Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Lap Cats, Limerick and Laughter, Nov 27th 2007

I've heard of lap dogs but we seem to have lap cats! If you put them down they meow to be picked up again. I have both of them on my lap at the moment and it makes it a bit awkward to type! Smudge (was Blackjack, name change this afternoon) keeps sliding down and almost falling off!

We decided to go to Limerick today to pick up some kitten supplies, a proper litter tray (instead of a cardboard box), some kitten toys and some more food. A new Tesco has opened on a trading estate outside the town. We found it without any trouble, but the whole place was deserted! Only Tesco has opened so far and it was a rainy Tuesday, so half the stock was being reduced. We bought some bits and bobs but there's only so much reduced stuff you can eat! We had to laugh. Did they have any cat toys? Not a bit of it. We headed off to another estate where there's a huge Dunne's store. Did they have any cat toys? Naaaaa. Perhaps they don't do cat playing in Ireland. More likely chuck them out and tell them to play with the rats! Ah well, we did call in MacDonalds for a much needed coffee and a muffin and had a good laugh about the rather wasted day.

I tried to get on with the 2nd hat I need to knit for Christmas for Jim's other daughter, but Smudge quickly decided the wool was just too tempting, so I gave up on that idea. Jim monopolised the computer all evening so I watched some tv and looked at some craft books. I tied 2 wooden beads on wool to the kitchen chair and the 2 kittens provided us with much amusement chasing them about in circles! We'll try and find a vet tomorrow to get them checked over.

Must get to bed, tired now.

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