Saturday, November 14, 2009

Boris Has Landed, 14th November 2009

Boris Has Landed

Do you remember that Jim and I bought a crazy table some time ago? It was so heavy that the lad down the road, Danny, had to come and help us move it into the barn for storage. Danny always gives things names and thus the table became 'Boris'. Jim and I managed to get it up onto the motor barrow and drove it to the back of the house. We then manhandled it into the sun room. Oh, he looks just splendid!

Another view.

A closer view. We put him on one of my rugs to protect the floor.

An atmospheric Boris

Evening Boris - taken by Jim just now.

Well, isn't he 'different' I think the word is? It seems to be carved out of the bottom of a large tree. I always thought he'd look good in the sun room. I'm aiming for an Eastern/Moroccan look. We've been discussing curtains today. Of course we still haven't the skirting boards in yet and we have to paint the walls and ceiling, but we already have the paint for that and the rest should be finished on Monday.


Just a quick photo of them both in front of Billy Boiler! I called them so that they looked up. They then decided to have a fight and I had to break it up. Crazy cats.

Buster had his dinner in the porch then disappeared again and hasn't returned yet. Bad dog. He spent most of yesterday out with the pack of motley dogs. Michael the farmer owns 2 dogs just like Buster and we used to hear them circling the countryside all day. They passed through here and there were about 6 dogs all together! Now we hear a familiar, somewhat higher howl amongst them - Buster! I'm sure he has no idea what they are supposed to be doing - but just loves the running about, smelling everything and howling like crazy!! He was exhausted when he came in and slept all evening - after he'd cleaned himself up.

Is it usual for dogs to clean themselves? Buster licks himself rather like a cat does. Did he learn this from the cats or do other dogs do it? I don't remember any of my previous dogs cleaning themselves.


Strictly Come Dancing is on at 6.50 and the competition is really hotting up. My favourite programme of the week and it's even better on our new, larger television.

That's about it for today. 10 minutes to blast off. Happy Sunday everyone. xxx


sam said...

boris isn't so much a table, more a shelving unit, rather splendid one at that. look forward to seeing you on tuesday xxxx

Jason said...

Mmm, is Boris a picnic table for strange shaped people? :-)

Sounds like its all coming on lovely. See you soon, xx

steven said...

i love "boris" - what a cool design!!! it would be very interesting to know his origins and how he arrived where he is. right from his being a seed through to being a part of your home. have a lovely evening. steven

Bea said...

I remember that table and wowowoSER it looks wonderful in the sunroom. PERFECTO.
Cats are adorable.
Buster is so funny, out hanging with his peeps. :)Bea

Arija said...

Oh BT, I love Boris ... does he eat very much? What a well behaved pet!

Leatherdykeuk said...

What a magnificent table - reminiscent of two great squat tods shagging! *envious*

Yes, dogs lick themselves constantly.

BT said...

I suppose you could see it that way!! NO, it's definitely a table!!

Silly Jason!! It's a table, a coffee table. And it has lovely holes to put Xmas deccies in!!

I'm so glad you like Boris Steven. We think the wood is 'Rude Teak', ie, rough!! lol. It must have been one big tree!

Hello Bea, glad you like Boris too! And the cats.... Buster was off with his mates again this afternoon and is worn out again.

Arija, you're as silly as we are. He eats whatever we spill on him!!!

I thought you'd like Boris Rachel. He is splendid! I can't remember our dogs licking them selves that much. I've probably just forgotten!

Carol said...

Oooohhh I LOVE Boris!!! I'm a sucker for anything unusual like that!!

C x

Heather said...

Boris is splendid - no wonder you bought him, and he looks just right standing on one of your rugs. I think dogs do clean themselves, especially if they've got muddy and country dogs always get muddy. We have lovely sunshine today - do hope you have some too. Happy painting!

Mim said...

I love that table and love his name also, very creative sculpter.
Boris is in with a pack, one of my dogs used to do that. It kind of worried me, wondering if they were reverting to crazy pack behavior..but he did have a good time presumably and also came home exhausted...but never licked himself clean.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

You should never feel lonely with Billy Boiler to keep you warm and Boris Table to entertain. Boris is quite handsome. What a lively fellow.

Anonymous said...

We have a neighbor who makes furniture much like Boris. Too expensive for us, but I do so love to visit him and see his extraordinary work. Boris looks beautiful in the new sun room and your colorful rug is a nice addition. Love the kitty photo and shame on Buster for running with the boys!!!

BT said...

Thanks Carol, me too!

I'm so pleased you like Boris Heather. The rug is temporary, I think we'll put those 'sticky feet' under him when we've decided on his exact spot! We've had sunshine too today and no rain - yet!

Thank you Mim. I'm glad ours isn't the only dog who runs with a pack. They don't seem to cause any damage and ignore most people they see!!

Thank you Lisa, Boris is a fine table, isn't he? And Billy Boiler is working hard now the weather is colder.

Hello Mildred, I'm glad you like my rug and of course Boris! The rug will be moved later on. Buster has disappeared again this afternoon! I have never seen a table in that style before. Funny that you have a neighbour who makes such things! I hope the sun's shining for you.

Heckety said...

Crazy table huh? Crazy,I'll admit but Table? hmmm, jury's out on that one...

KathyB. said...

I totally see the attraction to Boris! Beautiful table. Actually looks like a piece of art.

DK Leather said...

omgoodness, Boris is fantastic!!

Look forward to seeing the place, it's really looking great :-) xxx

BT said...

I am back and thank you all for your lovely comments. I have emailed you all individually. I will catch up with my blog as soon as I can. Love to everyone. xxx