Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Flower and Fern Mania, 28th April 2009

Another sunny and rainy day but with enough breaks in the rain to work outside. I finished weeding the fairy hill, quite a task as you have to battle with large bushes and much of it is on a steep slope. Still, all done for a while now. Then I moved up to the bank at the side of the allotment area. I had noticed that the weeds had started to grow already, since I last cleared it, particularly one I call 'Sticky Bob'. I have no idea of its real name. It grows from a tiny thin shoot then it will climb 6 feet or more up shrubs and fruit trees, given the opportunity. Then it has thousands of little white flowers that then produce thousands more little seeds to make more misery for me next year. Here it is:

What a little beast it is


I noticed as I was sticky bob removing, how wonderful the fern look at the moment. They are fresh and green and some of them are rather odd shapes. I did get a bit carried away!

3 different varieties of fern

This is probably my favourite, the huge fronds of this fern are still all curled up. They look rather alien

On this fern, the fronds are just starting to uncurl

Here the fronds are uncurling that bit more. Can you see the ones behind already open?

I think these look like sea horses

On the grotto bed, the 3 new ferns we planted last year have really grown:

The fern is the central plant, such a pretty pale green

This one has really delicate foliage

Hosta fire and ice to the left, then bugle then the little fern.

Back to the allotment bank and here are ferns and celandines with a trunk of rotting wood

Ferns and forget me nots

These are the old leaves from last year. The shape looks like a peacock's tail.

This is actually bracken just starting to grow

I think it's time for a bit of colour now. As the tulips are all but over, I thought I'd capture the few that are left:

I think the petals will have fallen off by tomorrow

The cream tulips all have a raspberry coloured blush on them and have turned almost white

In case you missed this photo on the top right hand of my blog. 3 black tulips, all in a row. How beautiful they look

This is one I haven't seen before. It must be one of the new ones Jim planted last autumn. The petals are like shells.

One last shot of these beauties before the petals fall

The grotto bed has an upstairs and a downstairs! This is the upstairs, where the black tulips are:

There you can see both the first floor and the basement! I love this grotto.

Now where? Ah, the Fairy Hill

This is part of the bottom of the fairy hill, all weeded now

One of the fairies standing in front of a burgundy viola, ringing her chimes

This bush is also at the bottom of the hill. It has tiny leaves and very tiny yellow flowers all over it. The bees absolutely love it. I risked life and limb cutting out the bramble from the centre.

These are the little yellow flowers

I manged to get just one shot of this minute little bumble bee. He's so cute

This little chap was even smaller. Look at the pollen sacks bursting. Click on them to enlarge for the best details

They moved so quickly, they were hard to get in focus

The lilac is also at the bottom of the fairy hill and is just about to burst open

The bugle is such a stunning blue

Isn't it gorgeous? I noticed I'd taken a photo of a fly on this bugle, so enlarged it, below

As flies go, he's rather splendid

My Parcel, to be taken down of May 1st - then turned into a new work of art!

Cats and Birds

I went to take a close up of the siskin on the nut holder but there was no sign of him. I wonder why??

Sandy in his 'nest'!

I hope I haven't bored you with too many photos. I should have stopped at the ferns but, as usual, I got carried away. Off to bed now as it's 3.30am!


Corrine said...

I love your fairy hill, and the ferns look fantastic. I think your sticky bob is a weed called cleavers, or sometimes goosegrass. It is actually a herb and popular in folk medicine. It is used as a cleansing spring tonic, and the juice is used as a diuretic and lymphatic can also steam it as a vegetable like spinach. Can't say I've tried it myself though.

Son1 said...

Some great pics. The ferns are a bit spiderlike!


Leatherdykeuk said...

I love ferns but it's too dry to grow them here.

deepazartz said...

Beautiful, beautiful pictures...I've ne'er seen the ferns curled & then unfurling...its so nice. The tulips are amazing...the fairy, I have no words coz I love them. The cat looks so cute:)
In short...Beautiful!

Carol and Chris said...

I love love love your fern pictures....stunning!!! I had no idea that fern's curled up....

I must take some pictures of my gardening attempts and post them on my blog

C x

BT said...

Hello Corrine, Jim has just said 'didn't you know that?' I have heard of cleavers but didn't know you could eat it!! Perhaps that would be one way of getting my revenge on it! Thanks for popping in.

Jason, I agree about the spiderlike, especially the one all curled up. A bit frightening!

I think they either grow or they don't Rachel. Mind you, we have grown them in Worthing in the shade, where it's very dry.

BT said...

deepazarta, thank you for you lovely comment. We are lucky in that the ferns are all over the place on our land. It's very damp and boggy, so they love it. I've always been a keep gardener so have watched them unfurl many times, but it still fascinates me.

