Sunday, November 4, 2007

Box Blip, Un Screwing and Brilliant TV

Carried on packing more china until I ran out of boxes and tape. Disaster. I headed off to the Co-op and managed to get some boxes around the store, not nearly as many as I needed, but a start. An added bonus - there was a car boot sale in the Co-op car park, had a quick skirt round, but usual tat really. I did pick up a lovely Pittisporum shrub for £2 for back in Ireland.

Back home to be greeted by J in a t shirt. Yes, just a t shirt!!

I spent all the rest of the day disassembling the large unit on the wall of my bedroom/play room. It seemed to be held together with 1000 screws. I still hadn't managed to finish it by 9pm but a new drama called Joe's Palace was on BBC1 that I wanted to watch. Written by Stephen Poliakoff, it starred Michael Gambon as the rich absentee owner of an old house with an intriguing past. Joe becomes the 'caretaker' and an odd but intriguing relationship develops between the 2 characters. It was quite breathtaking at times, the acting, from Gambon and the chap who played 'Joe' was quite superb and the final 'past', once it was revealed, was a complete shock. It you missed it, watch out for it, they usually do a repeat some time in the week on BBC3. It was one of those rare dramas that left one with a warm glow.

Now relaxing a bit before bed. Sad news of the day, my daughter's friend died today from complications after having chemo for her leukaemia. At least she won't suffer any more.


Kat said...

thank you for mentioning Rochelle - it'd mean so much to her that SO many people, even people she never really knew, cared.

I'll look out for the telly prog too!

BT said...

Hopefully she's a happier girl now. You'd enjoy the programme I'm sure.