Thursday, November 29, 2007

Cats in the Outside World, 29 Nov 2007

It's been a somewhat miserable day. However, we decided to go outside and do a bit of work to chase away the cobwebs. Jim went down to the orchard and sawed up some of the ash tree he'd felled earlier in the year, into logs. He then barrowed it up to the barn and wielded an axe to chop them into smaller, Stanley sized pieces. It reminded me of a scene from Lady Chatterley!

I took the cats out into the front. They were not sure at all and BlackJack didn't stay out long. We'd brought their bed into the porch and it wasn't long before he was cowering back in it, all snug and warm, and that's where he stayed! Sandy was much more adventurous, following Jim into the barn and exploring all around there. He did eventually join Blackjack in their bed! In the garden, I generally cut down dead plants and flowers, trimmed up the hanging baskets and pulled weeds out. It started raining quite hard and I was cold, so around 4.30 I went inside, much to the relief of 2 little worried cats.

BJ is now on my shoulder and Sandy on my knee. Lovely.

Spent the evening watching a bit of tv, having great dinner of pasta with onions, mushrooms, pepper and chopped up sausages. Mmmm. Watched 'I'm a Celeb. Get me out of here'!! Now down to the last 3. Christopher Biggins is great and I hope he wins.

Cut up some of Jim's old pants ready for rug making or weaving. Probably do some weaving I think. Kittens were hilarious all evening, full of mischief and fun. Sandy hid behind the kitchen curtain and attacked BlackJack as he passed! Great game.

I woke up early on 30th Nov (Friday), it's now 7.25am. Cats on my knee, Stanley blazing and all's well with the world.

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