Tuesday, May 19, 2009

ATCs Galore, Buster, Boris Mixture Post: 19.5.09


I have joined a lovely little group of 10 members. We are going to make ATCs (Artist Trading Cards) going through the alphabet, sending each one to a different member each week. So this week it's 'A'. I have done 'A' for Abstract and this is my ATC:

Do click on any of the photos to enlarge them

I took the photo with flash so it's a little washed out, especially the gold third.

I'm looking forward to receiving my 'A' card from Teri in America. How the Internet has changed our world. Marvellous. My little card is off to Julie in Florida.


I took a little collection of 4 photos of Buster and put them in a 'joiner'. I hope it uploads ok.
He looks so innocent, doesn't he? When I was in the UK, he was a monster apparently and ate two pairs of shoes. Jim's daughter Jenny came to stay with Jim and one of the pairs was hers! Oh dear, bad Buster. He's also hardly eating anything here but is getting fatter, so where's he eating, I wonder?


Jenny is Jim's younger daughter and is expecting her first baby (a boy) in August. She didn't want Jim to take any photos of her as she said 'they'll only end up on Gina's blog'. How right she was!!

Jenny playing 'tug o war' with Buster

Showing her little pregnant tummy! So Jim will now be a Grandad twice, one girl (Poppy) and one boy.

Exciting Post

I had a surprise parcel today from Mildred from the USA. She has a lovely blog called Nalley Valley and we've struck up a blogging friendship across the miles. In the parcel was a lovely card, a photo of her first rose in bloom and a gorgeous piece of lace, which is intended for a shelf. I put it on our coffee table and it looks perfect there:

Mildred loves butterflies and dragonflies

What a beautiful rose

Gorgeous lace on our coffee table and, below, a close up

There was a label attached to the lace which read 'Heritage Lace, A Welcome Touch'. It certainly is. Thank you once again Mildred. If you'd like to pop over to her blog, it's:
http://nalleyvalley.blogspot.com/ How lucky am I?

Bad Back, Top Barn

I have been suffering with my back since I came from the UK. Today I took a super pain killer and moved around a bit more and it seems to be improving. As I have already mentioned, we are having to have our old barn, adjacent to the house, taken down as it is dangerous. We have a much newer one by our top gate, so we need to have electricity put in there and clear out the accumulated junk. Some of it is ours, some from the previous owners. Here's the 'top' barn:

I took some 'before' photos of the inside, too. It's full of all our stuff to go to the recycling bank. The left hand door is a separate section and is where we store things. At the moment it has the new bathroom suite in there, the old furniture from the ex-conservatory, Boris (oh, that's the name given to our amazing table we bought) and the motorised wheelbarrow, plus sundry other things. I managed to break up some of the cardboard boxes to re-cycle and started sorting the rest of the rubbish for the tip. My back felt much better having moved about a bit. Here are some of the photos:

This shot shows all the 'rubbish' for re-cycling. The wall at the end doesn't have a 'top'. It has a good roof and is waterproof, so we'll be able to move everything from the other barn up here, once it's cleared.

This is facing the other direction! We have to put a door in the end. What a job! The trough along the middle is because it was a cow shed - you can guess what was washed down there!

I didn't spend too long and had just gone down to the house to make a cup of tea when the heavens opened! It absolutely poured down just as Jim came back from the shops. I didn't make it back up but will do some more tomorrow all being well. I did take a couple of shots of the small section too:

Cement mixer and flooring for the poly tunnel!

Under this blanket is Boris! I'll take some photos of him soon

Well, what a funny blog post this is. Super photos of our messy barn! Then I'll be able to show you how wonderful it looks when it's all sorted..... 2010 maybe?

More Presents

I think I mentioned that Jim had brought me some presents back from his last trip. Here they are:

Map of the world, 2 new pairs of gardening gloves and 2 proddies to make rugs, see below

The two hand carved prodders.

These belonged to Jim's Gran and he has just received them from his sister, who is emptying her house. Aren't they just wonderful? I have made several proddy rugs (as opposed to using a latch hook) and had lost my prodder, so now I can have another go. I'll be proud to use these, as they are a part of Jim's family history.

Untidy Desk Joiner

Jinksy had put a photo of her desk on her blog and a highly amusing account of all the 'stuff' on it. She dared me to post a photo of mine! I have a temporary desk 'area', so can't be blamed for all the mess.....Now I can't write as eloquently about the chaos here! There is a computer there somewhere, a knitted scarecrow 'Granddad', a cactus, lots of empty pots awaiting 're-cycling', an angle poise lamp, scissors, some things for making ATCs, paintbrushes, a sewing machine, Kitty's quilt.... etc, etc, etc. Am I ashamed? Not a bit of it. There you go, Jinksy, I rose to the challenge.

The Garden

Finally, a bit of green. Jim took some photos in the garden a couple of days ago. The hawthorn blossom is quite stunning and the stream was flowing with full force.

A pretty moth on a post rain buttercup

The bottom stream in full flow

the top of the stream, Jim had just cleared out the leaves

Wild flowers outside the gate. Cowslip, vetch, pig nut showing.

Finally, I lumped all the hawthorn shots together, I hope you've enjoyed this pottage of posting:


Renee said...

