Wednesday, November 25, 2009

More Flooding, More Menagerie, 24th November 2009


We were up early this morning as Jim was supposed to be going to Shannon airport to catch a flight to the UK. The floods are still everywhere and it's rained some more overnight and was raining this morning. We headed out and took the 'Tulla' road to the main N18 which takes us off to Shannon. The other day when Jim went that way to fetch me the Tulla road was just flooded near the N18 so we kept our fingers crossed. Luckily, the water there had subsided a bit, so we were ok and Jim was early for his plane of course, then it was delayed!

I decided to drop in at 'Sky Court', a local shopping centre and do a little shopping before heading back home. I didn't want to be too long in case the Tulla road was cut off, then I really wouldn't have any way of getting back. I bought myself a great pair of slippers for 5 euros and even picked up a couple of Christmas presents. I also bought Buster a couple of chews to keep him happy while the rain keeps falling and he stays inside.

I thought I'd try the Gort road and see whether that was open - see above! I sat for a while and watched a land rover go through but our Doblo is rather 'low slung' so I turned round and headed to the Tulla Road.

I took this through the window at the same spot as the one above.

And this a bit further along.

This is the Tulla Road and the orange sign says 'Road Flooded', but, as you can see, it was fine. It's a long way along that road but at least it's high up and away from the floods.

Another photo of the floods, although this is a lake, it is much larger than usual.

I drove back to Killanena, the nearest village to us and pulled in to look at the river that runs under the road there. It was really noisy and rushing down in torrents. I made a montage of both sides of the road:

I then drove along to Ann Broderick's as I haven't seen her for a while and we keep leaving messages to each other but not actually connecting. She was out!

So it was back home to a very excited dog. I gave him one of his 'bacon bones' and that kept him happy for ages.

I've been quite busy at home. We had a huge pile of wood left by the carpenter in the middle of the kitchen/diner, so I moved that into my studio. Much better. I guess the carpenter can't reach us as I think he's from the Ennis area, and much of Ennis is under water with many houses flooded. I then did a bit of grouting of the tiles Jim had put down on the step into my studio.

I've sorted and house worked, had a sleep and carried on! Jim rang and he's with his daughter in our Worthing house in the UK, safe and sounds.

Crazy Animals

Sandy came in 2 days ago and just plonked himself on the rug on top of Buster, who looked so surprised!! Jim took some photos:

You can just see to the right that BlackJack is in Buster's bed!

Buster licks Sandy's ear.

Sandy rubs himself on Buster's leg!

Then moves to snuggle under his chin.

Sandy got very excited and was purring like mad!
Buster pleading for help!
Finally, Buster had had enough and gave Sandy a little nip. That ended the games. A dog can only put up with so much.

That's about all the news. I am trying to catch up with blogs - there are so many good ones and not enough time to read them all.

I love my slippers, they're so warm and snuggly.

Happy Wednesday everyone (well,it's gone midnight).


Lisa at Greenbow said...

The floods there are making the news here. I hope you stay safe.

priti.lisa said...

2 lovey comments in 1 evening for you. I have to say: Your animals are almost as pretty as your grandkids! I love the pictures of both. I love hw organized you are with your blogging, your visiting, everything! You Are Fab, Gina!

BT said...

Hello Lisa, thank you, I'm fine and warm in my cottage.

Oh I like lots of comments Lisa! Oh I don't think I'm really organised but if I get behind it takes so long to catch up!! Thank you, you are too kind.

Anonymous said...

Such sweet pics of your pets! I love them all. Glad Jim has arrived safely. You take care!

Bea said...

Amazing amount of water you guys have. I'm glad Jim made it safe and sound. I'm glad you are warm and dry.
It's raining here, been gray and chilly all day. I adore those cat and dog pictures. They are both HAMS! :)Bea

DK Leather said...

gosh, scary flooding!
Love the pet pics, Sandy's got some gumption!

