Thursday, November 5, 2009

Getting Ready for the New Floor, 4.11.09


New Floor?

So yesterday Jim and I slapped stuff on the new plastered walls in the extension so that when the floor is laid tomorrow (Thursday), we won't drip the stuff on it and spoil it. We didn't quite get it all done but did quite well. We set our alarms for an early start, were both up at 8 ish. 9ish came, 10ish...... Did they come? Did they heck. I suppose we should have learnt by now, but we were still a bit taken aback. ah well, we would have a bit more time to finish the ceilings and walls.

Coffee Morning

It was the ladies coffee morning at 11am this morning at Mary's house in Feakle. I went to Ann's and she drove us to pick up Margaret, then we went on the Mary's! There was quite a little crowd and I took their photo, then one more lady, another Mary, came later:

l - r. Mary (hostess), Margaret, Helen, Ann and Patricia. Can you see all that food? The scones and apple tart were just out of the oven and gorgeous.

As usual, they chattered away ten to the dozen and I caught the odd piece of conversation! They really are such fun and we had a great time. We eventually left about 2pm!
Just to prove I was there too! Pulling rather an odd face though.

Back at home, Jim was busy as usual. Any phone calls? No. So we assume no floor today. I rang Martin and left a message. I was very tired and had a bit of a snooze then Ann Broderick rang and asked if I could use my car to run her and a large chair to a nursing home.

Off I went again and we loaded said chair into the car. It was huge, like a throne! It was quite a long drive, past Flagmount, the village on the other side of Lough Graney and up over the top of the hills there. A deer crossed the road so I slowed down for it. We eventually found the home and delivered the chair. We went round chatting to all the residents of the home, much to their amusement!

It was getting dark by the time we set off so we took a slow drive back, I swear it was the same deer crossed the road again! Then a pretty little female bird, I think it was a grouse, was standing in the middle of the road. I peeped my horn a few times and eventually it flew off! It all happens here you know. Ann invited me in for tea but I thought I'd better get back, as it was gone six.

Ann then put another chair in the car as a present for our new bedroom! I tried to refuse, but she insisted. I'll take a photo of it tomorrow.

Martin rang about 9.30pm and said he was meeting the carpenters at 8.30 tomorrow morning to bring them here, so, fingers crossed.

BT on the Move

So in all this, I've had to move back out of my studio again! I am now tucked under the loft ladder!

At least I'm close to the toilet!

You can see I'm of Facebook! This will do me fine until my floor is done and the walls are painted.

Buster Moves Too

Now my desk has gone where Buster's bed was, so we had to find a new spot for it. We moved the chair from the side of the new boiler and put it there.

Not long afterwards, Sandy decided it was the perfect place for a sleep!

Talk about making yourself comfortable!

Then blow me down if earlier on tonight, who else should discover the new bed?

While poor Buster was relegated to the Snug!

Tonight he's decided to stay firmly in his bed, keeping out all intruders!
The Moon

Jim called me from the yard to look at the moon beaming down onto Lough Graney. By the time I reached him with my camera, the beams had gone and the moon had hidden behind the clouds. I took 2 shots just to see what it would look like:

You can just see the moon at the top of the white section.

Weather today: Clear, bright and cold.

So, tomorrow's the big day for the floor. Hopefully. Don't hold your breath!


Olga/Maddie said...

All of the photos look wonderful. *big smile*

The cats were testing out Buster's bed to make sure it was 'sleep worthy'. *BG*

Of course, how often Buster gets to sleep in his head is another matter entirely. Hee hee.

Also, thanks for catching us up on the latest news where all of you are. *big smile*

Lastly, I have both my fingers and toes crossed that the floor soon gets done. *VBG*

God bless and take care. Bye, :)!

Mildred said...

I love visiting your blog BT - I always feel like I have been right there with you from all the miles away! That's too cute about Buster's bed. What wonderful pets you have to keep you smiling! Oh, I would love to join you and your friends for coffee - what fun! Can't wait to see your new chair - what a thoughtful gesture. I have my fingers crossed for your floor to be installed. Best wishes!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Poor Buster will have to take charge to have a soft warm bed this winter. Good luck on your floor and wall painting. I bet you can't wait to get things in order and be able to have them stay that way for awhile.

Bea said...

Oh I hope so! And, I hope everybody gets their bed straightened out. lol Watched the moon come up tonight all BIG and YELLOW.......pretty. :)Bea

marianne said...

Glad to see you are doing fun things also!r
I will be so wonderful once the floor is done than you really can decorate, or are there other things that has to be done?
This is such a fun part to see everything turning the way you had imagined!

Have fun!

Jason said...

Ohh nice spread them chaps have made! :-)

Sounds agood day chair running etc.

Fingers crossed re your floor!


Heather said...

Your coffee morning looked nice - good company and good food, always a good combination. We pass several signs warning of deer and badgers around here but have never seen either. Did see some lovely little red legged partridge once - very pretty with beautiful markings. Poor old Buster - it's a dog's life! Beautiful moonlight shots Gina - love the first one. I've tried many times to get a good pic but no luck. Happy flooring?!!

DK Leather said...

what a lovely entry :-)

Smashing looking ladies that lunch!

Lovely puddy tat pictures too xxx

Leatherdykeuk said...

Ah well. It'll all be over by Christmas, they said ;)

Happy cats!

jinksy said...

I've just done a scroll-down, long read of the past few days, in a marathon catch up' Loved your cloud pictures - easy to see the things you saw in them, and the Halloween family was great.
Thanks for an entertaing afternoon visit.

The Weaver of Grass said...

I expect they will turn up, Gina, when you least expect them - like our plumber who turned up to fit the shower half an hour before I gave a dinner party - and he turned the water off while he did it too. Still now we are merrily showering! Have a good weekend.

Pam's English Garden said...

Like Jinksy, I just did a marathon catch-up, having been out of cyber-space for a while due to a crashed hard-drive. Great to visit again. Love your flower pictures as always. It's amazing how many blooms survive the early wintery weather. The photo of you taken in Spain is great! Take care.

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