek at Buster. What a sweetheart. Glad Jim is home and hope the weekend is restful and pleasant for you both. I love the colorful blooms on your azalea.

Bea said...

Oh what wonderful windows. How exciting to get them in. Three weeks is a long time to wait for the workmen. Hail and ice,oh dear! Buster is still a puppy at heart isn't he? lol He's happy to have Jim home so he doesn't have to be alpha dog anymore! :)Bea

gardenerprogress/Catherine said...

Those are pretty windows and doors. I always have a hard time waiting for things to get done, bet you're very happy.
The pink azalea is very pretty! They are in bloom here, but I never have luck with them.

Stampmaiden said...

How exciting to see the work in progress! Thanks for sharing it with us. Oh that beautiful black tulip looks so velvetty. I know about winds and flowers all too well lately. We had our power blown out for a few hours the other night cause it was so strong!
I finally got my ABCs about me finished. Go to my blog to see them!

marianne said...

Great you have your windows!
It is so much fun when everything get more shape..... This is the fun part. Soon you will enjoy your own room with a wonderful view!
The black tulip is beautiful!
Have a nice weekend!!!

Son1 said...

The windows look great. You'll be sitting in there looking out with a cuppa in no time. x

Leatherdykeuk said...

It looks super!

soulbrush said...

oh yes this is looking good indeed.what inner pleasure you will have later knowing all the work you did....sending your cubism card today...hugs to you

Debrina said...

Hello - I'm Flower's friend. Thought I'd gate crash your blog as she just RAVES about you. I can see why! Stunning, stunning, stunning!

BT said...

Cris, it's great to see some progress at last. It's been difficult to do anything in the garden this past week. I go out when I can and sometimes just brave the rain! Jim's tired today!

Thanks Snowbrush.

Mildred, I can't wait to be in my room looking out at the view. When the barn comes down I'll have an ever better view! I'm not holding my breath though! We have to unpack the car now. It's full of things Jim has brought over from the UK.

Bea my friend! Aren't my windows super? I'm so excited! Buster is definitely a puppy, a year old puppy now! He's playing with Jim at the moment, 'tug of war', his favourite game.

Hi Catherine. The azalea is pretty indeed. They do ok here but rhodedendrons are hopeless! They don't like our soil at all. I'm a happy girl today!

BT said...

Good morning Linda, I'm glad to see I'm not the only one with grotty weather! I'll have a look at your blog later and thanks for your email about your fantastic shoe day/book day.

Hi Marianne, it is fun to have doors in my room! I look through them from where I'm sitting now. I think it might still be a while before I'm in there though!

Jason, that sounds blissful. I can't wait (but I'll no doubt have to). See you next week!

Thanks, Rachel.

Hi soulbrush, looking forward to receiving my cubism card. Yours will be posted next week, when Jim's settled!

Hello Debrina, lovely to meet you. I like to hear that Flower raves about my blog!! I must come and visit you now. Have a great weekend everyone.

Heather said...

It's really beginning to take shape now and you must feel that the end is in sight and that you'll actually be able to move in. Glad Jim got home safely - don't envy him that ferry crossing. I'm surprised any flowers have petals left after the weather we have had lately. I daresay before long we'll all be wilting with the heat and longing for rain!!

Heather said...

How could I forget to mention Buster! He looks so adorable and such a softy with his little toy but I'm sure he's a big butch dog really.

aims said...

It is looking fabulous Gina.

How exciting! I would love sitting in that room with all the windows.

Oh - sigh.......

Linzi said...

Love your blog!

Linzi x

BT said...

Hello Heather, how could you forget Buster indeed!! He's absolutely worn out tonight so goodness knows what he's been up to today! I'm so thrillied that the windows and doors are in. I hope they'll be back on Monday to crack on (not crack the windows though!!)

Hello aims, I can't wait to get into my room and our bedroom has a huge window, it's fabulous.

Linzi, Hi, glad you like it.

DJ Kirkby said...

Wow, it is looking good! How cute is Buster? Great pics as usual.

KathyB. said...

I very much like the look of your place and how it is shaping up! Buster is mighty cute, and with his toys he is adorable.

The azalea is beautiful!

Will you be posting pictures of Poppy?

BT said...

DJK, great to see you, Buster is a bit of a star, isn't he?

KathyB, thanks for visiting. Poppy pictures later today! Glad you liked the progress of our extension and of course Buster!

yoon see said...

Sorry to drop by late. Thanks for your kind comments BT.
Are you having a renovation. The materials look great and I love the mute colour finish on the brick.
The inside and outside view are beautiful through these lovely window opening.
Adorable doggie lazing around...Ha..Ha..
Happy Mother's Day to you BT:)

BT said...

yoon see, how good of you to visit. I'm so glad you like our house and garden and Buster of course!! We are having an extension as the original irish cottage is very small, with really only one bedroom, and that just takes our double bed! There are two tiny attic rooms, but they're not much use so we are having the extension built with 3 additional bedroom (one of them is also my studio) Woo Hoo!! xxx

Jason said...

Come and have a look. :-)

BT said...

Jason, I came, I saw, I peed myself laughing!!