Tuesday, November 27, 2007

KITTENS Kittens, Kittens, Nov 26th 2007

Well, the big news of the day is that we picked up 2 kittens from our neighbours Pete and Sandra. They did have 9 cats at one time! While we've been away, 2 of their black and white kittens have been adopted and the ginger tom they had has disappeared. They had a gorgeous ginger kitten (which we looked after when they were away, as it hadn't long been born) and a wicked little black and white kitten we hadn't seen before! They had come to call it 'little shit' as, tiny as it was, it was a proper bully to all the other cats! So we came home with gingin and the little monster, now named Blackjack! Of course they are utterly gorgeous and have kept us entertained all evening. You would think they had lived here since birth, they seem so at home. Our neighbours keep their cats outside, but we like them inside too. They quickly settled down and have spent most of the evening curled up on my lap on the settee!

Blackjack teases the life out of Gingin, then mews pitifully when Gingin gets fed up and bites his ears! We have taken loads of photos of course, and will download some soon. Their bed is a banana box, which has little cut out sides. Blackjack uses them as windows and pokes his paws out of them as Gingin passes! We don't know what sex Blackjack is but will take them to the vets later this week and arrange vaccinations, etc and having them 'done' at the appropriate age. Pete called Sandra out to the garden yesterday and Blackjack was dragging a rat around by its throat. It's no bigger than my hand at the moment!!

The amazing thing is, as these 2 have always lived outside, they have never used a litter tray. We put one down in our kitchen and both of them used it straight away. Phew! One problem solved. We'll keep them in for a couple of days so they don't wander straight back down to Sandra and Petes' house. Let them realise they live here now.

Apart from that, Jim's been shopping for supplies, baked some bread, fabulous as usual. I've swept up flies from our bedroom and generally sorted the remaining things we brought back from the UK into new homes. Gingin is trying to pull the bedding from the banana box through the little 'window'! How boring am I going to get about these two?!

Oh we also cut up lots of wood in the barn for Stanley.

Off to download piccies now.

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