Friday, November 6, 2009

Buster's Bed Saga Continues. New Floor? 6.11.09

New Floor?

We were up with the lark again and lo and behold, Martin turned up with Anthony, the carpenter. He was on his own today and fairly quickly started on my room first. It didn't take him too long to finish, then he received a phone call. By then, Martin had gone, without so much as a goodbye! Anyway, it seemed the phone call had been some sort of crisis, as Anthony said he had to go, but that he would be here on Monday morning early.

So.......... drum roll.........

Isn't it beautiful? Of course there isn't any skirting board yet or a door! But I just love it.

The Saga of Buster's Bed

Poor Buster is having terrible trouble keeping his new bed by the boiler to himself:

Sandy snuggled up in the corner! He is a cheeky cat:

BlackJack on the rug, Buster and Sandy in the bed!
Sandy stretches out a bit more - well, as much as he can.

Poor Buster, he looked so worried.

BlackJack poses for a photo.

Later on, Jim called me to the kitchen, and this is what we saw:

Buster had given up on his bed and was sharing the rug with BlackJack and Sandy! Poor boy doesn't quite know what to make of it all!

'Help Me Daddy'!!!

The Chair

This is the brand new chair given to me by Ann Broderick. It'll be perfect for one of the bedrooms. Aren't I lucky? It's a sort of chunky Regency. The seat is actually really comfortable.


If you've been following my blog you'll know that Jim dropped our television a while ago, and it broke, not surprisingly. We've been getting by with an old one with a 14" screen. As I have to have the sub titles on, it's pretty hard to read them on such a small screen. So Jim brought us a new tv on Wednesday and set it up in the snug today:

I love it! I can sit here at my computer and still watch it in the snug!! That's my kind of television! I can't wait to watch 'Strictly Come Dancing' tomorrow evening!

At the moment the film 'Witches of Eastwick' is on, which I have seen a couple of times but it always makes me laugh and I just love Jack Nicholson! He's so, so, BAD!

The Rest

It's been wet and cold today, the first time we've had the boiler up to it's highest setting, number 5. It seems to be coping ok so far.

I took Buster on a walk down to the lake just before dark and I had to wear my Damart cardigan and Jim's big coat! I was amazed to see that the fishing stand behind Kevin's house was almost covered by the water! I suppose we have had quite a bit of rain lately. I didn't walk out on it and Buster wasn't too happy with that water level either.

Happy Weekend to Everyone.


Mildred said...

I love your floor! Hopefully the guys will return on Monday as promised. Poor Buster and those pushy kittys!!! They look so cute snuggling together. You must be so anxious to be able to put the finishing touches on all the rooms and I am so excited for you. We still are having very warm afternoons but the leaves are falling fast now. Come visit and see my BIG HAIR!!!!!!

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

I love the saga of Busters bed. How adorable. Sandy likes him it seems. Your floors are gorgeous. Soon it will be all done.

BT said...

Isn't it wonderful Mildred? Oh, I'm excited about your big hair!! I'll be over soon!

Thank you Chris. I just can't wait to be able to paint and move in. It seems like forever!

Bea said...

I seem to have lost my avatar or icon. :( Sandy just wants a warm body. Buster is such a nice BIG warm body. lolol Floor looks beautiful. It is going to be almost 70 degrees here tomorrow, what's up with that. Normally something like 46 degrees. I'll take it though, you stay warm. :)Bea

marianne said...

Beautiful floor!And I love that shuffling around on the carpets and baskets all near that stove.

Enjoy your weekend!

Mim said...

The floor is gorgeous, just wait until they finish, it'll all be wonderful.
Poor Buster, he looks long suffering.

soulbrush said...

that floor is beeeoooituiful. and i do so love the pictures of all your animals so happy together. snuffles cannot deal with cats at all, she hates them. she actually doesn't like any other dogs either, silly little girl. have a wonderfully warm weekend. we have some sun here in london today. yipppeeee.

Leatherdykeuk said...

The floor is fabulous!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Adorable photos of Buster sharing his bed. It is great that the animals all tolerate one another.
Your new floor is beautiful. I bet you can hardly wait to move back into your room.

Pam's English Garden said...

The floor is gorgeous, and I have just the spot for that lovely chair, you lucky thing. Love the pet saga! Pamela

steven said...

bt - the dance of the animals reminds me of a similar dance of young children that entialed bed-to-bed meanderings throughout the night. it went on for years until suddenly it stopped. there was no special reason why. it just did. i love the idea of "a snug". have a lovely day. steven

Heather said...

The new floor looks wonderful. I think all your pets know where it is warmest! That chair is beautiful, no wonder you are so pleased with it. The new TV looks great. Hope the water level goes down soon - we are sure to have lots more rain to come during the winter and some places have already had flooding.

aims said...

Oh Gina! It looks absolutely stunning! I'm so excited for you!

Have been doing catchup once more. I don't get around to all my blogs these days because of health so I'm hitting Rachel's everyday but I'm pretty spotty on all the rest.

So - here I am - catching up.

The rag bags are simply gorgeous. I've told you this before! You need to sell them girl! You could get a great price for them!

Everything looks fabulous. Love the chair - and laughed over Buster's bed. Poor Buster.

I think of you and Jim nearly every day while I read Rachel's writings. You're just part and parcel of the group.

The Deenery will be ready for the magazine shoots any time now!


The Weaver of Grass said...

Floor looks lovely - poor Buster - cats always win in the end I am afraid - think the right one was ejected from Strictly tonight, don't you. Have a good Sunday.

Jason said...

Ohh sexy floor and TV!

Like the chair, what a nice gift. I have been chair shopping as the carver you gace us looks like its died or dieing. Odd, with my small weight on it?

Had a lovely firework evening, and friendsw for dinner today. walk down the lane, have a few pics to post.


soulbrush said...

oh wow your pohotography is excellent, so is my zany zipper card- i love it friend, and your life is just so wonderful to dip in an out of every week.

DK Leather said...

wow the floor looks wonderful! :-) love the pet pics too xxx