BT I see that your garden grows lovely as usual. So full of fun and interesting things. I love the moth on the buttercup.

Love to you BT.


Stampmaiden said...

BT, I love your "A" ATC! It's beautiful! I have a set of alphabet ATCs from a swap I organized several years ago. Lots of work being an organizer but it's so much fun when the cards start pouring in and you see them first!
As usual, your gardening pictures blow me away. I can't get over that lovely stream you have flowing through your property.

ChrisH said...

BT - I'm having loads of trouble with the other BT and my line keeps going down! (The constant rain is affecting an outside line but they don't beleive me) I haven't been ignoring you!! (Or anyone else!)
Thank you for doing the meme, I really enjoyed it.

Leatherdykeuk said...

lovely ATC

KathyB. said...

You have a lot going on, and I am looking forward to seeing the progress ( or demolition ) of your old barn and all that will follow> Your stream is flowing nicely, does it flow all year?

Carol and Chris said...

Isn't the internet wonderful!! It's just such a great way for like minded people to find one another....I think it's fab that your making the ATC cards and sending them to each other!!

Hehehe, I love that you have a table called Boris!!!

Oh, and I'm very glad that you explained what a Prodder was....I thought it might have been something to poke people with!!

C x

Heather said...

Lovely ATC - nice idea to join a group. Buster obviously missed you while you were away! Love Mildred's card. You've a mammoth task clearing the barn and I can't wait to see Boris. I have my Gran's proddy and rug hook which is almost worn down. Great mess in your craft space - join the club! Beautiful garden photos as usual, super post and take care of your back.

soulbrush said...

isn't it fun? like being back at school in a gang....so many babies and life growing all around you, that's marvellous. BE CAREFUL with your back...i freaked when i saw all that junk, don't you dare move it, i know all about bad backs and surgery...eeeek.

Anonymous said...

So happy your parcel arrived safely. Those are the cutest pictures of Buster! I love seeing your stream and the wildflowers and your work/computer station. What a treasure those antique prodders are. Hoping that your back will soon improve. Have a nice day.

Jason said...

Wow, what a lot in that post! Glad the back making some progress.

Your desk would make me freak! Mines bad enough.


DK Leather said...

~chuckles~ great desk, lovely to see Jenny's 'bump', but omgosh I LOVE the wonderful prodders! (You knew I would!)

K xxx

BT said...

Hello lovely Renee. It's beautiful today so more flower photos later. Apparantly the moth is a butterfly!!

Hi Linda, glad you like my 'A'. More garden photos later today. I'v been busy!

Oh poor you ChrisH, so sorry about the 'bad' BT!! I hope they sort it eventually.

Thanks Rachel

Hello KathyB, sadly, the stream dries up if we don't get rain! It's a compensation for our normal wet weather!

I'm really looking forward to sorting out the garden when all the work is finished. WHEN!!

Carol, ha ha about the prodder!! Indeed, the internet is the best. It's how I met Jim! Boris is a great name isn't it. When you get to see it properly, you'll see why it suits!

Heather, thank you for your lovely comments. Boris will be unveiled soon!! The ATC idea is ace, isn't it? It's wonderful to have old 'tools' for rug making. I'm sure they work better.

Bless you soulbrush! I've been bent in half planting and weeding today, is that ok?? lol. I can't help it. I'll rest this evening. Thanks for your concern, and heather's.

Hello Mildred, thanks again for the lovely gift. It's the only thing in our 'snug' that looks pristine! I love it. The back is aching a bit now from today's work, it's been so lovely, I couldn't waste it.

I'm afraid my desk is a bit of a disaster area, Jason. It's because I haven't a proper room of my own at the moment. You wait, it'll be wonderful when my new room is made!

Oh yes, I knew you would love those prodders. Aren't they just amazing? I shall use them soon.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

I love the kaleidoscope of Buster photos!! Even if he is a shoe-eater now!! Still adorable.

I love hearing what's going on in your world and I'm glad your back is better.

jinksy said...

Bless you for rising to the desk challenge! I can see you have a way to go to get up to the complexity of mine, but a very creditable effort!?! I am in awe of the barn, though - even I can't compete with a channel for cow ****!
love, Pen x

The Weaver of Grass said...

Buster looks a darling - obviously looks deceive - but at least it wasn't your shoes he ate.

BT said...

Hello Pamela, good to see you. Did you show Edward the photos of Buster?? lol. Glad you enjoyed the post.

jinksy, you are so funny! No, I don't suppose you can. I'm sad my desk didn't quite meet the required chaos, I'm working on it!!

Oh that's a good point Weaver!! Ha ha, no, they weren't! He has eaten the insides from my slippers in the past though! He's much better behaved when he's here on his own with me (as he is today, Jim off to the UK until late Sat night again).

aims said...

Gosh - what a post Gina! All willy nilly and fun!

It's been snowing on and off here today still. I'm really beginning to get down in the dumps over it.


Jason said...

I meant to say i like the Buster pic, although he is going a bit heavy on the eyeliner. :-)

BT said...

aims, it's no good, you will just have to move. That sort of weather is enough to drive anyone insane!!

Very good, Jay!!