Sunday, December 2, 2007

Weekend Work, 1-2 December 2007

I seem to have lost Friday! We decided we didn't like our bedroom up in the poky upstairs roof room, where neither of us have been sleeping well. So, we moved our bedroom downstairs again! SO much better. We have more room, although it's still a small room, we can get down the side of the bed without banging our heads. Bliss. We both slept really well last night thank goodness.

The cats think it's great fun coming into our bedroom in the morning and chasing 'monsters' under the covers! As usual, they're both sitting on my lap, which sometimes makes typing a bit difficult!

Jim found a great website all about County Clare, where we'll be able to get our chickens when we come back from Australia in March and advice on tractors, etc. Could prove a real boon.

I moved my craft stuff up into the 'old' bedroom, so it's almost all together now. I do have rather a lot!

It's been an exciting day weather wise. Windy, raining cats and dogs and even some hail. A day for battening down the hatches. Jim did manage to dig up some chard and carrots for our dinner. Lovely. Can't wait until we can start again with the veg next year and let's hope it's a better summer.

Played much scrabulous on Facebook, now off to cut up some of the old jumble sale clothes I've collected ready for rugging or weaving, which ever takes my fancy next.

For now,

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