Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sunday 3rd May 2009. Patchwork, Poppy, ATCs

Garden Progress

A bit of a mixed bag today and no gardening! Well, I did do some but didn't take any photos. I started by moving a big pile of cut willow down to the house for firewood. Then I did a bit more tidying up of the 'war zone', it's looking better now, still has bomb holes though. I then moved down to the new bed at the side of the arboretum and finished the edging off. It didn't take long and looks so much better. We have a medlar tree and underneath that is some willow. We prune it every spring but it's in the way of the medlar and the mower. So I decided I'd have a go at digging it out! Easier said than done. I dug a trench round it and cut through all the roots I uncovered with secateurs. No sign of any movement in the willows. I gave up at that point as my arms were aching and went inside.

Ali and Poppy came to visit Jim in Worthing

Jim emailed me these 3 fabulous photos of Poppy.

How cute is she? Great hairstyle. She's 5 months old now

Almost sitting up alone

Smiling Poppy with a bit of Mum Ali!

I've no doubt Jim will bring a lot more back with him. Isn't she adorable?


Here area couple of ATCs I've made:

Nellie the Elephant

Sheep Dreams

Amazing Patchwork Book

As I've been making this patchwork wall hanging, I was looking to see whether I had any books on the subject. Well, I found this wonderful 1970s 'Golden Hands' Special. 'All About Patchwork'. I keep laughing at the illustrations. To be fair, the information is pretty good and some of the bedspreads and quilts are lovely. But the clothes. OH the clothes!! Feast your eyes:

The Front Cover
Sorry, some flash in most of the photos as it's a glossy book. Look at that pinafore dress!

A long waistcoat! The hairstyle was from the 'Miss World' of the day if I remember rightly. Somebody Green?

I quite like this work, I have to say

A 'trendy' skirt. Poor girl

Even worse is what the poor boy has to wear!

I think he's trying to make a getaway

Now this has to be the very best of all. I'm sure you'd all like to make one for your husbands/boyfriends! I'm going to have this blown up and printed for my wall:

Isn't it just the bees knees?

I'm sure my son Jason would love one (not....)

Alphabet MEME

I picked up a meme today to do with the alphabet. It came from soulbrush and I have replaced her answers with my own:

A - Age: 60
B - Bed: I love love my bed and never want to get out of it in the morning
C- Chore you hate: dusting
D - Dog: Buster
E - Essential to start your day item(s):tea, tea and maybe a bit of tea
F - Favorite color(s): purple
G -Gold or Silver: gold
H - Height: 5' 7" (maybe a bit less now)!!
I - I've come to learn: people often let you down
J - Job: banking
K-Kite: phew, last flew one with my daughter and family in Worthing
L - Living: for a long time I hope - currently in Ireland
M-Mood: a bit fed up cos my shoulder's giving me pain
N - Nicknames: Whizzer (from my Father), BT!
O-Owl or Eagle: Owl
P-Pet Peeve: apostrophes in the wrong place. 'less instead of fewer'.
Q - Quote : ' It's part of my charm' Grandson aged 3 (almost 4) when his Dad accused him of making a mess!
R-Right or left handed: right
S -Siblings: 1 sister, 1 brother
T-Touch: yes please, I'm very tactile, hug, touch
U - Umbrella: I hate them, they just get in the way.
V-Vegetable favourite: corn on the cob with butter or jacket potato (with butter)!
W - Want: to be settled in what might be my 'final' house
X - XXX: lots of kisses for you all in bloggyland ha ha, I'll go with that soulbrush
Y - Yo-Yo: my life's very much so. Depression does this.
Z - zebra: Joke. Zebras standing in a group, Daddy zebra saying to young zebra, 'you can support Newcastle like everyone else' (they play in black and white for those not in the UK).

You are all tagged, I want to know more about you. Do let me know if you do it.

So, a bit of a different blog from me today. I hope you've enjoyed it.

Spotted Orchid

Oh all right then, just one flower photo!

This spotted orchid comes up in our meadow each year. In fact, last year we had two. This one always has loads of flower heads.


Snowbrush said...

Too bad I'm not there with both arms functioning as digging up a tree is the kind of work that I love. I'm very glad that you tried to avoid overdoing it though.

Anonymous said...

Poppy is a beautiful baby! Those bright eyes and pretty complexion and she's wearing butterflies - my favorite!
It's been a bit of a hard day for me but I giggled out loud when I saw the photos from your book of the 70's clothing! Unfortunately I remember these hideous styles! I bet Nalley has that man's outfit in the back of his closet now! LOL
I do love the one octagonal pattern you show.

BT said...

Thanks Snowbrush. It's not one tree, it's previously cut willow so very wide at the base, which is most awkward. I think I'll have to try and split it in the middle somehow.

Mildred. Thanks, Poppy has such big eyes, doesn't she? I thought about you and the butterflies! Wasn't that book a hoot? I, too, remember those fashions only too well. I had a long dress in a 'fake' patchwork material, it was probably crimpelene!!! ha ha. some of the actual quilts are gorgeous. Some things don't change much.

Flower's Page said...

Hello over there...again (hehehe) Are you still up for an ATC swap? I think I would like nothing more than to find things in my mail box all the way from Ireland!!
Let me know!
xxxoxo Flower

BT said...

Indeed I am Flower, have sent an email. Do you want to swap just one or more than one? Do you want to choose or take pot luck???? So many questions...

Snowbrush said...

By splitting down the middle, maybe you mean between trunks. Otherwise, I can't see how it would work. If you just go at the roots a little at a time, you'll get through it eventually. Of course, I know, you're like me and want it gone NOW.

BT said...

