Friday, November 2, 2007

Boxes, boxes everywhere - Thursday Nov 2nd 2007

Phew, what a day. I have been attacking my 'play room' here in Worthing. As we're hoping to sell, I have to make it look like a bedroom again instead of a nuclear war zone. I have to pack all the china left over from my mad ebaying days and all my bits of material (rugs, pictures, etc). Plus loads of other 'stuff'. I have so far filled about 15 boxes with books, etc as above. Carried them all into the bedroom next along from my room (which has already been decorated). Still far too much to sort out. Tomorrow.

I did listen to some old tapes which was fun. Eyam, a musical written by some students on a workshop week, which I love. I wanted to produce it in Eyam but ran out of time before I moved south. Shame. Plus a great James Gallway/Chleo Lane tape called 'Best Friends'. Reminds me of my daughter, especially the song entitled 'Lo Here the Gentle Lark' or the 'Dooby Doo' song as Kat and I call it. Great one for singing along to, but only if you're along in the house! I also found an old tape which I must have recorded of my son Ben. It has his lovely Gran on it and Kat and a friend from school called Carol. Made me very nostalgic. You can never re-capture those times.

It's an easy life living here as we have gas central heating - no Stanley to light. If it gets a bit cool, just turn up the thermostat! What fun is there in that? The garden is also about the size of a postage stamp, rather than the 5 acres we have in Ireland!

It's been like Beirut here tonight (and last night). Fireworks going off all over the place. Doesn't anyone do fireworks on 5th November anymore? I pity the poor mums with little children in bed. In Ireland of course they don't have Bonfire Night. I have wonderful memories of Nov 5th at my parents' house in Forest Hill, London. We always had a huge fire (the main excitement for us as children) and the compulsory £1 box of fireworks. Little rockets that just about made it above the tree line, Catherine wheels that always fell off onto the floor, golden rain and Roman Candles, Vesuvius and Flower Pot. Modern children would find them very boring. Little sparklers that we always held in our gloved hands. Mummy always made jacket potatoes (with just butter), Yorkshire parkin and home made toffee, black and golden. We used to let off those 'jumping jacks' and no matter where my Mum stood, they always chased her! What fabulous times they were, full of love and laughter.

Must get on and do a bit more now.

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