Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Rest of Suffolk Break, More Flooding.

Weds 18th November

On the Wednesday, Jason took us to Frankie and Benny's for lunch. We decided it was his firm's Christmas outing!! Sam, Jack and Kitty came too and the waitress was very friendly and helpful. We had a lovely meal and chat, then took Jason back home to work and we carried on to Bury St Edmunds for a spot of shopping.

Jack at Frankie and Benny's

Kitty gearing up for her lunch. What a smile!

Jason with Jack and 2 helium balloons.

Jack received a bag with puzzles and colouring things in, plus these dice! He liked them. He's showing evidence of his dessert - chocolate ice cream! He has such blue eyes, unlike Kitty's - hers are dark brown. Oh, I had pancakes with ice cream, cream and maple syrup. Mmmm.

I took loads of photos of Kitty at home, but will try and choose just a few:

I love this one, where she's amused by her reflection!
A good photo of Jack sitting on his table and one more of Kitty, below:

Her cheeks weren't as red that day.

Thursday, November 19th, 2009

On the Thursday, we went to meet Jack's other Nanny and Grandad in Dereham, where they live. It's about an hour's journey and Jack kept doing the 'are we there yet?' It did seem quite a long way. In fact we stopped to buy a take away coffee on the way.

I'm not normally a shopper, but the shops in Ireland are pretty rubbishy, so I love to wander around the centres in the UK. I saw lots of cushions and other things that would be wonderful for my sun room, in which I'm trying to achieve a Moroccan look. Sadly I couldn't get them in my case!

We all went for lunch in a local pub. 2 lunches out in 2 days - not bad. I sat with Ivor and Maureen and then Jack wanted to sit with us, so poor Sam was left all alone!

Nanny Maureen with Kitty. Kitty does a strange thing with her tongue, she turns it sideways, as she is showing you here! Jack decided to go and sit with his mummy as she was on her own. Bless.

This lovely decoration was across the street.

Kitty soon fell asleep as we toured some shops!

Sam was getting into the Christmas spirit with a reindeer mask! I think it looks great!

Ivor and Maureen in the car park!

What a busy time I had! We went back home via Asda, where I bought myself 2 three quarter length sleeved jumpers and some treats for Buster!!

We had some pizza for tea, then Jason ran me to the airport for the journey home. Well, you know the rest, floods and general chaos!

I have some more photos from yesterday but I'll save those. I must also photograph my A-Z of ATCs now that my set is complete.

I have been doing some papier mache over the past few days. It's been fun and is something I can do 'on the move' as I'm not yet in my studio. Today I grouted some floor tiles that Jim had put down on the steps down to the extension. There's no sign of our carpenter but I suspect he's not been able to get to us. Someone on a forum had said that Killanena is an island! That's us.

So tomorrow morning I am running Jim to Shannon for his trip to the UK for a meeting and to see his 3 children and 2 grandchildren. It's all go. We're not sure whether we'll make it to the airport, but we'll have a go.

Happy Tuesday Everyone.


DK Leather said...

gosh aren't floods scary biscuits! Sue had to take a long route around from Matlock via Baslow today as the Matlock to Chesterfield Road was impassible! Lu was stuck in a 3 mile jam on the way home as the bypass was blocked by a big flood-caused accident. Nasty business.

Meanwhile on a much happier note, I laughed out loud over Kitty's tongue 'trick', I've not known any of us who could do that - EXCEPT KIRSTY - who can and does with gleeful amusement, since she was the only one! :-) It's lovely they look so different too, though Kitty has 'the nose'!

Lovely blog, looks like everyone had a lovely time :-) I hope we get to see you again one of these days too, or your 'other' grandkids will have forgotten what you look like!! xxx

Lynn said...

I cannot get over how cute Kitty is. I am in love with her little smile and that photo under the hood is adorable too.

Now the little boy is handsome and I do love his blue blue eyes! It's fun meeting extended families this way. Thanks so much for sharing yours with us.

Jason said...

Lovely pics of the trip. Some beauties of Kitty, and lovely of Jack's eyes. x

Good luck with the trip to the airport, hope all is ok. x

Leatherdykeuk said...

How splendid!

Heather said...

Jack is growing up so fast and Kitty will be a stunner! Dereham sounds like a lovely place and your trip was obviously a great success. Hope Jim's goes as well and you all keep safe from the floods. We are fortunate to be high enough not to have to worry but it must be terrible for others.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

What a wonderful visit with your family BT. The children are precious. You will have to travel with an empty case so you can stuff it with cushions and such to bring home. Happy Tuesday.

BT said...

They are a pain these floods!! I have just returned from taking Jim to Shannon airport - he has a meeting tomorrow and is staying until Saturday to see his tribe! There is one road still open for us. AAAH!! Anyway, I am back home now so all is well.

How funny about the tongue trick! Jason can do it too, I think it is a 'gene' thing!!

I will come your way soon!

Lynn, thank you for the compliments re the grandchildren. It's my genes you know!!

Hi Jason, glad you liked the photos, I'll put them all on Facebook today so you can see the lot. The Ivor and Mau pics weren't too successful!

Thanks Rachel.

Hello Heather, I'm just back from the airport so Jim is on his way. Our house is high too, but it's the roads that are bad so getting anywhere is difficult. One road is left open to us to get to Shannon thankfully, though water is spilling over the sides of that.

Hi Lisa, I do travel with a near empty case, but it can only be a small one as you have to pay £30 to put a case in the hold!! I did manage to get all my new clothes in though!

Bea said...

Ok, "jumpers" are what? Sweaters? Shirts A-line dresses?
Pizza for tea? Is tea just a word for the time of day snack? What happened to those wonderful cream filled goodies I thought went with tea?
You are doing artwork on the road? That's great.
Kitty is adorable. Jack is becomming quite the little man. His face is looking more and more grownup.
Wear your boots or whatever you call them to keep your feet dry.
You should keep floating cushions in the car in case you get water logged. sigh......I worry about you sometimes. :)Bea

BT said...

Oh Bea, you do make me laugh out loud!!!

Yup, jumpers are sweaters!!

Now tea isn't really like the old fashioned 4 o'clock tea people used to have. If I have a big lunch, I tend to say 'tea' for the evening meal instead of 'dinner', which is what we usually have!! lol. Confused? Not surprised.

Kitty is gorgeous, isn't she and Jack is getting far too grown up and a bit stroppy!! Independence! Ah well, it has to happen.

I need new boots as all my wellingtons have holes in them!! I wear polythene bags inside them!! How sad is that?

Floating cushions??? And you think I'm nuts???

Love you Bea


Jason said...

Thank you all for the lovely comments re my family. x

Anonymous said...

I am late getting to your blog - what lovely photos of Jack & Kitty. Such beautiful children. Sounds like a lovely visit with good food and shopping too! Nalley had 4 spinal injections earlier today to help with pain. The next few days will be quiet. I hope you have a safe trip with Jim to the airport. Take care friend.

priti.lisa said...

Gina, hello!
I received an ATC from someone very special...Thank you so very much! I love that it is very green and Irish-y!
I also loved the stamp of Lady Jane
and the Royal Post sticker, so the envelope is a keeper until I tear it up for art :)

Those babies...yum!

Thanks again, my sweet!

BT said...

Mildred, thank you for your comments. I'm so sorry about Nalley - I do hope the injections work for him. Give him a gentle hug from me!

Lisa, I'm so glad your ATC arrived and that you like it, and the stamp and sticker, how good that you can use them for your art. xxx