Thursday, November 29, 2007

Cats n Vets, Rain and Rats, Nov 28th 2007

There are times, like now, when the cats drive you up the wall. I'm busy trying to catch up on my blog and they keep landing on my lap and nudging my hands. Black Jack has just put both his front paws in their water! Today I took them to the vets in Gort for a general consultation, to find out what sex they are and generally make sure they're ok. Sandy hated every minute of it and has sulked all evening. To be fair, he had his first vaccination and I think it made him poorly for a while. Now he's back to his usual self. They're chasing a grape about now! They both had ear mites so ears were washed out and squirted with 'stuff'. Fleas were sprayed and worms wormed! The black and white one is a male, so is Black Jack for good now. I always had girlie cats before, now I have 2 boys. BlackJack is too young for his vaccination, so they both go back on December 19th, BJ for his 1st and Sandy for his 2nd (and last). It didn't cost a fortune as we thought. All excellent stuff.

The rain and wind are back with avengance today too.

Jim's been trying to draw up plans for the alterations to our cottage but blamed the cats for him not having got very far!

Jim was sitting watching tv in the snug and he heard the rat/s again. One also poked its head through a hole in the kitchen ceiling yesterday. These cats will have to get bigger and do their job!

Bit of material cutting up this evening for my next craft project. Some sort of basket with re-cycled materials I think. Should be fun.

I look down and BJ is back on my lap. No idea how he arrived there. Crafty little thing.

Couple more goes at Scrabble on Facebook then off to bed.

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