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Been reading but not commenting much. I have been seeing so much about homes and towns lost with all the rain you and England has been getting. I feel for everyone who has lost everything. I hope you're in a safe spot. Your Grandbaby is adorable.Your pets too. I love seeing your cat and dog together.

kj said...

gina, these pictures of patient and sweet!!

i'm glad you are dry and it sounds like productive. i hope you are not dreaming about caroline's painting. maybe there will be a next time!


Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

The news here has been showing all the flooding going on there. I sure hope the rains stop and the flooding goes away.
The dog and cat are so funny in the pictures!
Thanks for stopping by and visiting my blog!

Jason said...

Glad Jim got off ok and you got back ok! xx

KathyB. said...

Boy, that is a lot of flooding! Is your property pretty mushy with the water?

I have found all orange cats seem to be amazingly friendly , and almost fearless....we have had many over the years. Some became victims because of their friendliness and fearlessness, sadly. Your Sandy is a sweet cat!

Leatherdykeuk said...

Wow! What floods!
I don't drive anymore so I saw none of it.
Thank you for the runner-up ATC, too!

soulbrush said...

oh my goodness gina, i am glad you are okay,it has been awful in cumbria. those two are such great companions, it's wonderful to see them.

Heather said...

Glad Jim got off on his trip OK and that you got home safely. It is hammering down again here but luckily we live halfway up a hill so don't get the worst of the wind or the danger of flooding. Last night the wind was very strong again. Your photos of the flood water are so beautiful - I feel quite guilty enjoying them as floods mean disaster for so many. Love the pics of Buster and the cats - they know where the best place is in this weather.

Dee said...

love the dog and cat pictures- my 4 dogs want to eat all cats for breakfast so that was so unusual for me to see. They are both just darling! I loved the flood pictures too- you live in a beautiful place!

Golden West said...

Your pets are such characters - they must be a constant source of amusement on a rainy day!

BT said...

Thanks Mildred, you too.

Hi Bea, they are real posers, aren't they? BlackJack is stretched out on the rug just now and almost reaches both ends! He's making the most of time alone.

Sandy is either brave or stupid, K!!

Hi Cris, I'm glad you left a comment and didn't just 'lurk' today! I'm also pleased you like the cat and dog photos. It's raining again today, although we've had some sunshine.

Ha ha Kj, I was disappointed about Caroline's painting, but then I saved the money!!

Thanks for visiting Catherine, we live in such different parts of the world to garden in, don't we? Did you see my possible suggestion for your neighbour's tree?

Thanks J.

Hi KathyB. It's pretty muddy around us and down oown our lane but warm and dry inside, thankfully. Sandy is a bit of a softy too, maybe it's a ginger 'trait'?

Hi Rachel, I'm glad you liked the ACT. Do you not drive because of your foot? What a nuisance.

So good to see you soul. I think it's been pretty wet in London hasn't it?

Hi Heather, rain rain, will it ever stop? Luckily our house is free from flooding too. It does make for super photos though. Nature's beauty but not fun for some.

Thank you Dee, good to see a new face. I saw your dogs - they're huge!! It is lovely around here, if wet!!

Hiya Golden West, thanks for visiting, I do love the pets and they can be such fun - or a real nuisance at other times!!

The Weaver of Grass said...

It always seems to me that cats are so superior in intellect that they can winkle their way into the affections of some dogs who then become putty in their paws - Buster looks as though he has capitulated and the cat is boss.

jinksy said...

That's one couple who don't fight like cat and dog, eh? :)

Heckety said...

Glad you got home ok, I was wondering how the drive to Shannon would go. The floods really aren't subsiding here at all, and although we haven't got it nearly as bad as many it is kind of scary-amazing how much rain has fallen. Today we have had hail too, in case we were bored with the rain???

BT said...

Hello Weaver, I'm sure you're right about cats! Though Buster does bowl them over sometimes!

Oh very good Jinksy!

Heckety, I'm glad it's not quite so awful where you are. It was sunny for a while today, then some rain, but it is subsiding a bit. I daren't look at the forecast. We had hail on Tuesday too! Made a change.

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Well I dont exactly 'lurk'.. lol just write so much it takes me awhile to read it all.. sometimes in spurts & I forget what I read I wanted to comment on. :)))