Hi Snowbrush. I think what's happened is that lots of willow 'sticks' were planted close together but the roots seem to have joined. The chap who owned the place before us was a basket weaver and cut them down each year to make new 'osiers' to weave. So it's not like a proper trunk, more like all bits and pieces but they are in one lump. Hard to describe really! I do want it done now, you're absolutely right!!

Stampmaiden said...

BT, I have to get your ATCs out this week - promise! So much crap at work last week. Well, I shouldn't complain with so many out of work, huh? OK, I was being a very dedicated employee last week. LOL!! Those ATCs will be out very soon!
Love the outfits on those models. Loved your comments next to each one even better! LOL!
I will do the alphabet thing soon. Looks like fun! Will let you know when I get it done!

Son1 said...

Morning, nice varied blog. Good to hear your getting to trench buildings, that will keep the bosh out!

Poppy looking lovely. I thik the smoking jacket is fetching! lol

Good Meme. We off to a May Day do at Kentwell Hall, or to Dinosaur Land today, not sure which!

Look forward to seeing you soon. Jack says he is too.


Bella Sinclair said...

I'm melting! Poppy is so darling! And such a perfect name, too. And I just adore your ATCs! I'm just crazy about elephants, and your little sheep are adorable. Hope they don't tumble over the edge there. I enjoyed learning more about you through the alphabet. But I must say, I laughed so hard at your quilting photos! Oh, poor girl and poor boy, indeed! Hard to believe they wore those even back then. I have an old crocheting book, and to see the crocheted clothes in there --- scary!

soulbrush said...

yes those photos are hilarious, specially remembering that we actually 'liked' those fashions once. please look after that shoulder as snowbrush and i can tell you how painful shoulders can get and for how long too. seems you suffer from depression too...same as me! pleeeeese could i have the elephant as a swap for the ireland atc? pleeeese, if no one else wants it.

soulbrush said...

oh and of course your little poppy is a cutie pie. give her some smooches from grandie please. she is perfect.

Leatherdykeuk said...

Ha! I'd wear the long waistcoat. Perhaps I'll make one for myself :)

Heather said...

Lovely orchids and technicolour dreamcoat! Poppy is adorable - those gorgeous big eyes. Don't work too hard. I love the ATCs too. Another great post.

KathyB. said...

Thank-you for popping in to my blog because I found yours!

Poppy is so cute! And your handwork is very nice AND creative! The pictures of the patchwork clothing did make me laugh, and cringe too because I remember dressing my children in similar fashion..maybe they will forgive me!

Manon Doyle said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love yours! I will be sure to come back and read more! : )

BT said...

Hello Linda, as you say, good to be busy in some ways with so many out of work and struggling. Don't worry about the ATCs, anytime. I was reading one of those lovely magazines you sent me in bed last night. Such wonderful ideas. Aren't those outfits great? Can't believe we actually wore them (well, I did)!!Love, BT.

LOL, Jason! You can't be too careful, can you? It's pissing it down today so no trench digging. It'll be like a moat now!! Poppy is cute, such big eyes! I knew you'd like that dressing gown! Can't wait for a Jason/Sam/Jack hug. xxxxx Mum

Bella dearest, she is gorgeous, isn't she? Now if you study my sheep carefully, you can see they are jumping away from the edge!! I know it's hard to tell. LOL. I thought you'd find that book amusing! I'd love to see some photos of your old crocheting book. I have some old knitting patterns - oh my God, they're so awful, especially the ones for the children, excruciating.

BT said...

soulbrush, we do have much in common don't we? My shoulder is pretty grotty. I'm trying to sleep on my back, but it's odd. It catches me at odd times, when I'm not expecting it and it's a real 'oh f... pain. I hope it mends on its own after hearing about yours and Snowbrush's problems.

people have liked ele but nobody's asked for it yet, so it's yours. Saved for you now. I must say I rather liked it too! Can we swap 2 and can I have one of your colourful 'picasso' type ones?
Poppy is so cute. She doesn't move her head around much, Jim says, but her big eyes follow you everywhere!! Most endearing.

Rachel, it would suit you and wouldn't be too hard to make. There's a pattern in the book, shall I copy it for you?

Thank you so much for your kind comments Heather. Rain's stopped play today so it's an inside day.

KathyB, I think we all wore pretty ghastly stuff, didn't we? I'm sure the kids will just laugh. Glad you liked the photos and my 'art'.

I so love your name Manon and am glad you liked my blog. I came to you from the mad Ces, of course!

DK Leather said...

~laughs delighted~ I remember grannie having lots of those kinds of books - I used to love them!

Smashing poppy pics too x

ChrisH said...

What a terrific post. Poppy has the most beautiful eyes and lovely smile. Those patterns? How great were they? What a find. And, oops, you're tagged (again!) (but don't feel under pressure - it's only if you want to!)

BT said...

K, it was one of Granny's!! might have guessed!!

ChrisH, I've just voted for Tom Tomos lovely picture. 10/10 of course! I'll do the tag, looks interesting.

soulbrush said...

yes i did see the abc meme but was too busy talking about the 'ellie'. i sent your ireland one yesterday, but of course i will send you a picasso one too....this is such fun, my DIL loved your atc cards when she saw them. hugs. hows the shoulder today?

soulbrush said...

of course i wold love the sheep dreams as my second one to swap with your picassoish one...tee hee.
wordveri;ellish (no not kidding!)

yoon see said...

Wow! You also did the tag. Very interesting to know you BT. I also love to laze around my bed, unwilling to wake up....just too luxurious & comfortable to stay on bed....
I love Owl too.
Besides green, I love purple, yellow, brown, white and blue.
I got a brother and a sister.