Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Sunshine and Flowers 25th November 2009

Lake Walk

I couldn't believe it when the sun was shining today, so I took Buster down to the lake - the short walk this time. Unlike our last walk, when the heavens opened almost as soon as we'd got out of the door, the sun stayed out. There wasn't much heat in it and it was windy, but lovely all the same.

This is the stream we walk past that flooded the bottom of our road. I took this 2 days ago.

You can see that things have calmed down a lot in the photo above, taken today.

Walking along the road to the lake and half of it is dry at least.

The sky was beautiful and the sun shone on the wet grass.

We passed Kevin's tractor and Merriman is sitting by the barn, guarding the cows, now warm inside.
The fishing stand is still well under water. You can just see the sign at the end of it poking out of the water. I took this from Kevin's garden.
This was as far as we could venture today.
As I turned to go back to the path, this cloud was over Kevin's house. It almost looks like smoke belching from his chimney.

Lough Graney looks beautiful, blue and calm.

There were more wonderful clouds on the way back.
The wind farm was quite clear on the horizon. If you click on any photo to enlarge it, you can see more detail.

Grasses and Wire

Kevin's cattle in the barn, happily feeding. Buster wondered if there was anything for him!
More super clouds, one like a teddy's head, and Lough Graney in the distance. Sunshine!

Probably my favoutite photo of the day.

Here I joined 2 photos to show the long shadows the sun was making on the hillside.

In The Deenery Garden Today

This little sycamore tree is just inside our gate and the leaves are only just turning.

A pretty fern with leaves below it and gravel on the right among mossy stones.

This rose weaves in among the magnolia bush and is still covered in buds. It's been a real treat this year.

A lot of the campanula has had a new lease of life.

'The Woven' had blown over in the storms, so I stood it up again. It's getting very faded:

The geranium have managed to survive some cold nights.

And the abutilon.

The heather is looking pretty both at the front...
and the back.

A few marigolds are still hanging on

and this pretty osteospernum.

Can you believe this lupin? You'd think it was July!
One of the fairies on The Fairy Hill, a bit buried in the grass!

From there I took this photo of the cottage. You can clearly see the old part and the new, flat roofed extension.

Finally, along it came.... more rain!

Inside, the cats had made themselves comfortable on my chair! Typical.

I hope you enjoyed our walk to the lake and a little one round the garden.


Anonymous said...

Nalley and I both enjoyed the walk and especially the beautiful sky pictures. I love your Heather plant. I have no luck growing it here. Those kitties are cute as can be. Hope you are doing well.

Renee said...

BT your garden is beyond incredible.

I hope your daughter doesn't have COPD, that is a horrible disease of the lungs.

Love Renee xoxo

Stampmaiden said...

As usual you've treated my eyes to beautiful pics. You have such wonderful images to capture and it's all about nature. Very nice.

BT said...

Thank you Mildred, Renee and Linda. I have emailed your replies.

Bella Sinclair said...

Oh so very beautiful. I cannot believe you still have such magnificent blooms at the tail end of November. And oh! You really do have a fairy living on Fairy Hill!

I know some people hate wind farms, but I find them so fascinating. They are like tireless sentinels. Or aliens.

Leatherdykeuk said...

Splendid hedge parsley photo and wow! at the lupin!

Jason said...

The "installation" looks good on its side. Gald you have had a bit of sun. x

soulbrush said...

what sublime and utter beauty i see around you, takes my breath away, specially as a londoner. the atc trading group is:
and i am 'joss' there. i think you will be amazed at how much i have done, do join us, you can do as much or as little as you want. it's great fun! good for dark snug evenings.

Bea said...

Sigh, I leave a long detailed thrilling comment and then poof, it goes away.
I can't believe you still have flowers blooming. We got our first stick to the ground snow, last night.
My Cleo and Louie would never sit together so nicely for a picture. Louie would be trying to hug Cleo. Hissing and spitting might occur.
I love the close up shots.
I love the composition of one of the landscape shots.
The leaves should be a desktop background.
Hmmmm, it's Thanksgiving Day here.
You don't even want me to get started on food related holidays around here. :)Bea

The Weaver of Grass said...

Oh dear - be careful of those cats Gina - they have conquered Buster and made themselves at home on his bed - it is your turn next.
That lupin is amazing. I agree about your best photograph - that would win a competition!
Could you please send that sun over here = we are desperate for it.

aims said...

Your favourite pic made me smile - and oh how I need that today!

I'm not a gardener and I don't know if I have to do anything special for my miniature rose bush I have in an antique something or other. Especially since we get very cold weather. Any suggestions?

BT said...

Hello Bella, I have several fairies on Fairy Hill! I like wind farms too and this one changes so much in terms of colour and movement. I'm surprised at all our flowers too!

Heather said...

Lovely walk Gina and great photos - so many flowers still blooming in your garden. I love your favourite photo and the little fern. Those cats know a thing or two don't they? Ours is curled up on my pillow - good job I don't suffer from asthma!

Penny said...

Such a lovely walk, glad you had some sun, we are getting too much, so it is lovel to see the damp lushness of your area.

steven said...

bt thanks for this walk. i loved the scenes big and little but especially the rainy ones and i know that that sounds odd but i love rain even though my heart broke for all the people whose lives are temporarily or permanently ruined by the tragedy that has spread across britain. my town went through the very same thing a few years back and my mother-in-law's home was flooded right out so i speak from personal and challenging experience!!!! steven

BT said...

Thanks Rachel, I knew you'd like the lupin!

Thanks J. A little sun today but cold.

I'm so glad you appreciate it soul and thanks for the group info. I've joined,so now I need to get my finger out and make some ATCs!!

Bea, Weaver and aims, I've emailed you. xxx

BT said...

Hello Heather, my cats aren't allowed in the bedrooms. Yours are obviously even more spoiled than ours!
I'm glad you enjoyed the photos and my surprising amount of flowers!

Hello Penny, good to see you. Too much sun? I don't think we'll ever get than in Ireland!

Hello Steven, I know what you mean about rainy photos, they do have a certain 'something' don't they? It's sometimes hard to capture though. Thanks for visiting.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

What a wonderful walk about. I am glad it isn't quite as flooded around you.

Caroline said...

I really enjoyed this post and those pictures of the late flowers are lovely. It's quite amazing the they are still around to be admired! Your cats remind me so much of mine!!