Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Bed Swap Continues.... Rain Rain. 12.11.09

The Saga of Buster's Bed Continues

Poor Buster, this time he lost his bed to both of the cats!

Now the only combination we haven't had is Buster and both cats, but I think that's a bit unlikely!


I received my X a couple of days ago from Lolo. It's quite brilliant, a treasure map made especially for me and 'X marks the spot'.

Lolo made this out of parchment. That naughty raven has hopped across the island and found the treasure before me, proclaiming it's 'mine'!! The jewels sparkle in the light. On the left is written 'Gina's Treasure Map'. Isn't it just fabulous?

Now I just have the 'Z' to come and I know this is from Laure and have seen it posted on our blog 'ABC/ATCs Around the World'. It's one of Laure's beautifully decorated letters and that will complete my set of Artist Trading Cards A - Z.

I was given a hanging ATC holder by a long time friend of mine, Nikki. We used to work in the bank together. It has been hanging in the kitchen and I've gradually added all the letters. It was a fantastic gift, Nikki, perfect for this project.

Extension Progress

Anthony the carpenter was supposed to come today and carry on with door surrounds and skirting boards, but he didn't turn up. Maybe tomorrow!!


Apart from the odd peep of sunshine, it has mostly been rather cold, wet and windy! Yesterday (Wednesday), Jim went shopping and bought some paint for the rooms. Now I'm really excited!
I saw him off and stayed out on our lane and cleared some of the grass from the road and filled in some of the pot holes. It does look a bit better. I managed about an hour before the rain came down again and I had to retreat inside. I wasn't wearing any gloves and my hands are a mess now, with thorns in them and broken nails.

Today I cleaned some of the windows in the extension. That was a job and a half as they have some mastic, plaster and all sorts of things stuck to them. They do look much better though.

Jim's Volunteer Work

Jim has volunteered to help 'older people' learn to use computers. His first day was today and he was helping a lady who has had a computer for a while but it's never been set up! Some of the help required is pretty basic, like using the mouse (I remember falling off the mat several times when I first used one)!! His regular class will be on Monday mornings in Ennis, a town not that far away from us.

I have just been making and altering some ATCs (Artist Trading Cards) for those of you who didn't win the 'Raggy Bag' in my Prize Draw held to celebrate 2 years blogging for me. They will all be posted in the next few days.

Christmas is fast approaching and I have done absolutely nothing towards it so far. ~sighs~

Happy Thursday Everyone, oh, it's nearly Friday!


Anonymous said...

That is funny about the multiple pet bed!!! I have not yet started on Christmas gifts either. It is still quite warm here but breezy. I have lots of leaves to clear from the driveway this weekend. I'm sad the carpenter did not show up for you. I know you would like to get things finished up. Can't wait to see your paint colors. Wonderful that Jim is helping people with their computers - what a great treat for them.

Bella Sinclair said...

Hello, hello! Christmas? Oh please, not yet, please. Your new floors look beautiful! And I am giggling over the saga of Buster's bed. Poor Buster. Well, he doesn't seem to mind. The cats are a butt warmer.

The ATCs look like so much fun. My head is light from seeing all the wonderful and different styles.

Thank you for your sweet message. Warm hugs to you!

Lynn said...

Cute kitties...and Lolo's art rocks!

Bea said...

What with these workmen? and Jim are approaching SAINTHOOD you know.
Love the kitties sleeping together. There is no way on earth that Louie and Cleo would sleep together. Louie likes to hug and Cleo doesn't like to be touched.
How great of Jim to take on that helpful job. I bet a lot more people will be using their computer now. I hope he is showing them how to get to your blog! :)Bea

kj said...

gina, i did not expect to come here and find my friend lolo's 'X'. i should have known you were part of the abc club of artsies! so now i do.

a pleasure, gina.


Nikki said...

Still reading, life manic at the mo. so haven't been commenting:)
I am waiting patiently for the Z to arrive so you can put up a piccie of the whole alphabet! Glad the picture pockets came in handy.
Will endeavour to email after this weekend's over. House is looking good!! :)

Jason said...

Ohh Jack would love to see the treasure map! Sounds excellent work from Jim, very useful.

See you next week.


Heather said...

Poor old Buster - he must be very tolerant of those cats. The 'X' ATC is brilliant and I love it. Hope the workmen turn up today and that you don't get too much awful weather though the warnings are dire. But I think they like to frighten us sometimes. So far for us it is just wet, but we are warned of gales to come and very heavy rain.

Carol said...

I take my hat off to Jim...I think everyone should volunteer a little of their time to help's so rewarding!!

C x

BT said...

Aren't they funny, MIldred? lol. I'm glad someone else is all behind for Christmas. We have awful weather warnings at the moment, heavy rain and strong winds. MORE rain! The carpenter is here today and putting handles on the doors and hopefully the skirting boards. Jim's a good man, isn't he?

Ha Ha Bella. Glad you're not sorted either. Oh poor Buster! I've loved doing the alphabet ATCs and some of the others are wonderful - and all so different, as you say.

Hugs back to you too. xxxx

Doesn't it just Lynn.

We seem to be part of a fairly small group of bloggers kj, I'm often surprised when I visit others, how many of the commenters I know. Lolo is wonderful.

Oh Nikki, I wondered if you were ok, I'm so glad you are, if horribly busy. Don't worry if you're too busy to email. Would be good to have a catch up though. I love my pocket holder.

Hi Jason, the treasure map is very small of course but I will try and remember to bring it with me.

Heather, the weather looked awful on the forecast last night. I think we are all in for some pretty ghastly rain and strong winds.

Isn't my 'X' wonderful? Lolo has such great ideas.

Thank you Carol. I agree with you, but haven't found anything for me to do yet. Love, Gina xxx

Lisa at Greenbow said...

That Lolo is fantastic. Such a good idea.

Poor Buster. He will have to lay claim to his bed when it is really cold.

I hope your house is completed by Christmas so you can sit back and enjoy the holiday.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Perhaps you have caught that "not done anything yet for Christmas" off you builders, who seem fantastic at not turning up! Don't worry Gina, you can easily catch up (says she who hasn't done a thing either). Tomorrow is another day (and probably a wet one, so easy to do some baking indoors.) Have a good weekend.

HelenMHunt said...

Your cats look delightful x

DK Leather said...

ace fun post!

Well done Jim :-)

whoop look forward to seeing the ATC cards!

As for ~cough~ that date in December? I'm still glibly ignoring it.. lol

BT said...

Thank you Lisa, I hope it's ready too.

Hello Weaver, I was inspired to do some card sorting tonight! Well, I'm trying to decide what to make this year. We'll see. It's a start!

Thank you Helen.

Glad you enjoyed it K. Oh you mean CHRISTMAS!!! lol. xx