Friday, November 9, 2007

Shopping, Bad Hair Day and Decorating Thurs Nov 8th 2007

I was very annoyed with myself this morning. Having gone to sleep around 5am, I slept in until 1pm. My own silly fault. I never feel like going to bed, but then I'm angry at the waste of a day. I went almost straight out to the shops, as I had one or two bits to get and needed to get my hearing aid checked at the 'Hidden Hearing' Shop. You didn't know I'm deaf? That's another story. Well, Hidden Hearing was shut, so that was a bad start.

My hair looks ghastly at the moment. Lots of grey growing through. I always think I'd like to grow it out but when it looks like it does today, I give in and head for the chemist. I walked past a hairdressers, places I normally avoid like the plague, but today I was desperate, so went in and made an appointment for tomorrow at 9.15am, so I will have to get up! My hair is long and naturally curly (thanks to my Dad) and used to be very dark brown. Goodness knows how much grey there is now, but a lot. It's also very thick. I'll decide what to do when I get there! Jim likes it long, but I'm really sick of it.

I'm feeling my age and some at the moment. I could do with going on that 'look 10 years younger' programme. Too much sun worshipping all my life has finally taken its toll on my skin, especially my top lip. If I could afford it I'd have it 'done'. Warning to all, keep out of the sun or use a very high factor sun cream.

I'm quite dark skinned (again, thanks to my Dad) so though the sun wouldn't affect me. It has....

Ah well, enough self pity. I headed back home to the decorating. Carried on until 11 pm tonight and now all the windows have a first coat and the bedroom door. Jim has started on the ceiling, a job I hate. As we go back to Ireland on the 24th ish and I'm away visiting family next week, I haven't much time left and really need to get it finished before we put it up for sale next spring.

I'm sure we'll manage somehow.

Had a bit of time on Facebook to wind down and am off to bed very soon, ready for my early morning tomorrow! Think of me and my hair traumas.

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Kat said...

good luck with the hair - can't wait to see what you decided to do with it!

btw... we; RACHEL, Luisa and I, all quit smoking, again. Hold your breath for us - we're all trying hard!!!