Saturday, November 24, 2007

Ireland Here We Come - 23 Nov 2007

What a day. Tried to get the kitchen decorating finished but just fell short. Decided it was time to get things ready for the Doblo. Off to Ireland tomorrow and staying until March, when I go to Australia to visit my sister. Whoopee.

The house now has boxes, tools, bags and other sundry items all ready to pack into the car in the morning, around 6am. It was too dark to pack it today by the time we'd assembled all the requisite things. I suppose I ought to go to bed, but am a bit hyper with excitement! Can't wait to get back 'home'. I bet it'll be freezing there though. We'll have to get Stanley fired up as soon as we get there.

Played some Facebook Scrabble, now off to bed.

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