Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Jim's Walk, We Have Doors and Floors!

Jim's Walk

2 days after my walk with Buster to the Lough, Jim took the same walk - with the same dog of course! The water had receded a little but as it was just below the fishing stand, it was splashing through it and Buster didn't like that! It was also wet and windy, so the lake was rather choppy. Here are Jim's few photos:

Buster was a bit worried!
Then the wave came over the boards and he beat a hasty retreat!!

Look at the wave splashing against the fishing stand. It looks like the sea!

There was a bit of a stand off between Buster and this black bullock. Buster ran!!
I love this photo of a rather soggy bullock with its curly coat!

The Buster Bed Saga Continues:

This time BlackJack crept into bed with Buster. Now we just need either both the cats in there or all three of the animals!

New Floors and Doors

All the floors in the extension have now been put down and the doors put on their hinges and made to fit. We still need skirting boards for the floors and handles for the doors and the frames finishing off, but Anthony the carpenter thinks he'll have it finished by Friday.

Jim and I are going to paint the spare bedroom and move into it temporarily as it will be the quickest job, then we can concentrate on the other rooms, especially Jim's office, my studio and our bedroom. Jim's office will be our present bedroom, which is at the exact opposite end of the house from mine!! We'll be talking to each other on msn messenger, as we used to when we first chatted, before we'd met.

I spent some of today cleaning the doors in my room. Also sweeping up piles of sawdust from the carpenter. Jim says he'll use it to put between our strawberry plants.

My Playroom door!

Our bedroom door. Ok, they're all the same so I won't show you any more!!

Our bedroom floor.

The spare bedroom floor. It looks tiny but a double bed will fit in there. Jason you'll have to climb over!! lol.

The sun room floor. It looks huge now!

But lurking in the corner...... ah!, what a mess! I'll clear that up tomorrow. I've done the other rooms.

The sun room light and fan combined. I won't bore you with any more photos of the work today!

My Rug

My new rug is coming along well. It's a slow process as every piece of wool has to be cut to size and then hooked through one at a time.

ATC from Lisa

As part of our alphabet swap, I received a gorgeous 'Y for Yak' from Lisa. I love her animal ATCs and this is probably my favourite:

The envelope was beautiful too, and the writing paper Lisa used for a lovely note. 'Let's meet for Tea!' it says. I wish Lisa.

Now I only have to wait for my X and Z and I have a full set. We are going to take photos of all ten sets and post them on our own and the site's blog.


One of my actress friends from the UK sent me the newspaper article about the service and celebration of Philip's Life, the friend of mine who died, aged 45, on 11th October.

A Wedding

My granddaughter Kirsy (photo on last blog post), has got engaged to her partner, Kerry, and they are planning their wedding for May 2011. I'm happy that she has found someone she feels she wants to share her life with and am looking forward to the occasion, to be held at Clumber Park in Nottinghamshire. When Ben, my youngest, was small, we used to visit Clumber a lot and hire bicycles for the afternoon. It's a fabulous venue and they have a hotel there where you can get married and hold the reception. A whole year to wait. Boo.

That's about all the news for now. I have done some gardening in spite of the weather. There's so much to do both inside and outside. Then there's Christmas. I haven't started to make our cards yet. Rush rush rush.

Happy Tuesday everyone.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Your home will be completed in no time now. It is all coming together. I bet you can't wait.!
Glad you got the Y. Poor Buster. You will have to get him a larger bed so they can all fit in together. tee hee.

Arija said...

Such a comprehensiv post! I dont know where to start...love Buster and renovations and the yack does things to me too.

BT, there is no reason that you could not grow a tree peony if you change the PH of the soil. I take it that in Ireland it would be acidic with all those peat bogs. The climate should be allright sinve they grow in Beijing.
My soil is acidic too but can be corrected with lime and yearly toppings of dolomite.

kj said...

hello gina, here i am!

and what a varied and interesting post to enter. i'll be back.


Anonymous said...

Good evening, I love your floors, doors and light/fan fixture - really beautiful choices. I love your rug - I made one when I was a teen and it was a chore! Your pets look so cute cuddling close. Lisa's ATC is really adorable; thank you for sharing it. Don't you overdo & get sick for the upcoming holidays - it will all get done and be beautiful.

Lynn said...

So much to see and read about here. Interesting all of it.
I envy you those floors. We want to have ours done come summer. I think laminate will be our choice that looks like wood.

Leatherdykeuk said...

What splendid woodwork!

K&K marry in May 2011, not next May!

Jason said...

Ohh all coming on very well, lovely floors and doors, look forward to seeing it. The spare room looks fine!


Heather said...

Great photos of Buster, bullocks and cat. We always expect lakes to be calm so it's a surprise to see waves on them. Your new floors are beautiful and just the place for the rug you are making. Love the ATCs and what could be nicer than a wedding to look forward to.

Raph G. Neckmann said...

What beautiful floors - you give me inspiration for Necky Knoll House!

The walk with the landing stage looks amazing - it must be a lovely place for artists to paint.

Bea said...

How wonderful to have your floors and doors finished, they look beautiful! :)Bea

BT said...

Thank you Lisa, no, I can't wait. Oh your Yak is gorgeous, I love love it. I think we'll have to bring the cats' beds down here and they can all fight it out!

Hello Arija, good to see you. Thanks for your advice on the Tree Peony. I've always lived where there is acidic soil!

kj, hi, thanks for calling and leaving a comment this time instead of 'lurking'!! lol. I'll be over to yours shortly.

Hi Mildred. I'm happy that you like my doors, floors and light. And my rug, it's coming along. I have just come in from the garden as it's raining and I'm rather wet but I'll try hard not to get sick. Thank you for your kind thoughts.

Hello Lynn. I have used laminate before but the wood really really is so much better. It's probably worth spending just that bit more if you can.

Oh crikey, I thought they married next May Rachel, silly old me!! I'd have been there all dressed up and nowhere to go. lol! Glad you like the woodwork.

Thanks Jason, it's small but we'll fit it out well so that there's room for clothes, etc and it's next to the bathroom, which is always good!

Ah, Heather my friend. Jim's photos were fun, weren't thy? I know what you mean about lakes. I remember going to Windemere in the Lake District and it was just like a choppy sea. I love my floors! I will need lots of rugs though, but I think we'll buy one for the sun room as it's so big. I am a year out with the wedding, it's 2011!!!

Raph, great to have you visit, did you come alone? lol. I have never seen any artists there, but you are right, it would be an excellent spot. Aren't my floors wondrous? I'm not sure how well they'd be with giraffy hoofs on them though? Buster's feet go click clack!

Oh Bea thank you. The tidying up should be done by Friday. Skirting boards and such. Woo hoo.

DK Leather said...

~chuckles~ re the date - May 7th 2011! :-)

The floors look wonderful, really beautiful. That's what we want throughout the house, only we're doing it room by room as we can manage lol. xxx

The Weaver of Grass said...

When I was much younger we used to go to Clumber Park (from Lincoln) to see the rhodendrons. Maybe we could have passed each other on one of the footpaths - we shall never know!
Like your doors - are you rubbing wax into them? They look just like our doors and that is what we have been advised to do.

kj said...

gina, a rabbit only on wednesdays. thanks for stopping by. my pleasure to do the same.


Carol said...

Ooohhh your floors are just stunning!!!

C x

Mim said...

so glad you got your floors done - they look beautiful!
I love Buster - he has such an expressive look about him. He's adorable and must be fun to have around.
And that rug! wow!!