Wednesday, November 21, 2007

More Decorating, More Mess Weds Nov 21, 07

Not much to report today. We've moved our decorating endeavours (that's Morse's first name by the way) downstairs to the kitchen, utility room and toilet. The cistern in the loo was broken, so Jim was brave and fitted a new one. One minor flood later, a trip to the shops to buy a new pipe and all was done and working. The local shops were sadly lacking in waste pipes, so Jim had to re-fit the old one, poo and all!! It has a very small leak, so tomorrow it's off to find plumbing merchants for the required pipe. When he had removed said pipe, the hole in the floor was directly into the sewer. I was waiting with baited breath to see whether any ratties might appear but luckily they didn't. We can do toilets!!

I have filled many holes in the walls and given the woodwork the customary first coat of magnolia (neutral colours when you're intending to sell). Unfortunately, the dining room now looks rather like a cross between a jumble and car boot sale. All the things from the kitchen/utility/loo, are spread everywhere. AAAAH!! We did manage to pick up a load of banana boxes today, extremely useful for packing heavy items such as books, so we may be able to get straight one day. Some of it will go with us to Ireland on this coming Saturday, so that will help. We're hoping to get the kitchen/utility/loo finished by the time we leave.

Enough of a break, better get painting.....

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