Thursday, November 8, 2007

More Paint, More Scrabble

Up in good time in spite of usual bedtime. Got stuck into painting outside window sills and some of inside windows, plus filling all the holes in the walls. Well, some of them. One of the walls fell apart each time I removed a picture hook! Large holes to fill. At the bottom of the same wall was a large square hole (odd shaped mouse?). I stuffed newspaper in the hole, in the time honoured fashion, but it just kept going in and disappearing! I did manage to get some to stay put and stuck some filler in front of it. Needs more filler tomorrow, if it hasn't all fallen out by then.

My poor daughter, not only has she just lost a best friend from leukaemia, her partner Rachel was thrown and fell badly at Jujitsu yesterday evening and broke her ankle. They didn't think it was too bad at the hospital, gave her a temporary plaster and she had to go back today. Turns out her ankle is a bad break, she was operated on for about 4 hours and is now full of plates and pins a la bionic woman! She is not at all happy and has to stay in the hospital for several days. It'll drive her absolutely nuts. She is a writer and is mostly to be founds pounding away on the computer. She won an award for her book last year and it is being published in April, I think.

A trip to B & Q was necessary this afternoon for some masonry paint and paint for the bedroom walls, ceiling and cornice. Wednesdays are 'OAP' days. As my husband qualifies for this esteemed position (he'll hit me now), he has a most useful card enabling him to obtain 10% discount on Weds, so if it's B & Q, it must be Wednesday! We bought said paint, then just had to go outside to see whether there were any distressed plants that needed rescuing in their garden centre outside. Luckily for us, they had some lovely trees, half price. We resisted the temptation to buy too many but did buy a weeping birch, plus 2 other trees, a Himalayan Birch and a dark purple leaved one. They'll be heading for Ireland of course. Another journey with trees dangling around my neck.

Tonight we've mostly played scrabble on Facebook! Must stop doing that, but it is fun playing with people from all over the world (and Jim in his study next door). You may have noticed his comment after he beat me yesterday. Well, the worm has turned. Just you wait for today's result....

This coming weekend, we are going to Dorset on a 2 day basket weaving course. As much of our land in Ireland is a willow plantation, we thought we'd better learn to make use of it. We're spending the night in a delightful one bedroom cottage, so it'll be like a mini holiday.

I must concentrate on getting Jack's advent calendar finished so I can take it to him in a couple of weeks time. I'll take some photos of it if I ever get that far.

Cup of chino time now, plus a packet of crisps.

SCRABBLE: Would you believe that the game was a draw!! How bizarre is that? I'm cross that I didn't win but for ages I didn't have any vowels! Next time......

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