Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Not More Decorating? Some Scrabble Too: Tuesday Nov 6th 2008

Phew, busy busy. Up at a reasonable time, considering we settled down about 4am. Painted the outside of the big windows - from the inside! Did a bit more sanding and Jim demolished the last of the wall cupboards. The room looks huge now. I filled lots of holes with polyfilla, I think all my houses have been held up with the stuff! Just taking a quick break for a cappuccino (cup of chino my Grandson Jack calls it) and digestives and a catch up on Facebook, and here of course.

It's a bright, crisp Autumn day. In the front garden the hollyhocks are still in flower, one lovely pink one and one dark chocolate colour. In the back a fuchsia is still in full bloom. Madness in November, but beautiful.

Back later.

It's now 1.10am. I've played a bit on Facebook tonight, scrabble mostly, and made a photo album of my son, Ben. He's been travelling Australia, Thailand, Vietnam, India, came back to the UK and ran a bar in London for a while and has now gone out to Spain to run one with a friend. I miss him.

Oh dear, really must go to bed. I have been making some yellow braids to make the numbers to go on the advent calendar's pockets! I will finish it one day. And, yes, my dear husband beat me soundly at scrabulous (Facebook's version of scrabble), but only because he managed to get all 7 letters out. Grrrrrr......

Must get up early to paint the windows. Yawn.


Anonymous said...

You seem to have omitted that you were trounced 390-355 in Scrabulous. A small oversight I'm sure ... but one I'm happy to rectify.

BT said...

I hadn't been trounced when I wrote the blog. OK, I admit it, now I have been but I'll get you back at playtime.