Monday, November 30, 2009

Poppy and Sonny + Goodies from Bea, 29th November 2009

Goodies from Bea

When I did my last post, I forgot to put on the wonderful parcel I received from Bea, some time ago now. We'd moved things round so many times I've only just re-discovered it. I received it just before I went to Spain.

I can't remember what I did to deserve this super pack of goodies, but I think it was a give-away! Whatever it was, I was thrilled with all the contents:

I particularly loved the little box with the picture on the top and that wonderful piece of black netty kind of material! Jim saw that and said, 'it's strange what some people get excited about!'.

Look at those fantastic serviettes.
And this cute little basket. I bet Kitty and Poppy would like to play with that when they visit.
On the right, some super stencils and at the top, lots of pretty paper and 2 lace doilies, one is heart shaped.
And finally, a very pretty fabric ATC. This has gone in the bottom of my alphabet ACT wall hanger as there were 30 pockets and of course only 26 had been filled. I have also put 2 in from The Weaver of Grass and one from Stampmaiden (Linda).

Bea had previously sent me a fabric postcard, posted on its own, like a proper postcard. It was not dirty or spoiled at all from going through the post all the way from the USA to Ireland!

Jim's UK Trip

Jim stayed with his daughter Jenny in our UK house in Worthing. Jenny is married to Matt and their son, Sonny is now almost 4 months old. It's hard to believe how quickly the time goes! Of course Jim took lots of photos and I'll pick a few for you.

Sonny now. How cute is his face? He was actually quite poorly when Jim was there with a nasty cold and that made his tummy bad too. But he managed the odd smile here and there.

Sonny and him Mummy.

Sonny trying his best to smile.

Jim's older daughter Ali's daughter Poppy will be 1 on 1st December. Now that really is amazing! Jim, Jenny, Matt and Sonny went visiting.

Poppy and Sonny. Of course Poppy thinks Sonny is a lovely toy to play with.

Poppy, almost walking now.

Poppy and Grandad Jim.

Daddy Matt feeding Sonny - you can see who Sonny looks like!

They held a party for Poppy, a few days early, but she didn't know!! She was as good as gold and loved her presents. We bought her one of those 'touch feely' books and she knew which parts to feel. It was called 'That's not My Snowman'. We're also buying shares in a car seat for her.

Present opening time with Daddy Joe, Poppy, Jenny at the back and Ali.
Jim's son Russell and his wife Caz also came. Poppy looks a bit bemused by all the action.

Cake Time. Sonny had had enough!

Poppy had a wonderful time with her chocolate cake and after a while Ali put her in the high chair as she got messier and messier!

Chocolate Heaven!!


A great time was had by all. I'm sorry I missed it but maybe next year. It was lovely for Jim to have all his family together.

I'm still making Christmas cards so I haven't too much time for blogging. Happy Monday everyone.


marianne said...

Looks great!
Love that picture from Sinny smiling, what a cute little boy!

Wonderful stuff you got there, I am sure you can make beautiful things with them!

Have a nice week!

Jason said...

Looks like the kids are all doing well. Poppy looks so grown up. Poor Sonny, horrible being poorly. Kitty and Jack have boht had a real stinker.

Great pictures. x

Leatherdykeuk said...

Love the sewn postcard!

Carol said...

That package is wonderful...was a brilliant thing to get through the post!!

love the chocolate smeared all over little Poppy's face!!

C x

BT said...

Thanks for your comment Marianne, I hope I can do Bea's things justice!

Hi Jason, Poppy does look grown up doesn't she, but she's tiny! Still in some of her 6-9 month clothes. Poor Jack and Kitty. Hope they're over it now.

Thanks Rachel.

Hi Carol, kids and chocolate, a great combination!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

What beautiful Grands. Your package was a delight to find I am sure. It will be intersting to see what you do with some of it. Have a great week.

Bea said...

Awww, have fun with the package. I was watching a show on our public TV station the other night about designers. This one guy took the camera guy over to ONE of his worktables. It was covered with things, all kinds of things. Zeus turned to me and said, "God, that looks like your worktable. Could he be your twin?" lol Spreading out cool stuff and just touching it and looking at it inspires some of us. I hope it inspires you, too. And, tell Jim that black cheesecloth put on top of canvas with gel medium give wonderful texture to a painting or whatever. :)Bea

The Weaver of Grass said...

Happy Monday to you too Gina.
Those photos of the children are lovely.
Yes I would get excited about that black netty thing - tell Jim he doesn't know what he is missing. I would be thinking what to do with it, where to place it what to put underneath it to shine through - ah the endless possibilities for the textile artist.

Heather said...

Lovely pics as usual Gina - you'll have a great time planning how to make use of all those gorgeous goodies. Love the ATC and postcard. Sonny already has a proper little boy face and Poppy is growing up fast.

Anonymous said...

Lovely gifts you received from Bea. So nice to see Jim's family photos. Poppy has grown so since I saw her last - what a beautiful child she is - Happy Birthday to her. And Sonny, what a sweetheart. I want to thank you for the gorgeous butterfly ATC I received by mail from you today. I will treasure it always. It's so very beautiful and thanks to all the lovely photos you have shared, I can picture you at work on it with the pets nearby! Thank you so very much.

Lynn said...

goodies, babies, goodies, babies...nice to see both...finally someone who posts as many or more photos per post as I do!!! LOL thanks for sharing.

BT said...

Thanks Lisa, wasn't I lucky.

Bea, that made me laugh about Zeus's comment! I told Jim and he laughed about the black cheesecloth. I just need to get the gel medium now.

We're all as bad, aren't we Weaver? I loved my black netty stuff!

Hello Heather, won't I just have fun? Sonny does a a proper boy face, doesn't he? He's a little character too. Poppy is so cute and so little, like her mum and dad.

Hello Mildred, I'm so glad your ATC arrived and that you like it. It was just for you of course!! I will be in my new studio one day then I will take a photo and you can still see where I'm working from. Take care my friend, Gina xx

Hello Lynn, ha ha, we are big photo posters aren't we?? I had about 100 to choose from of Jim's, so I did well to reduce them to the ones I chose!! Today I've taken over 100 again as it was a frosty morning, so there'll be another barage of photos!!

kj said...

sonny and poppy are totally adorable. i have two little ones in my life these days and i love watching their every move.

gina, a parcel's on it's way to you.... :)


Mim said...

What a lovely family, and I so love the name "Poppy" - it's adorable. Sonny is as cute as can be, even sick.
have fun with your cards!

aims said...

It always interests me to see what other people are making and what they are into. I had never heard of ATC's until I came across your blog.

Jim has no idea what we can get excited about!

soulbrush said...

your photos are fantastic with the frost on the!! and i love all the baby photos here too. are you still gonna do the atcs in january with us? i do hope so. happy card making to you.