Saturday, November 3, 2007

Boxes, Rugby and Fireworks Sat Nov 3rd 2007

Woke late again today. Bad start to our vow to get up early each day we're here. Beautiful crisp Autumn day, blue sky, the cherry tree in our yard has leaves of russet, red, yellow and still some green. It looks gorgeous in the sunshine.
I managed to get much of the stuff in my room packed away, then ran out of boxes, so I'm moving the rest into the bedroom next door until I can get some more.
As my television doesn't seem to work, I watched an old video of a show I was in once, called 'Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs Strikes Back'. It was a pantomime with a difference. For a start I played the Fairy Godmother and thought I was in 'Cinderella' all the time and Prince Charming was re-named Prince Boring! A bit odd to see myself as I was back in 1983. Thinner, with black hair and no glasses! Ah well, time marches on and all that. I had to stop the video to go down for a coffee with Jim. When I came back up, it wouldn't work again! It seems to be stuck in the machine. I hope I can extricate it tomorrow.
Sam Burgess, Jim's Great Nephew, was playing in his 2nd Rugby League Match as part of the UK team in the 2nd of the 3 test matches against New Zealand. The UK won 44 nil. What a rout it was. Sam played well, as always, and was interviewed afterwards. So they have won the test series, the first time for many many years. It bodes well for the Rugby League World Cup to be held next year.

On Facebook, I'm playing a game of Scrabble with a lady from the US! What a wonderful thing the Internet is.

Earlier this evening, once again the air was full of explosions, whistles and bangs from the fireworks. I guess there'll be more tomorrow night, and probably all week.

My Granddaughter Kirsty has moved in with her fiancee today, the fiancee being one Jamie-Alicia (as in female)! They seem madly in love so I just hope it works out for them. Kirsty is my first Granddaughter and I was with her at her birth. She's always been a bit special.

Awful floods in Mexico, on the news, millions homeless. How lucky we are to live where we do.

Going to do a bit more clearing up now....
Until tomorrow,

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