Wednesday, November 4, 2009

And The Winner Is..........

Prize Draw

Drum roll please while Mr James Deen dips his hand in his Guinness Glass:

And the winner of my 2 year bloggy celebration prize is:


Well, soul, I do hope you are pleased. Now I have 4 Raggy Bags made at the moment and thought maybe you'd like to choose the one you prefer, so here I am modelling them!

Buster clearly thinks the black and white one!! There's another photo of that on my side bar, and one other. The one in front of me next to the black and white one is slightly smaller than the others. So please let me know soul.

I'm sorry to disappoint the others but when I'm in my studio proper, I will send you each an ATC as a consolation prize. The runners up are:

Lynn and

Mrs Broderick's Cafe

I popped to the post this afternoon to post 2 ATCs and on the way, noticed that my friend Ann Broderick was in her 'Mountain Top' Cafe. On the way back, I called in. 'Where've you been' was her welcome!! I only saw her for coffee a week ago! She is so lovely. So I was fed a piece of home made quiche followed by a slice of Ann's special apple tart. Absolutely delicious. I stayed about half an hour, then another lady called in but Ann was out of tea bags, so I was dispatched to the local pub/shop to buy some more! I popped some money in her collection box for her sister Margaret in Zimbabwe to continue her work with the children out there, then came home.
I am so glad I got to know Ann.

Buster and BlackJack

Buster had laid claim to the boiler rug this evening, when BlackJack came and lay right next to him! Buster looked so worried.

After a short while, Buster pushed BlackJack away but we have evidence of them both sharing a rug.

I gave the fireplace back wall another coat today. It's coming along but still needs more paint to cover the tar.

Only 2 more sleeps until the carpenters come to lay the wooden floors.

Happy Wednesday everyone.


Anonymous said...

Congrats Soulbrush! Thanks for hosting this lovely giveaway BT! The apple tart you wrote about sounds very delicious! That is so cute to see Buster and BlackJack together in front of the warm fire. I hope the new flooring gets installed without any delays. Wishing you and Jim a lovely day.

marianne said...

Lucky Soulbrush!
They are great, think she will love it.
What a lot of work you have been doing again (or the men,,,,,)
That old stove certainly gave a nasty spot behind it! You have to impregnate it I gues to work it away.
And that fault........I didn't get it but it doesn't look good. Jim's work does.
And that bubblebath is one great award!

Jason said...

Congratulations Soulbrush! The vist to Ann's sounds lovely. See you soon.


Leatherdykeuk said...

Congratulations, Soulbrush.

Buster+Blackjack = adorable

soulbrush said...

omg omg omg, i can hardly beeleeve it, i won i won, yahoooo mountain doooo! um um please can i have the smaller one (as i am a small-ish) person...although i love that one on the left...omg i am all a dither here....i am going to look again....

soulbrush said...

ooooh aaaah okay, the small one please. thanx to mr deen-please give him a big kiss from me! thanx sooo much bt, i am thrilled.xxxx

Carol said...

I missed the competition!! Bugger!!! Damn Uni *goes off muttering*

C x

BT said...

Hello Mildred, it was my pleasure, the first giveaway I've done. Today we are sealing the ceilings and walls as they are bare plaster. It's very 'drippy' stuff and I don't want it all on the new floor.

Hi Marianne, soul is so pleased. I think we may paint that bit behind the fireplace brown!!

It was lovely to be back at the cafe Jason.

Glad you liked the photo Rachel.

Soul, I am so happy that you are thrilled with your win. It will be a few days before I post it as I have to make sure it's up to scratch and maybe add some things to it!

Carol, your comment made me laugh out loud, really!! Sorry you missed it. Maybe next time.

Bea said...

What beautiful bags and what a lucky girl Soulbrush is. Buster is so funny, you would think he would love having someone to do backs with him. Poor little Blackjack.
The floor is going to look so beautiful when it's finished and it will be so nice to be DONE with it all, right? :)Bea

Heckety said...

Glad to see there wasn't guinness in the mug as the modelling, Kate! really is fire weather, Buster has the right idea! As for not sharing the rug? Yup! Buster has the right idea!!!

The Weaver of Grass said...

I love those raggy bags - do you sell them BT - if not you ought to.
Love the look on Buster's face when he is trying to pretend the cat is not there. Good luck with the new floor.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Whoo hoooo Soul. Lucky lady. What a gorgeous group of bags you have here BT. Poor Buster will have to get used to sharing that rug before the heater. Ha..

Heather said...

Oh Jim! - you picked the wrong name out of the beer glass! Only joking, and congratulations to Soulbrush. Your raggy bags are lovely, great fun and practical too. Buster doesn't look happy having to share the rug with BlackJack.

DK Leather said...

congratulations Soulbrush! I love my raggy bag and lots of us have one, they're the best!

~pouts at not even runner up!~

LOL Lovely post, smashing pics, Jim looks most official and amused! :-)

BT said...

Oh K, how could I leave you and Rachel off my list? Silly me! I thought 'I don't need to write their names down as I'll remember them'. Ooops!! Do you really want an ATC??? Of course I'll do you one. xxxx

BT said...

I didn't put Jason on either!!

Jason said...

I'm fine thanks, trying to give em up. ;-)


deepazartz said...

Congrats Soul!!! Thats a gr8 bag to have:)Nicely made BT.

Congrats to all consolation prize winners too.

DK Leather said...

~laughs~ course I jolly do, they're fabulous!!