Carol and Chris, thanks again for popping by. You must indeed post some photos of your gardening efforts, I'd love to see them. Always available for advice - very cheap rates!!!

Bea said...

WOW, some wonderful pictures there.
I thoroughly enjoyed the close up ones of the ferns. There is something magical about them, isn't there? Hang on to these. they would be great to digitally alter or to paint. Pictures of nature and gardens NEVER EVER bore me.
Thank you for taking the time to share them with us. :)Bea

DK Leather said...

lovely picture post, the ferns, especially the alien looking unfurled ones, are brilliant!

I spied a butterfly behind your bumblebee :-) x

BT said...

Hiya Bea, the ferns are rather magical, aren't they? I always keep the photos just in case! Glad you like them.

I thought you'd like the ferns all curled up, DK. Weird, aren't they, sort of prehistoric. I think what you think is a butterfly is another flower! The butterflies don't seem to like this bush.

Heather said...

Your garden must be so lovely to walk round. The ferns are gorgeous, I love them and want to get a few more for our shady bit. I gnash my teeth when I see those wonderful black tulips. I have tried several times to grow them but the colour never comes true for me. Like Corrine, we call sticky bob cleavers or goosegrass, and I think different parts of the country have other names for it. You're right it is a nuisance but at least you can pull it up easily.

BT said...

Hello Heather. Our garden isn't that easy to walk round when it's wet, it's a bit boggy! But when it's dry it is lovely. The orchard is particularly restful. Lots of people have said they've had trouble with black tulips. They remind me of my Grandad. I grew some many many years ago when he was in hospital (he didn't come out) and I took him the first one that opened. ~sigh~
The name sticky bob is just one I made up because the wretched stuff sticks to everything. I often make up names for things! Jim knew of course as he's a botanist, but he now calls it sticky bob too! Ha ha.

ParisBreakfasts said...

that's a very sweet kitty you have there...

Flower's Page said...

Thanks for dropping on by! I had a giggle at your sticky Bob...and yes we have it here too, as Corrine said it is called cleavers but our family call it biddy bids? Our cat rolls in it and then my daughter diligently picks out all the biddies!! I was so excited to have someone from Ireland over to visit my blog..Ireland is my ancestral and very much spiritual home. I'll be sure to pop on by again.

cinner said...

Hi, I love your blog and the pictures of the ferns are amazing. You are way ahead of us here in Canada. Just got rid of the snow. we usually don't plant until may long it was great to see your pics. I love the fairy hill. Thankyou for stopping by my blog. I definately will be back. Take Care

~Babs said...

What a fabulous tour of all things "garden".
Who'd have thought there were so many varieties of ferns? Not me!
Add in the fairlies and kitties, and what more could you want?
Super post!

Renee said...

So darling BT does that stand for black tulips?

Amazing and unique just like a certain BT I have come to know and love.


ChrisH said...

That sticky weed thing is a beggar isn't it? I have some exciting news to tell you - I planted out some tiny little seedlings in pots AND THEY ARE GROWING! I know I've got a way to go before I catch up with you, but I'm quite chuffed. (Mind you the wind up here is giving them a real duffing up.)

BT said...

Thanks Paris B, he is one of 2 we have, the other black and white.

Oh Flower, I like biddy bid! Where do we think of these names? I like the thought of your daughter picking out all the stickies! So many people have a connection with Ireland we have found. Do come again.

cinner, so good to see you, it's lovely having new visitors. Canada sounds way too cold for me! It's really sunny today and warm. Lovely. Glad you liked the photos.

Babs, I think there are many many varieties of fern! There is one in the orchard I didn't include! So glad you dropped by.

Oh Renee, you are such a sweety. You obviously missed my post on why I'm called BT! You must come back and read it, you'll love it. Love you too Renee my friend.

Chris, wow, well done you! Can't you put the little seedlings where it's a bit sheltered from the wind?? I can't wait to see them develop and some photos! Great to see you.

Monica the Garden Faerie said...

I have exactly one fern, a painted fern, though I do like them. They look so prehistoric! The groundhog actually left a few tulips standing, so they're blooming now. Love the cat and fairy, too!

katie jane said...

I love ferns, but yours are the lovliest I've seen. Your photos are beautiful.
My disintegration project disentegrated. I've nothing to show on May 1st. But I've made a new one for the summer.

BT said...

Monica, thanks for calling. Glad you like my garden. I knew you'd like the fairy! There are others hidden around! I'm so glad your tulips survived and are blooming.

Katie Jane, oh no, what happened to your bundle? It totally collapsed? Mine looks surprisingly intact. Oooh, I can take it down tomorrow. How exciting!! So glad you liked the fern photos. You'll still be able to do stage 2 with your new bundle!

marianne said...

Lovely pictures. Especially the ones of the ferns!!!

maureen said...

BT, I love your fairy, she is beautiful, as is your garden.